fuzzy MADM for Agricultural Sustainability

Paul Gader (gader@sun1.ece.missouri.edu)
Fri, 22 Mar 1996 13:57:19 +0100

I am a graduate student in the Department of Agricultural Economics at the
University of Missouri-Columbia. For my Ph.D. dissertation I am
developing a fuzzy multiple attribute decision making (MADM) method for
decision support. The fuzzy MADM will be designed for farmers to use in the
evaluation of alternative farming systems on the basis of sustainability.

The fuzzy MADM consists of combining a fuzzy logic approach with the MADM
framework. At this time I am trying to find ways to incorporate preferences of
decision makers into the rule base. I have also been reviewing literature
on eliciting attribute weights from decision makers. The use of linguistic
terms, such as, attribute A "is very important", attribute B "is not very
important", and attribute C "is extremely important" seems a promising way of
eliciting preferences from decision makers. However, modelling the semantic
meaning of such terms seems to be more problematic.
I would be grateful to hear from anyone who is working in the area of
eliciting (fuzzy) weights from decision makers; or who can direct me to the
literature in this area.


Leonie A. Marks