[final CFP] 2nd Online Workshop on Evolutionary Computation (WEC2)

Toru Yukimatsu (yuki@bioele.nuee.nagoya-u.ac.jp)
Tue, 27 Feb 1996 19:19:48 +0100

This is the first CFP for 2nd Online Workshop on Evolutionary
Computation. This CFP is also available on WWW. The URL is


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* Second Online Workshop on Evolutionary Computation (WEC2) *
* *
* Mar. 4 (Mon) - Mar. 22 (Fri) *
* *
* On Internet (WWW (World Wide Web) ) Served by Nagoya University *
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* Sponsored by *
* Research Group on ECOmp of *
* the Society of Fuzzy Theory and Systems (SOFT) *
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We call for your papers for online discussions using the Internet.
The goal of this workshop is to give its attendees opportunities to
exchange information and ideas on various aspects of Evolutionary
Computation and "save travel expenses" without having to visit foreign
countries. We aim to have ample discussion time between the authors
and attendees and make them visible to everyone on the Internet.

This is the 2nd of the online WEC series. The 1st one was held on
Oct. 9 - 20, 1995. In spite of the very short preparation time (2
weeks), 22 papers were submitted. During the workshop, 1358 people
visited the home page. The ps files of the submitted papers were
copied 822 times in total. Interesting Q&A on many papers were

The 2nd WEC will welcome original contributions. The proceedings is
planned to be published. We all look forward to your active

Theory of evolutionary computation
Applications of evolutionary computation
Artificial life and biologically inspired evolutionary computation
Evolutionary algorithms for computational intelligence
Evolutionary computation for neural networks
Fuzzy logic in evolutionary algorithms

Deadline for Submission of Abstracts and Main Text : February 26, 1996
Opening the papers to the public : March 4, 1996
Workshop Weeks : March 11 - 22, 1996

Send an abstract and main text to the address below.
The abstract should be in text file. The main text should be in
text file or in ps (PostScript) file. The paper should not exceed 4
pages in length. The size of the paper should be either A4 (metric)
or letter size. Papers should be written in Times or similar font
style, 10 points or larger with 2.5 cm margins on all four sides. If
you write your paper with LaTeX, you can use "IEEEtran.sty" and
"wecsample.tex" which is available from

mail address is: wec@bioele.nuee.nagoya-u.ac.jp

Another alternative is that if you prepare a WWW page for your
main text, please send us only the abstract and tell us the Internet
address(URL), and yours will be linked to our WWW page.

The steering committee will make your abstracts visible on
the Internet. The home page address is:

URL: http://www.bioele.nuee.nagoya-u.ac.jp/wec2/

* Note:
The 1st WEC accepted only papers which had already been
presented at any past conferences. The 2nd WEC will accept
papers both original and already published.
If your paper is not original, please clarify the source of your
paper. Your paper will not be included in the proceedings.
If your paper is an original one, you need to send ps file or
camera-ready manuscript of your main text. Please also send us the
copyright form by postal mail or facsimile. The proceedings
including your original contribution will be published. The
copyright form is available also from

1. Read the abstracts.
2. Copy the main texts (ps files) of interested papers.
3. Send questions and comments to
(The steering committee will send the questions to the authors.
Then they will receive answers from the authors and make the
Q&A visible on the Internet.)
4. Read the answers from the authors on
5. Repeat the above steps 3 and 4 until you are satisfied.

(Notice shold be made that the main texts in ps files should not
include any fonts other than English.)

Steering committee would appreciate it if you would be a session
organizer. Your job will be to call your colleagues and friends to
submit papers and organize a session. If you need further
information, please mail to

For further information, contact:

Takeshi Furuhashi
Dept. of Information Electronics
Nagoya University,
Furo-cho, Chikusaku
Nagoya 464-01, Japan
Tel. +81-52-789-2792
Fax. +81-52-789-3166
E-mail wec@bioele.nuee.nagoya-u.ac.jp

General Chair: T.Furuhashi(Nagoya University)
Advisory Committee Chair: T.Fukuda(Nagoya University)
M.Gen(Ashikaga Institute of Tech.)
I.Hayashi(Han-nan University)
H.Ishibuchi(University of Osaka pref.)
Y.Maeda(Osaka Electro-Comm. Univ.)
S.Nakanishi(Tokai University)
M.Sakawa(Hiroshima University)
M.Sano(Hiroshima City University)
T.Shibata(MEL, MITI & AI Lab., MIT)
H.Shiizuka(Kogakuin University)
K.Tanaka(Kanazawa University)
Y.Uchikawa(Nagoya University)
N.Wakami(Matsushita Elec. Ind. Co., Ltd.)
J.Watada(Osaka Institute of Tech.)
Steering Committee Chair: T.Yukimatsu(Nagoya University)
T.Hasegawa(Nagoya University)
T.Hashiyama(Nagoya University)
X.Yang(Nagoya University)

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Authors :
Affiliation :
Address :
Phone :
Fax :
e-mail :
Source(if your paper is already published) :
Keywords :
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