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Predrag Vukovic - Pedja (
Mon, 11 Mar 1996 12:42:25 +0100

The questions I would like to share are rather theoretical one, yet...
Does anyone knows how to build (model, simulate) completely continuous
fuzzy controller? In the model of such fuzzy system there should not be any
kind of diskretization neither in the universe of discourse of variables nor
in the values of membership functions.
What should be the ratio between number of discretization levels in the
universe of discourse of variables and no. of disc. levels in the space of
the values of the membership functions.
Can anybody tell me how to simulate a complex system? More precisely, can you
give me a model of a system on which Zadeh's principle of incompatibilty can
be demenstrated? I am not looking for the answers like "Life is complex system"
or "Windows is complex system" and so on.
I would appreciate any help in any form.