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Computer Society of Iran

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Second Annual CSI Computer Conference (CSICC'96)
25-27 December, 1996

Computer Engineering Department
Amirkabir University of Technology
Tehran, Iran

Computer Society of Iran (CSI) is pleased to announce its Second
Annual Computer Conference (CSICC'96) which is to be held at the Computer
Engineering Department at Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran,
Iran, during Dec 25-27, 1996. This conference will provide a forum for
sharing original research results and practical engineering experiences
among researchers and practitioners interested in all aspects of
computer science and engineering. The objectives of CSICC is to share
recent developments and original research in this field and to foster
close collaboration between scientific and industrial communities in Iran.

CSICC'96 is sponsored by CSI and organized jointly by CSI and Amirkabir
University of Technology. The conference will include tutorials, paper
presentations, keynote speakers, panel discussions on topics of interest,
exhibition of the R&D projects done in Iran, and tours of points of
interest in Tehran. Research papers and industrial application reports as
well as proposals for tutorials, and tool demonstrations are solicited.

Topics of interest include (but are not restricted to) the following

o Computer Architecture
Advanced Architectures, Parallel Processing, Distributed Systems,
Computer Networks, Education, Industry Applications, etc.
o Software Systems
Data-base Systems, Management Information Systems, Software
Engineering, Geographical Information Systems, Office Automation,
Data Security in Computer Systems , Education , Industry
Applications, etc.
o Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent Systems
Expert Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Fuzzy
Systems, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing and Analysis,
Natural Language Processing, Speech Processing, Education,
Industry Applications, etc.
o Theory of Computation
Computational Algorithms, Complexity Theory, Parallel Algorithms,
Automata Theory, Formal Languages, Education, etc.


Authors are invited to submit complete papers or EXTENDED SUMMARY of
their original papers that have not previously been published in another
forum. All submitted papers will be refereed for quality, originality
and relevance. Of particular interest are papers that address
experiences related to Iran's computational need. All accepted papers
will be published in the conference proceedings.


1- Please submit 4 copies of the complete paper or its extended summary
by the deadline mentioned below.
2- Final complete papers should not exceed 6 pages.
3- The extended summary should include title, abstract, a summary of
at least 1500 words, and references.
4- A cover letter should be attached with the paper title, name(s),
affiliation(s), email, and mail addresses of the authors.
6- Papers may be submitted electronically in PostScript format.
7- The official language of the conference is Farsi; however, papers
written in English will also be accepted.


Companies and R&D laboratories are encouraged to present their exhibits
during the conference. For details, please contact the CSICC'96 office.


o Receipt of Papers/Summaries and Tutorial: May 23, 1996
o Notification of Acceptance: July 23, 1996
o Receipt of Camera Ready Papers: Sept. 23, 1996


Reza Safabakhsh, General Chairman
CE Dept, Amirkabir Univ of Tech, Iran

Hossein Pedram, CE Dept, Amirkabir Univ of Tech, Iran

Amir Hossein Jahangir, CE Dept, Sharif Univ of Tech, Iran

Mohammad Rahmati, CE Dept, Amirkabir Univ of Tech, Iran

Massoud Shafiee, EE Dept, Amirkabir Univ of Tech, Iran

Babak Sadeghian, CE Dept, Amirkabir Univ of Tech, Iran

Ali Asghar Seifikar, CE Dept, Amirkabir Univ of Tech, Iran

Nasser Modiri, CE Dept, Amirkabir Univ of Tech, Iran

Mohammad Reza Meybodi, CE Dept, Amirkabir Univ of Tech, Iran

M. Mehdi Homayounpour CE Dept, Amirkabir Univ of Tech, Iran

Madjid Naderi, EE Dept, Univ of Science & Tech, Iran

Mahmoud Fathi, CE Dept, Univ of Science & Tech, Iran


Dr. Reza Safabakhsh
Chairman of CSICC'96
Computer Engineering Department
Amirkabir University of Technology
Tehran 15914, Iran



Phone: +98 21 641-9411
Fax: +98 21 649-5521

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