IFSA'97 Prague - Call for papers

Vilem Novak (NOVAKV@prf1.osu.cz)
Tue, 5 Mar 1996 20:32:21 +0100

* Call for Papers *
* *
* IFSA'97 Prague *
* *
* Seventh IFSA World Congress *
* June 25-29, 1997 *
* *
* *
* Special Interest Group for Fuzzy Set Theory and Applications *
* of the *
* Society of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists *
* Society of Slovak Mathematicians and Physicists *
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International Fuzzy Systems Association (IFSA) is pleased to announce that
the next IFSA World Congress will take place in Prague in the Czech
Republic in June 25-29, 1997. This is the first time this congress, which
is regularly held every two years in either of America, Asia or Europe,
will take place in a former East European country. We have chosen one of
the most beautiful cities in the world whose magical atmosphere has been
shaped over ten centuries by the happy and tolerant coexistence of the
buildings, sculptures, and monuments - from rotundas, proud gothic
cathedrals, renaissance palaces, rich baroque churches up to the
representative buildings in the style of "art nouveau" or in one of the
other architectural styles of this century. Prague has a population of
roughly 1.3 million. Czech people are known for their hospitality and high

The campus of the University of Economics (of more than 10,000 students) is
located in the center of Prague (about 15 minutes walking distance to the
Old City Center). The school is very well equipped with modern audiovisual
technology and projection facilities for all available media as well as
with all kinds of Internet connections. There is an easy access to the
congress site from the airport, railway station and the old town center.

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* All the information concerning the Congress and its program can be *
* obtained from: *
* *
* IFSA'97 *
* Action M Agency *
* Milena Zeithamlova *
* Vrsovicka 68 *
* 101 00 Prague 10 *
* Czech Republic *
* *
* tel: +42-2-6731 2333-4 *
* fax: +42-2-6731 0503 *
* e-mail: actionm@cuni.cz *
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* WWW: http://is.vse.cz/ifsa97/home.htm *
* GOPHER: gopher.vse.cz *
* FTP: ciks.vse.cz *


The objective of the Congress is to encourage communication between
researchers throughout the world whose research is connected to or based on
fuzzy set theory and related areas. It is also an opportunity to present
industrial applications, new technologies and products which are based on,
or use fuzzy logic, fuzzy sets and other soft computing methods. Tutorials
and workshops will be provided over two days prior to the Congress.

Main Congress Topics

- Fuzzy and non-standard logics and approximate reasoning
- Mathematical foundations
- Uncertainty and belief mesures
- Information and data analysis
- Natural language processing
- Applications in social and economical sciences
- Industrial applications
- New hardware developments
- Decision-making and control
- Artificial intelligence and robotics
- Neural networks and learning
- Genetic algorithms and computational optimization
- Chaos and its engineering
- Classification and image processing

The official language will be English.

Instructions for the Authors

The authors should submit three copies of each full paper by October 31,
1996 to one of the area chairs below whose topic is closest to the theme of
the paper. The papers may be sent by mail (three copies) or e-mail.
Electronic submissions are encouraged. All the papers will be reviewed.
Each paper must include name(s) of the author(s), affiliation and full
address for communication, abstract and a few keywords. The papers should
be typeset using LaTeX/TeX or any equivalent quality typesetti ng system in
10pt size. They should not exceed six pages with two columns. Electronic
submissions should be in poststcript form accompanied by the name and
address of the author(s), paper title, abstract and keywords list as plain

Dates and Deadlines
October 31, 1996 Deadline for submission of papers
January 31, 1997 Notification of acceptance or rejection
March 31, 1997 Reception of camera-ready papers
May 15, 1997 Deadline for registration
June 25-29, 1997 CONGRESS

Honorary Chair
Lotfi A. Zadeh

* Local Committee *

General Chair
Vilem Novak
(University of Ostrava, Ostrava)

General Vice-chairs
Petr Hajek
(Institute of Computer Science AS CR, Prague)
Milan Mares
(Institute of Information Theory and Automation AS CR, Prague)

Program Committee Chair
Radko Mesiar
(Slovak Technical University, Bratislava)

Program Committee Vice-chairs
Jaroslav Ramik
(Silesian University, Karvina)
Beloslav Riecan
(Mathematical Institute SAS, Bratislava)

Local Arrangements Chair
Milena Zeithamlova
(Action M Agency, Prague)

