Available Research Assistant positions

Abdelhak Zoubir (a.zoubir@qut.edu.au)
Thu, 4 Apr 1996 16:26:55 +0200

Exciting opportunities for postgraduate studies

Signal Processing Research Centre

The Signal Processing Research Centre (SPRC) is an international
leader in signal, speech and image processing, which offers
postgraduate programs at both doctoral and masters levels. Professor
Boualem Boashash is the Centre Director. Ten academics, two
postdoctoral fellows and over 20 postgraduate students are currently
active in the research projects initiated by the SPRC. The centre
comprises three laboratories of which the Image Laboratory houses the
expertise in Robotics.

RESEARCH ASSISTANT POSITIONS are available in the Robotics & Image
Processing Laboratory. There may be an opportunity for doctoral
students to work as casual tutors or research assistants within the


The position is open to candidates especially wishing to undertake a
research higher degree in the area of Robotics until 31 December 1996.

Robotics is an expanding and exciting area. Research projects are
undertaken using a mobile robot equipped with a manipulator (ANDROS
4x4 robot), with special emphasis being placed on applying robotics to
the service industry. Interested Electrical, Mechanical Engineering or
Information Technology graduates can contact Dr Norbert Harle,
Assistant Director, SPRC, Tel: (07) 3864 2489, Fax (07) 3864 1516,
e-mail: n.harle@qut.edu.au


A research assistant is required to develop software and apply object
recognition algorithms to test images. The project is part of a study
funded by the U.S. Office of Naval Research. It involves development
of algorithms and software for detection and identification of objects
from cluttered acoustic images of underwater objects. The appointment
will be for a period of six months with the possibility of
continuation as a Ph.D. scholarship top-up if the candidate is
successful in obtaining a postgraduate study scholarship such as the

If you are an electrical engineering or Information technology
graduate with an interest in image processing and pattern recognition,
please contact Dr. V. Chandran, Tel: (07) 3864 2124, email:

Salary range for the above positions: $20 116 - $27 356


Two part-time Research Assistant positions are available IMMEDIATELY.
Both positions will involve working in a team to develop a multi-media
image processing course for the World Wide Web. The first position
requires a strong background in signal processing and mathematics,
plus C or C++ programming capabilities.

The second position requires a graduate in information technology with
excellent knowledge of software integration and user graphical
interfacing. Advanced knowledge of HTML and experience in designing
computer-based educational software is an advantage.

FOR A PhD in one of a number of exciting research topics covering a
wide range of image processing and computer and robot vision projects.
The appointment will be on a part-time or casual basis with an hourly
rate of $12.1144 to $16.1379 for a period of 8 months initially. If
you are an Electrical Engineering/Information Technology graduate and
require further information, please contact Dr Wageeh Boles, Lecturer,
Tel (07) 3864 2866, email w.boles@qut.edu.au.

Postal address for all the above is: Signal Processing Research
Centre, Queensland University of Technology, GPO Box 2434, Brisbane,
Qld. 4001, Australia. Fax No. is + 61 7 3864 1516.