New Fuzzy Logic Software

Fri, 15 Mar 1996 17:06:48 +0100

MODiCO, Inc. is proud to announce the release of FUZZLE 2.0 for Windows, a
fuzzy expert system development shell. A full description of the product
including graphical screen images can be obtained on
in Web Crawler by typing "fuzzle".
(aol users : or keyword: fuzzle)

For your information, we have summarized some of the strong points of
2.0 including comparisons with other fuzzy logic software in the market.

FUZZLE 2.0 is an expert system development shell based on fuzzy logic. The
software runs on IBM compatible personal computers.

FUZZLE 2.0 supports GUI to develop the basic elements of a fuzzy expert
system such as membership functions and fuzzy rules. These capabilities
are standard and are supported by almost all other commercial product on
the market.

The most outstanding feature of FUZZLE 2.0 as compared with other products
is the generic execution module that does not require any programming
effort or compiler. Once the development is completed, the user can
execute the fuzzy inference engine by simply entering inputs via keyboard
or mouse.

Another unique feature of FUZZLE 2.0 is the mixed input processing
capability. This capability allows the user to enter linguistic inputs
such as “high”, “low”, or “medium” as well as numerical inputs within the
same execution step. FUZZLE 2.0 is an environment to compute with words;
therefore, providing what is expected from an ultimate fuzzy expert

FUZZLE 2.0, unlike any other product in the market, offers the capability
of creating customized Windows software without using any compiler. Once a
development is completed, the user can click the mouse on the CUSTOMIZE
button. FUZZLE 2.0 generates a new software by capturing the fuzzy
inference engine developed by the user. The customized versions are
royalty free and are ready to be used. FUZZLE 2.0 also provides source
codes in C and FORTRAN for embedded programming.

FUZZLE 2.0 absolutely represents the next step in fuzzy computing by the
capabilities described above. We strongly believe that this product will
push the limits of fuzzy logic application by allowing non-engineering
professionals to develop decision making systems based on their expertise
articulated in language only.

Please contact MODiCO at (423) 584-4915 ,(800)211-8215, or send E-mail to if you have any questions.


Al Hangul
Marketing Director