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Third Call for Participation
Micro-Robot World Cup Soccer Tournament
November 9-12 1996
KAIST, Korea

General Chair
Duk Yong Yoon (President, KAIST)
General Vice-Chair
Young-Se Kwon (Dean, School of Information and Electronics Engineering, KAIST)
Sponsored by : LG Semicon Co., Ltd.

The Micro-Robot World Cup Soccer Tournament will be held at KAIST (Korea Advanced
Institute of Science and Technology), Taejon, Korea on November 9-12, 1996. The purpose
of this tournament is to promote the development of small, autonomous robots and
intelligent systems that can cooperate with each other, and thereby contribute to the
enhancement of this field.
In the tournament, five robots, each sized 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm, will make up
a single team. The team that scores the most points will win the tournament.
The playground is rectangular with its length 130 cm, its width 90 cm. There is a 5 cm
wall around the playground. An orange golf ball shall be used as the ball. The time of
the game shall be two equal periods of 5 minutes with a 10-minute half time interval.
The game rules are similar to those of the FIFA. They include rules pertaining to fouls,
free-kicks, penalty-kicks, etc. For further details, please refer to:
The tournament winner will be awarded the Hanminjok Cup (Hanminjok means `great people'
in Korean). The other prizes to be awarded include monetary amounts to the first, second,
and third place winners. Travel and living expenses shall be provided for the team members.
There are no restrictions on the qualifications of the participants.
The conference will consist of actual games of soccer robots and a workshop as well.
The participants of the tournament are requested to submit and present papers on their robots
and schemes at the poster session. This will allow information and technology sharing.
Those with research interests in the fields of multi-agent cooperation, artificial
life and robotics, autonomous micro-robots, intelligent control, etc are also requested
to submit paper for the workshop. The actual game will be played during the conference period,
November 9-12, 1996.

Important Deadlines:
- Application of tournament : May 31, 1996
- Submission of abstracts : May 31, 1996
- Paper acceptance notification : July 15, 1996
- Submission of camera-ready manuscripts : Sept.15, 1996

All correspondences and applications should be addressed to:
Prof. Jong-Hwan Kim, Organizing Committee Chair,
Dept. of Electrical Engineering, KAIST,
373-1 Kusung-dong, Yusung-gu, Taejon 305-701, Korea
Phone: +82-42-869-3448, 5448, 8048
Facsimile: +82-42-869-3410


Date : Nov. 9 - 12, 1996

Contest Site : Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
Taejon, Korea

Language : English is the official language.

Prize Money :
- First place winner : 1,600,000 Won (approx. US$ 2,000)
- Second place winner : 1,200,000 Won (approx. US$ 1,500)
- Third place winner : 800,000 Won (approx. US$ 1,000)

Financial Support for Participants :
- Asia :
2,000,000 Won for each team of two or more than two members
1,000,000 Won for each single member team
- Continents of America and Australia:
3,000,000 Won for each team of two or more than two members
1,500,000 Won for each single member team
- Europe and Africa:
3,400,000 Won for each team of two or more than two members
1,700,000 Won for each single member team

Workshop Topics :
- Artificial Life
- Autonomous Mobile Robot
- Cognitive Science
- Complexities
- Evolutionary Computation
- Fuzzy Control
- Innovative Computations
- Multi-robot Cooperation/Systems
- Neural Networks
- Robotics
- Virtual Reality
- Related Fields

* `Won' indicates the unit of Korean currency, Exchanges rate for US dollar is
approximately 790 Won per dollar as of February, 1996, and this is subject to change.


Micro-Robot World Cup Soccer Tournament
November 9-12 1996
KAIST, Korea

Name :
Affiliation :
Address :
Country :
E-mail :
Tel :
Fax :

Please indicate your interests :

_______ I wish to participate in the tournament.
_______ I wish to present a paper in the workshop.
_______ I wish to attend the tournament and workshop.
_______ I wish to receive further information

Please return this REPLY FORM to the MIROSOT'96 Secretariat.

MIROSOT'96 Secretariat
c/o Mrs. Bok-Kyung Kim
Dept. of Electrical Engineering, KAIST
373-1 Kusung-dong, Yusung-gu, Taejon 305-701, Korea
Phone : +82-42-869-8048
Fax : +82-42-869-3410
E-mail :

I. Current Members of Int'l Advisory Committee for MIROSOT'96

Name Country Affiliation

Zeungnam Bien (Chair) Korea KAIST
J.-H. Mun Korea LG Semicon Co., Ltd.
Min-Sung Choi Korea LG Semicon Co., Ltd.
Sung Kwun Kim Korea Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Chang-Soo Kim Korea LG Electronics Research Center
Jung-Su Myung Korea Institute for Advanced Engineering
Kyu Ho Park Korea KAIST
Kye Hwan Oh Korea Hyundai
Jong-Myung Lee Korea LG Industrial Systems Co. Ltd.
H.-S. Cho Korea KAIST
J. L. Casti U.S.A. Santa Fe Institute
Toshio Fukuda Japan Nagoya Univ.
Steve Hsia U.S.A. Univ. of California at Davis
C. S. George Lee U.S.A. Purdue Univ.
T.-J. Tarn U.S.A. Washington Univ.
G. Bekey U.S.A. U.S.C.

II. Current Members of Int'l Organizing Committee for MIROSOT'96

Name Country Affiliation

Chair Jong-Hwan Kim Korea KAIST
Publicity Co-chairs Myung Jin Chung Korea KAIST
Sukhan Lee U.S.A. U.S.C.
Workshop Chair Ju-Jang Lee Korea KAIST
Local Arrange. Chair Jun Ho Oh Korea KAIST
Members K. Ko Korea LG Industrial Systems Co. Ltd.
T.-Y. Kuc Korea Sung Kyun Kwan Univ.
B. K. Kim Korea KAIST
S. Kim Korea KAERI
J.-O. Kim Korea Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
J.-S. Yun Korea LG Semicon Co., Ltd.
B.-H. Lee Korea Seoul Nat'l Univ.
J.-S. Lee Korea POSTECH
L. Bullart Belgium Univ. of Ghent
Lian Chen China Tsinghua Univ.
Paolo Dario Italy Scuola Superiore S. Naan
E. Delaeau France CNRS
A. Gunasekaran U.K. Brunel Univ.
Tong-Heng Lee Singapore The Nat'l Univ. of Sigapore
Z. Michalewicz U.S.A. Univ. of North Carolina
J. Nicoud Switzerland Swiss Federal Inst. of Technology
Francois G. Pin U.S.A. Oak Ridge Nat'l Laboratory
R.G. Reynolds U.S.A. Wayne State Univ.
C.W. de Silva Canada Univ. of British Columbia
A. V. Topalov Bulgaria Technical Univ., Plovdiv
Ah Chung Tsoi Australia The Univ. of Queensland
Xin Yao Australia U.N.S.W.
T. Shibata Japan MITI