* AIT'96 3rd IW on AI Techniques, Sept. 9-11, Brno, CZ

Jan Zizka (ZIZKA@dame.fee.vutbr.cz)
Tue, 26 Mar 1996 15:00:45 +0100

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Call for Papers and Participation - First Announcement
3rd Intl. Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Techniques
A I T ' 96 September 9-11, 1996, Brno, Czech Republic

Important Dates and Deadlines:
June 3, 1996: Paper/Poster Submission
July 3, 1996: Acceptance Notification
August 2, 1996: Final Paper Version

Organizer: Dept. of Automation and Control,
FEE & CS, Technical University of Brno
In cooperation with the Faculty of Informatics,
Masaryk University in Brno

Workshop Official Language: English

AIT'96 topics will include the following areas:

AI Techniques in Classification, Prediction, and
Control; Applications of Combined AI Techniques;
Applied Inductive Learning; Artificial Neural Networks;
Computer Vision; Fuzzy Logic Theory and its Applications
to Control and Approximate Reasoning; Genetic Algorithms
in Learning and Optimization; Knowledge Acquisition and
Restructuring; Probabilistic and Logical Approaches in
Expert Systems; Speech and Natural Language Processing.

e-mail: ait@fi.muni.cz
ftp: fi.muni.cz
Name: anonymous
Password: your complete e-mail address
ftp> cd pub/users/popel/AIT
htpp: //www.fi.muni.cz/usr/popelinsky/AIT.html

The workshop's programme will include invited lectures
and presentations of accepted papers and posters.
Accepted submissions will be distributed to the conference
participants in the form of Proceedings.

International Programme Committee:
C. Baroglio, Univ. of Torino, Italy
P. Brazdil, LIACC, Univ. of Porto, Portugal
I. Bruha, Univ. of Hamilton, Canada
J. Csonto, Technical Univ. of Kosice, Slovakia
V. Hlavac, Czech Technical Univ., Prague, Czech Republic
R. Jirousek, Univ. of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic
M. Kubat, Univ. of Ottawa, Canada
S. Matwin, Univ. of Ottawa, Canada
K. Pala, Masaryk Univ., Brno, Czech Republic
F. Solc, Technical Univ. of Brno, Czech Republic
L. Spacek, Univ. of Essex, United Kingdom
O. Stepankova, Czech Technical Univ., Prague, Czech Rep.
P. Vojtas, Slovak Academy of Science, Kosice, Slovakia
G. Widmer, Austrian Research Inst. for AI, Vienna, Austria
J. Zlatuska, Masaryk Univ., Brno, Czech Republic
J. Zizka (Chair), Technical Univ. of Brno, Czech Republic

Local Organization Committee:
Jirina Pavlickova, Technical Univ. of Brno
Lubos Popelinsky, Masaryk Univ., Brno
Jan Zizka, Technical Univ. of Brno

Contact Address:
Jirina Pavlickova pavli@dame.fee.vutbr.cz
UAMT FEI VUT tel: (++42 5) 7275274
Bozetechova 2, 612 66 Brno fax: (++42 5) 41211141
Czech Republic

Submissions of papers and posters will be reviewed by
the Programme Committee members and associated referees.
Selected papers may be resubmitted as posters.

Please, send your submissions either in the form of a
uuencoded postscript file to the e-mail address
ait@fi.muni.cz or in the printed form (3 hard copies) to:
AIT'96 - Jan Zizka, UAMT FEI VUT
Bozetechova 2, 612 66 Brno, Czech Republic

Paper Format:
Max. 8 pages (a paper) or 2 pages (a poster) including
tables, figures, etc., using the style LNCS in LaTeX.
The use of other wordprocessors is also acceptable
provided that the result is similar to the LNCS style.
The LNCS style is available at the ftp address indicated
above (fi.muni.cz). Include your contact address and
e-mail (if applicable). Use a laser printer, printing
quality 300 dpi or better. If you need some additional
information, please send your question to ait@fi.muni.cz.

Conference fee:
900 Kc (Czech Crowns) or 50 DEM (German Marks).
The fee covers the price of proceedings and the
necessary workshop's overheads.

Should you consider to contribute to the workshop or to
participate in AIT'96, please send a note in advance to
ait@fi.muni.cz. It would help the organizers to estimate
the workshop's facilities.

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