Re: Fuzzy in real-time systems

Fri, 29 Mar 1996 17:46:24 +0100

I would agree with you to a point. Many People in the west are wary of
using FL in things like flight control (ie real flight not 3 foot models!!).
They would much rather use lineraised model based controllers, which are
inaccurate anyway!!!

personally I think its more of a political view, rather than an engineering

However I think the process industries have a different view. Show them
than FL accomodates the non-lineraties in the plant, thus giving better
performance, and they are happy. The point is they already known the plant
limits and have have trip systems to cope with these. I remember a talk
given on robust control for the control of steam turbines. after the talk
an engineer said that his company dosent want controllers that give a wide
range of control, cause they would never operate in the regions the guy was
talking about. He then got the speaker to admit that the control was
worse than PID in areas of real operation.

I hope these comments give you something to talk about

Chris Smith