Re: Fuzzy logic compared to probability

Norman J. Brandt (nbrandt@fau.campus.mci)
Tue, 5 Mar 1996 18:03:55 +0100

One big diference between probability and fuzzy...or possibility as it that probability ends with the roll of the dice. That is, once
the data is taken, the role of probability is completed. Fuzzy , or if
you will, possibility, thinks both ways in time. The membership
functions, say in a controller, are possibilities that define a switching
curve...or the membership functions involved in some decision making
process, though they may be derived from some statistical data from the
past, reflect possibilities which can occur in the future...indeed,
probably have in the past.

I am kind of new at this business, and enjoy discussions. It is like
learning Russian...unless you converse in it, and read it, you don't
learn it well.