EFDAN'96 Call for Participation

Michael Lee (leem@cs.berkeley.edu)
Tue, 12 Mar 1996 14:21:19 +0100

E F D A N '96

European Workshop on Fuzzy Decision Analysis for Management,
Planning and Optimization

Honorary Chair: Chair:
Lotfi A. Zadeh Rudolf Felix
University of California, Berkeley Informatik Centrum Dortmund ICD e. V.

EFDAN '96 will be held on May 21- 22, 1996
in the Goldsaal an den Westfalenhallen Dortmund Germany.

On May 20, 1996 tutorials are offered.


Both management-oriented and technical decision analysis demand
the capability to solve optimization and selection problems.
In recent years fuzzy decision analysis gained importance as an
efficient method for management, planning and optimization.

Like a similar German event held in Dortmund in 1995, EFDAN '96
aims to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners in the
field of fuzzy decision analysis in order to present recent results
and to exchange their views on developments and future directions.

P R O G R A M M E E F D A N '96
(preliminary- February 28, 1996 )

M a n a g e m e n t

Management I

I-4 Wets, Geert; Witlox, Frank - Belgium
Locational Choice Behaviour Using Fuzzy Decision Tables

E-2 Kalashnikov, Vyacheslav - Russia
Equilibrium in Oligopolistic Market with Fuzzy Decision Making

Management II

G-2 Ohl, Stefan; Jafar-Shaghaghi, Kasra - Germany
Identifying Loyal Customers Using Fuzzy Decision Analysis

G-5 Piramuthu, Selwyn - USA
Neural Networks and NeuroFuzzy Systems for Credit Approval


P l a n n i n g

Planning I

A-3 Beckmann, Ralf; Gorak, A. - Germany
A Fuzzy Multi Criteria Decision Making Model to Support the
Technology Assessment of Waste Treatment Plants

A-5 Canz, Tobias - Germany
Fuzzy Linear Programming in Energy System Planning

C-3 Filippova, Tamara; Sergey, Patrushev - Russia
Fuzzy Models for Strategy Planning in Industrial Electric Power Engineering

Planning II

F-12 Matia, E.; Moraleda, E.; Puente, E. A. - Spain
Fuzzy Systems for Reactive Planning and the Cooperation of Autonomous Robots

A-4 Caadi Ali, Mohamed; Simonenko, Valery; Pham Hong, Hanh - Ukraine
An Algorithm for Dynamic Planning in Parallel Computer Systems

H-13 Simoes Gomes, Carlos Francisco - Brazil
Application the Fuzzy-Rough Multicriteria Decision Methodology Alina
in an Industrial Production Process, Executing a Logistic Prioritization
of the Furnishes Alternatives

Planning III

C-2 Falkenreck, U.; Henze, B; Monheim, P. - Germany
Xpert Quality Evaluation, a Hybrid System for Quality Prediction on
Production Processes

C-4 Fischer, B.; Haasis, H.-D.; Lieven, K.; Siestrup, G.; Tuma, A. - Germany
Modeling Production Networks Using Fuzzy Petri Net Simulation

Planning IV

H-11 Schmidt, Lutz - Germany
Use of Fuzzy Logic for Decision Valuation in Production and Control

I-1 Todorovic, Jovan; Vasic, Branko - Yugoslavia
A Fuzzy Approach to Vehicle Fleet Maintenance


O p t i m i z a t i o n

Optimization I

D-12 Hamburg, Ileana - Germany
Using Fuzzy Logic for Concurrent Optimization of Product Design and

D-14 Inuiguchi, Masahiro - Japan
Robust-Soft Optimization of a Fuzzy Linear Programming Problem

E-1 Izhutkin, Victor S. - Russia
Reduced Direction Methods for Nonlinear Optimization Problems

Optimization II

D-15 Hapke, Maciej; Slowinski, Roman - Poland
Fuzzy Scheduling under Resource Constraints

H-12 Slany, Wolfgang - Austria
FLIP++: Fuzzy Constraints to Optimize Scheduling Applications

Optimization III

E-5 Kovalev, Igor - Russia
Multicriterion Optimization Problem of Control Systems Software
Composition Based on Fuzzy Decision

