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Henry Vuong (
Sat, 2 Mar 1996 00:18:10 +0100

Dear Sir/Madam:

Could you please post this job announcement in your Electrical Engineering
and Computer Science Departments.

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Henry Vuong
U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Fort Belvoir, Virginia


Department of the Army
Army Research Laboratory
Signature Modeling Branch
10235 Burbeck Road, Suite 110
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-5838


The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Signature Modeling Branch (SMB) is
looking for a professor, post-doctorate, or PhD candidate for a permanent
position in High resolution multispectral synthetic scene modeling and
simulation. Experience in synthetic scene modeling and simulation can be
substituted for a post graduate academic degree.

ARL/SMB is located at Fort Belvoir, Virginia approximately 20 miles South
from the Nation Capital Washington, District of Columbia. The majority of the
work will be done on-site at Ft. Belvoir, VA.

Project Description:

CREATION - Multispectral synthetic scene generation

The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Signature Modeling Branch (SMB) is
developing a 3-dimensional multispectral scene generation program called
CREATION. CREATION has the capability to simulate infrared and visible, static
and dynamic synthetic images of many diverse real world environments. 3-D
geometry inputs to CREATION start from digital maps obtained from the Defense
Mapping Agency which have been interpolated to higher resolution of approxima-
tely one to two meters. The associated high resolution feature map is developed
from high resolution aerial pictures and road maps to define the location of
trees, grass, roads, lakes, etc. The background components thermal signature
are predicted with the signature models (ITM & Treetherm), texture variations
are also applied to the background components to enhance scene realism.
The target thermal signatures are derived from the (PRISM/GT-SIG) signature
prediction models. The sensor and 3-dimensional target geometry can be posi-
tioned into the 3-D background map with 6 degrees of freedom which allow a
multitude of view aspects. Atmospheric and sensor effects can also be applied
to generate specific meteorological conditions and sensor systems output.

Job description:

Permanent position in High Resolution Synthetic Image Generation

The job will involve improving the scene generation software CREATION and
developing new algorithms. Preference will be given to applicants with
qualifications in the following areas:

* Knowledge of Thermal Physics, Heat Transfer, and IR Radiation applied to
terrain surfaces and vegetation.

* Knowledge of C programming language in a Unix environment is mandatory.

* Experiences in computer graphics rendering, illumination, shading, shadowing
and textures.

* Computer Graphics experience and knowledge of Silicon Graphics GL
graphics library routine.

* Knowledge of Geographical Information System data format (e.g. DTED, DFAD
data from the Defense Mapping Agency).

* Knowledge of structural botany (trees, grasses, shrubs) and it's
application to computer rendering of natural scenes is desirable.

* U.S. citizenship required.

Salary is negotiable according to experience and qualifications.

To apply, send resumes by email to ( latex and postscript
formats are acceptable. Please remember to include a phone number where you
can be reached during the day. Applications may also be faxed to (703)704-3196
or sent via U.S. mail to the address below.

10235 BURBECK RD STE 110
FT. BELVOIR, VA 22060-5838