First Call for Contributions ICICS'96

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First Call for Contributions
1996 International Conference on Intelligent and Cognitive Systems

Sept. 23-26, 1996
Intelligent Systems Research Institute
Tehran, Iran

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- - Intelligent Systems and the Foundation of Cognitive Sciences
- - Theoretical Computer Science
- - Knowledge-Based and Semantic Systems
- - Information Technology and Automation
- - Cybernetics and Man-Machine Interface Systems
- - Neural Networks, Reasoning/Logic-Based Systems, and Biological Computing
- - Language and Symbolic Systems
- - Mathematical Systems Theory
- - Psychology of Cognition
- - Sociocognition and Sociology of Knowledge
- - Neuroscience and Neuroengineering

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The Conference aims at providing a forum for presentation of the latest
scientific results and research achievements, exchange of ideas and research
experiences, and examination of theoretical problems and applications in the
field of intelligent and cognitive systems.

Promotion of interdisciplinary research, and encouragement of scientific
collaborations nationally as well as internationally among the researchers, and
interested users' in various organizations are also among the conference

Within the scope of this conference, three symposia in the fields of Cognitive
Sciences, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems will be held.

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Contribution Procedure
Scientific papers should report novel results and achievements in the field of
intelligent and cognitive systems. Tutorial and review papers will be
acceptable only in exceptional circumstances.

Product oriented papers will be presented in a special session.

Prospective contributors are invited to submit an extended summary (500-1000
words) of their paper emphasizing the novel results of their theoretical or
applied research, and including the title, author(s), affiliation(s), address,
telephone, fax, E-mail(s), to

P.O. Box 19395--5746
Tehran, Iran

Please also cite: ``Submitted for possible presentation at ... '' together with
the name of the conference/symposium to which the paper is contributed

For special sessions/exhibitions/product introductions, etc., the same
procedure applies. Please cite: ``Proposal for ... in ...''

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Deadline for receiving summaries/proposals: 20 April 1996

Notification of acceptance: 20 June 1996

Receipt of the full text: 20 August 1996

(The Program Committee will review the manuscripts and return to the authors
for appropriate action if any shortcoming is noticed. The responsibility will
always belong to the author(s)).


Cognitive Sciences Symposium: CSS'96

Sept. 23-26, 1996

Intelligent Systems Research Institute
I.P.M., Bahonar Sq. (Niavaran)
P.O. Box 19395-5746
Tehran, I.R. Iran


Papers are solicited for, but not limited to, the following

* Theories of Mind/Body Problems
* Artificial Intelligence (The computer model of mind, David Marr's views
on the Levels of Psychological Theories, ...)
* Scientific and Folk Psychology
* Psychological Explanations
* Mental Representation (Theories of Propositional Attitudes, the Nature of
Representation, the Structure of Content, ...)
* Parallel Distributed Reasoning (Connectionism, Artificial Neural
* Creativity and Problem Solving
* The Psychology and Epistemology of Perception
* Mental Imagery
* Consciousness
* Actions
* The Problem of Free Will

Program Committee: Cognitive Sciences Symposium

Y. Aliabadi, K. Badie, S. Etemad, M.J. Larijani and H. Vahid (Chair)

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