H-14 Sobolevskii, Yehoshua - Israel
Optimal Assignments of the Candidates on the Places of the Each Tree Level


C o n t r o l

A-6 Bruce-Boye,C.; von Klitzing, L.; Krug, F., Schuett, T - Germany
Fuzzy Control of a Pulse Cardiovascular System

E-7 Kiendl, H., Krone A. - Germany
Rule-Based Decision Analysis with Fuzzy-ROSA Method

F-15 Murgu, Alexandru - Finland
Adaptive Control for MIMO Approximation of Traffic in ATM Systems
Using Recurrent Neural Neworks


F u z z y N e u r o

B-14 El Gayar, Neamat; Ismial, M. A. - Egypt;
Schwenker, F.; Palm, G. - Germany
A Comparative Study of Different Fuzzy and Conventional Neural
Network Models for Data Clustering

C-5 Fluegel, A.; Hormel, M; Kopecz, J. - Germany
Breakout Detection in Continuous Casting with SENECA Using
Neuro-Fuzzy Techniques

F-13 Mekinic, Goran - Germany
Financial Technical Analysis with Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks


F u z z y D e c i s i o n A n a l y s i s

Fuzzy Decision Analysis I

B-13 Dubois, D.; Fargier, H.; Lang J.; Prade, H., Sabbadin, R. - France
Qualitative Decision Theory and Multistage Decision Making
- A possibilistic Approach -

F-14 Mockor, Jiri - Czech Republic
General Theory of Decision Methods

Fuzzy Decision Analysis II

D-16 Herrera, F.; Herrera-Viedma, E.; Verdegay, J. L. - Spain
Approaching Group Decision Making under Linguistic Assessments

E-6 Kacprzyk, Janusz - Poland
Monitoring Consensus Reaching under Fuzziness

H-9 Rommelfanger, Heinrich J. - Germany
Rules Based Decision Support with Fuzzy Logic


C l a s s i f i c a t i o n & D a t a A n a l y s i s

D-11 Grauel, Adolf; Ludwig, Lars A.; Schwiatkowski, Peter - Germany
Fuzzy Data Analysis for Quality Assurance Systems

G-1 Nicoletti, Maria do Carmo; Santos, F. O. - BrazilLearning Fuzzy
through a Fuzzified Nested Generalized Exemplar Theory

G-4 Pavesic, Nikola; Savsek, Tomaz; Vezjak, Marjan - Slovenia
Fuzzy Tree Distance as an Effective Tool in Classification


P o s t e r s

A-2 Antamoshkina, Olga; Loginov, Lev - Russia
Decision Making Support Systems for Design and Selecting Policy of
Machine-Building Plant

A-1 Atanassov, Krassimir; Dimitrov, Dinko - Bulgaria
Asymmetric Information and Signalling Coalitions: A GN-Model of an
Oligopolistic Market with Intuitionistic Fuzzy Interpretation of the Signals

B-10 Capkovic, Frantisek - Slovak Republic
Fuzzy Knowledge Representation for Control Purposes of Flexible
Manufacturing Systems

C-1 Evseev, Denis M.; Sidorova, Nadezhda B.; Shiryaev, Vladimir I.,
Shkolnikov, Ilya
A.; Velkova, Irina S. - Russia
Synthesis of Adaptive Control for Linear Dynamic Systems under
Statistical Uncertainty

D-10 Goubareni, N.; Katkov, A; Piech, H. - Poland
Fuzzy Integration Processes in Speed Independent Structures

D-13 Hess, Joseph - Switzerland
Computing with Words: A Fuzzy Logic Based Systemic Decision
Support Tool for Business Process Re-Engineering

E-3 Kiseliova, Tatiana - Georgia
One Method of Fuzzy Sets Application in Decision Making

G-3 Panasyuk, A. I.; Semenido, N. A. - Republic of Belarus
TCS Rapid Application Development Kit

I-5 Zhurov, D. V.; Zmitrovich, A. I. - Republic of Belarus
Using Fuzzy-Sets in Evaluation of Investment Projects

