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OFFICE MEMO Semiotics'96 Date:3/27/96

A Conference Sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology

October 20-23, Gaihtersburg, MD, USA

We are happy to announce the follow-up meeting for our Monterey Workshop: a
conference which will be conducted at NIST (Gaithersburg, MD) on October 20-23.
The title of this conference is "Intelligent Systems: A Semiotic Perspective".
Its General Chair is Jim Albus, its Program Chair is Alex Meystel. Its advisory
board includes: P. Antsaklis, K. Bellman, M. Coombs, M. Kokar, C. Landauer, R.
Mann, U. Ozguner, T. Reader, S. Russell,
S. Sastry, P. Werbos.
The goal of this conference is to discuss existing formal methodologies of
dealing with large symbolic structures, and to explore new insights associated
with the area of modeling, analysis, design, and application of intelligent
Most of the conferences on intelligence focus on the components of
intelligent systems such as neural networks, fuzzy controllers, genetic search,
evolutionary programming, and others. This conference will focus primarily on
the intelligent systems as a whole - no matter what are the particular specific
tools to be utilized. So, in addition to neural networks - all kinds of
architectures will be discussed based upon a variety of components and
configurations, in addition to fuzzy systems - all tools of generalization will
be considered, all tools of search are welcome, not only the group of genetic
The conference will be organized as a set of theme-oriented Workshops
dedicated to the key issues for the theory of Intelligent Systems.
At the present time the organization of the following Workshops is in progress:

Mathematics of Semiotics
Semiotics of Intelligence in the Constructed Complex Systems
Architectures of Semiosis for Intelligent Systems
Semiotics in Biology: Biologically Inspired Complex Systems
Intelligence of Recognition: the Semiotic Tools
Semiotics of Neural Networks
Measuring Intelligence of Systems
Semiotic Approach to Information Fusion
Semiotics of Learning
Intelligence, Intellect, Wisdom: Modeling and Simulation

A set of tutorials will precede the Conference. One of them, "Applied
Semiotics: Theory, Methodology, Toolbox" will serve the purpose to familiarize
the participants with this new powerful apparatus of modeling, design, and
control of Intelligent Systems.

A set of preparatory materials will be available for participants before the
conference. Among them, a new book "Architectures of Behavior Generation", a
book issued for the Monterey Workshop (1995) "Semiotic Modeling and Situation
Analysis: An Introduction", collections of papers selected by the Workshop
Chairs for preparation to the sessions.

There will be a classified session on "Semiotic Methodologies for Defense

There will be a tour "Intelligent Systems in Contemporary World": leaders of
the projects performed by the Intelligent Systems Division of NIST will
demonstrate their recent results.

There will be an exhibition displaying the Intelligent Systems manufactured by
Industrial Companies.

We expect that the prominent semioticists (such as Umberto Eco and Thomas
Sebeok) and the leaders of control and systems science (such as Lotfi Zadeh and
Murray Wonham) will participate in this conference.

At this time we are still open to your proposals. These are the deadlines:

for additional Workshops- April 15
for Tutorials- April 15
for Panel Discussions- May 15
for Papers- May 15

Send your proposals to the conference organizers:

Jim Albus, General Chair
(301) 975-3418

Alex Meystel, Program Chair
(301) 975-4455

Intelligent Systems Division
bldg. 220
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Gaithersburg, MD 20899