[CFA] 2nd Online Workshop on Evolutionary Computation(WEC2)

Toru Yukimatsu (yuki@bioele.nuee.nagoya-u.ac.jp)
Tue, 5 Mar 1996 20:03:09 +0100

This is the call for participation for Second Online Workshop on EC.
The papers and discussions are visible on the Internet.


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* Second Online Workshop on Evolutionary Computation (WEC2) *
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* Mar. 4 (Mon) - Mar. 22 (Fri) *
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* On Internet (WWW (World Wide Web) ) Served by Nagoya University *
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We call for your participation for online discussions using the
Internet. The goal of this workshop is to give its attendees
opportunities to exchange information and ideas on various aspects of
Evolutionary Computation and "save travel expenses" without having to
visit foreign countries. We aim to have ample discussion time between
the authors and attendees and make them visible to everyone on the

The papers submitted to the workshop are:

*Biologically Inspired Evolutionary Systems
1. The Cognitive Ameba: Evolving Reactionary Behavior From a Single
Modular Unit
2. A Hierarchical Evolutionary Approach to the Generation of Form
3. Statistical Measures of Binary Image Sequences for 2D
Maps Representing Complex Dynamic Behaviour
4. Culture, Evolution, and Computation

*Fuzzy Logic - Genetic Algorithms
1. On the Bidirectional Integration of Genetic Algorithms and Fuzzy
2. Optimization of Parameters of Fuzzy Controllers by Genetic
3. Learning behaviors, implemented as Fuzzy Logic controllers, for
Autonomous Agents

*Genetic Algorithms
1. Temporal Populations
2. Simultanously Multi-Level Evolution
3. A comparative analysis of evolutionary algorithms for function
4. Evolutionary Computation Cookbook: Recipes for Designing New

*Knowledge - Evolutionary Systems
1. Transforming Heuristics into Cases

*Associative Memory - Evolutionary Systems
1. Basin of Attraction of Associative Memory as it is Evolved by a
Genetic Algorithm
2. An Associative Memory based on the Immune Networks

*Special Session - Application of Evolutionary Computation in Engineering
Session Organizer: R. Roy
1. Adaptive Restricted Tournament Selection and a Local Hill
climbing hybrid for the Identification of Multiple 'Good' Design
2. Identification Of Fluid Systems Using Genetic Programming
3. Cooperative Genetic Algorithm for Optimization Problems in
Distributed Computer Systems
4. Overview of a Generic Evolutionary Design System
5. Evolving Adaptive Systems - On the Role of Learning and Fault
Tolerance in Evolution
6. A Genetic Algorithm for Data Sequencing
7. A Genetic Algorithm for the Construction of Small and Highly
Testable OKFDD-Circuits

*Special Session - Ant System
Session Organizer: Fabio Abbattista
1. Improving the Genetic Algorithms by means of a Cooperative Model
2. Ant Colony Optimization


These papers are visible on the Internet. The home page address is :


Papers are visible from : March 4, 1996
Workshop Weeks : March 11 - 22, 1996(except March 17)

1. Read the abstracts on the page:
2. Copy the main texts (ps file) of interested papers.
3. Send questions and comments to
(The steering committee will send the questions to the authors.
Then they will receive answers from the authors and make the
Q&A will be visible on the Internet.)
4. Read the answers from the authors on
5. Repeat the above steps 3 and 4 until you are satisfied.


Those who are interested in the above papers are welcome to
participate into this workshop at any time during the workshop
week. Please visit our page or send an e-mail to
the addresse below.


Just tell us you will take part in the workshop.
This registration is not a requisite for your participation. The
steering committee will mail the registrants important information.

For further information, contact:

Takeshi Furuhashi
Dept. of Information Electronics
Nagoya University,
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Tel. +81-52-789-2792
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E-mail wec@bioele.nuee.nagoya-u.ac.jp

General Chair: T.Furuhashi(Nagoya University)
Advisory Committee Chair: T.Fukuda(Nagoya University)
M.Gen(Ashikaga Institute of Tech.)
I.Hayashi(Han-nan University)
H.Ishibuchi(University of Osaka pref.)
Y.Maeda(Osaka Electro-Comm. Univ.)
S.Nakanishi(Tokai University)
M.Sakawa(Hiroshima University)
M.Sano(Hiroshima City University)
T.Shibata(MEL, MITI & AI Lab., MIT)
H.Shiizuka(Kogakuin University)
K.Tanaka(Kanazawa University)
Y.Uchikawa(Nagoya University)
N.Wakami(Matsushita Elec. Ind. Co., Ltd.)
J.Watada(Osaka Institute of Tech.)
Steering Committee Chair: T.Yukimatsu(Nagoya University)
T.Hasegawa(Nagoya University)
T.Hashiyama(Nagoya University)
X.Yang(Nagoya University)

Takeshi Furuhashi, Assoc. Professor
Dept. of Information Electronics, Nagoya University
Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-01, Japan
Tel.+81-52-789-2792, Fax.+81-52-789-3166