I-6 Zmitrovich, A. I. - Republic of Belarus
Evaluation of the Financial State of Enterprises with the Use of Fuzzy-Sets


on May 20, 1996

No. 1
P. Bonissone, USA
Fuzzy Logic - Basic Principles
DM 95,--

No. 2
R. Felix, Germany
Fuzzy Decision Analysis - Principles and Applications
(included in the workshop fee)

No. 3
D. Dubois, France
Decision Analysis and Artificial Intelligence
DM 95,--

No. 4
J. Kopecz, Germany
Neural Networks - Principles and Applications
DM 95,--
25 % fee grant for members of universities and research organizations

T I M E S C H E D U L E E F D A N '96
(preliminary - February 28, 1996)

May 21, 1996

9.30 - 10.00 h
Welcome & Introduction

10.00 - 11.00 h
Plenary I
L. A. Zadeh, USA
The Evolution of Decision Analysis- A Personal Perspective

11.00 - 12.00 h
Plenary II
Ch. Carlsson, Finland
Active Decision Support Systems in the Finish Forest Industry

12.00 - 13.00 h

13.00 - 14.00 h
Fuzzy Decision Analysis I

14.00 - 15.00 h
Management I
Planning III

15.00 - 16.00 h
Coffee Break,
Poster Session, Exhibition

16.00 - 17.00 h
Planning I

17.00 - 18.00 h
Optimization I

19.30 h
Social Event

May 22, 1996

9.00 - 10.00 h
Plenary III
H. Hellendoorn, Germany
Applications of Decision Analysis - An Industrial Perspective

10.00 - 11.00 h
Fuzzy Decision Aanalysis II

11.00 - 12.00 h
Management II
Fuzzy Neuro

12.00 - 13.00 h

13.00 - 14.00 h
Planning II
Optimization III

14.00 - 14.30 h
Coffee Break,
Poster Session,

14.30 h - 15.30 h
Optimization II
Planning IV

15.30 h - 16.30 h

16.30 h
Farewell Cocktail

EFDAN '96 will cover all aspects of fuzzy decision analysis
and its application in management, planning and optimization.
The subject of the accepted papers includes to the following topics:

* foundations of fuzzy decision analysis
* flexible manufacturing
* scheduling and timetabling
* marketing and strategy planning
* customer analysis
* financial modelling
* optimization of complex system and control
* technology assessment and environment
* classification and pattern analysis
* group decision making
* tools.

In order to accommodate both researchers and users,
scientific-technical as well as application-oriented contributions
will be presented.

Program Committee

P. P. Bonissone, USA
B. Bouchon-Meunier, France
C. Carlsson, Finland
D. Dubois, France
F. Esteva, Spain
M. Fedrizzi, Italy
P. Garcia-Calvas, Spain
P. Gmilkowsky, Germany
L. Godo, Spain
A. Grauel, Germany
H. Hellendoorn, Germany
J. Kacprzyk, Poland
P. Klement, Austria
L. Koczy, Hungary
R. Kruse, Germany
R. Lopez de Mantaras, Spain
W. Pedrycz, Canada
H. Prade, France
H. Rommelfanger, Germany
E. H. Ruspini, USA
J. L. Verdegay, Spain
H.-J. Zimmermann, Germany

EFDAN '96 ist supported by

* BISC Berkeley Initiative on Soft Computing
* FLS Fuzzy Logik Systeme GmbH, Dortmund
* F+E GmbH, Dortmund
* Informatik Centrum Dortmund ICD e. V.

Organization Office

Mechthild Watermann
Fuzzy Demonstrations-Zentrum Dortmund
im Informatik Centrum Dortmund ICD e. V.
Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Str. 20
D-44227 Dortmund
Telefon: +49-231/9700-921
Telefax: +49-231/9700-929
e-mail: waterman@fuzzy.de

Workshop Fees

Full workshop fee includes all technical sessions and
presentations as well as a tutorial on principles of fuzzy
decision analysis. Additional tutorials are offered.

prior to March 31, 1996 DM 590,--
prior to April 30, 1996 DM 690,--
May 1, 1996 and later DM 750,--

25 % fee grant for members of universities and research organizations

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