Re: Fuzzy logic compared to probability

Tue, 5 Mar 1996 18:53:44 +0100

The probability vs. fuzziness debate always seems to
resurface. I think it would be healthy to continue the debate, but
helpful to build on existing arguments. There is no reason to start
all the debates from scratch over and over again.
In particular, I think the work of Ellen Hisdal is particularly
relevant. These and many other references are given in the following

Laviolette, M., Seaman, J.W., Jr., Barrett, J.D., and Woodall,
W.H.,(1995),"A Probabilistic and Statistical View of Fuzzy Methods,"
Technometrics, 37, 249-292. (Discussants include P. Bonissone, R.G.
Almond, L. Zadeh, A. Kandel, and P. Cheeseman)

Both sides of the arguments are presented.

I would be glad to mail anyone interested a copy, but this
cannot be done electronically. Please e-mail your mailing address.

Thank you all.
Bill Woodall
University of Alabama