Local Arrangements Vice-chairs
Jiri Ivanek
(University of Economics, Prague)
Pavel Pribyl
(ELTODO, Ltd., Prague)
Petr Vysoky
(Czech Technical University, Prague)

* International Program Committee *

A. Averkin (Russia) C.-P. Kwong (Hong Kong)
J. F. Baldwin (UK) D. Lakov (Bulgaria)
H. R. Berenji (USA) R. Lopez de Mantaras (Spain)
J. C. Bezdek (USA) K. C. Min (Korea)
P. Bonissone (USA) D. Mundici (Italy)
A. Borisov (Latvia) E. Pap (Yugoslavia)
C. Carlsson (Finland) H. Prade (France)
W-L. Chiang (ROC) D. Ralescu (USA)
D. Dubois (France) A. Ramer (Australia)
M. Fedrizzi (Italy) S. Rodabaugh (USA)
F. Gomide (Brazil) M. Roubens (Belgium)
S. Gottwald (Germany) E. Ruspini (USA)
K. Hirota (Japan) E. Sanchez (France)
U. Hoehle (Germany) S. Sandri (Brazil)
J. Jacas (Spain) P. Smets (Belgium)
J. Kacprzyk (Poland) M. Sugeno (Japan)
N. Kasabov (N. Zealand) H. N. Teodorescu (Romania)
E. Kerre (Belgium) T. Terano (Japan)
F. Klawonn (Germany) J. L. Verdegay (Spain)
E. P. Klement (Austria) P. Z. Wang (China)
G. J. Klir (USA) S. Weber (Germany)
L. T. Koczy (Hungary) R. R. Yager (USA)
L. Kohout (USA) T. Yamakawa (Japan)
W. Kotze (South Africa) H. J. Zimmermann (Germany)

* Area Chairs *

Mathematical Background, Basic Science

Dan Butnariu
University of Haifa
31999 Haifa, Israel
E-mail: dbutnaru@mathcs.haifa.ac.il

Reasoning, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Information Systems

B. Bouchon-Meunier
UPMC, Case 169
4, Place Jussieu
F-75252 Paris Cedex 05
E-mail: ifsa97@vox.cvt.stuba.sk

Operation Research, Data Analysis, Economics, Preference Modeling,
Decision Analysis

Hideo Tanaka
Osaka Prefecture University
Gakuencho 1-1, Sakai
Osaka 593, Japan
E-mail: hideot@center.osakafu-u.ac.jp

Engineering Applications, Financial Engineering

Zeungnam Bien
373-1 Kusong-dong
Taejon 305-701, Korea
E-mail: zbien@ee.kaist.ac.kr

Applications in Non-engineering Sciences, Life Sciences, Behavioural
Sciences, Medicine, Biology

Patrik Eklund
University of Umea
S-901 87 Umea
E-mail: peklund@cs.umu.se

Classification, Image Processing

Jim Keller
University of Missouri-Columbia
Columbia, MO 65211
E-mail: keller@ece.missouri.edu

Fuzzy Systems, Control, Neural Nets, Soft Computing

Witold Pedrycz
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg R3T 5V6
Manitoba, Canada
E-mail: pedrycz@eeserv.ee.umanitoba.ca

Other Topics

Radko Mesiar
Slovak Technical University
Radlinskeho 11
813 68 Bratislava
Slovak Republic
E-mail: ifsa97@vox.cvt.stuba.sk


Pre-registration form

First name(s) MARIA C. ( Ms)



Country: SPAIN

Phone: 34 1 871 1900 Ext.227 Fax: 34 1 871 7050

e-mail: maria@iai.csic.es

I am interested in attending the Congress (25. 6. - 29. 6. 1997)
I am interested in attending the Tutorials (23. 6. - 24. 6. 1997)
X I wish to present a paper on the following topic:


I wish to present a Software Demonstration
I wish to take part at the Exhibition
I prefer Congress Proceedings on CD ROM
X I prefer Congress Proceedings in a printed form
(one form of the Congress Proceedings is included, the other one is for
extra charge)

Date: ........................... Signature: .............................

To be sent as soon as possible but not later than by October 31, 1996

M. Zeithamlova
Action M Agency
Vrsovicka 68
101 00 Prague 10
Czech Republic

tel: +42-2-6731 2333-4
fax: +42-2-6731 0503

e-mail: actionm@cuni.cz

***************** end of Call for papers IFSA'97 Prague ********************