Fuzzy Development Tools

Zarin Pirouz (zpirouz@unixg.ubc.ca)
Tue, 5 Mar 1996 20:52:51 +0100


I am looking for a comparison of various Fuzzy Development Tools that are
available on the market. In particular I am interested in those tools
that can run under NT, Windows 95 or even Windows 3.11, with graphical
development environment and the ability to generate C code. But I suppose
all of the above are standard features.
I am working on a project that used Fide from Aptronix, but I am told that the
company no longer exists. I have received positive reports about fuzzyTECH
and the Matlab Fuzzy Toolbox but I don't know what are the other

Does anybody know of a recent comparison report? The only FAQ of this group
that I found is too old for this sort of comparison.

If you folks have strong feelings about some of the packages out there,
I'd be grateful to hear it. If I get a lot of comments, I'll compile them and
post them back here.