*** ICONIP'96 CFP Deadline Extension ***

Irwin King (iconip96@cs.cuhk.hk)
Tue, 27 Feb 1996 17:19:22 +0100

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1996 International Conference
Neural Information Processing

The Annual Conference of the Asian Pacific Neural Network Assembly
ICONIP'96, September 24 - 27, 1996

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

In cooperation with

IEEE / NNC --IEEE Neural Networks Council
INNS - International Neural Network Society
ENNS - European Neural Network Society
JNNS - Japanese Neural Network Society
CNNC - China Neural Networks Council


In consideration of many requests from Europe, USA as well as Asia
Pacific region for a possible extension of paper submission deadline
for ICONIP'96, the ICONIP'96 Organizing Committee has decided to
extend the paper submission deadline.

----- The Extended Paper Submission Deadline : March 10, 1996 ----

The goal of ICONIP'96 is to provide a forum for researchers and
engineers from academia and industry to meet and to exchange ideas on
the latest developments in neural information processing. The
conference also further serves to stimulate local and regional
interests in neural information processing and its potential
applications to industries indigenous to this region. The conference
consists of two tracks. One is SCIENTIFIC TRACK for the latest results
on Theories, Technologies, Methods, Architectures and Algorithms in
neural information processing. The other is APPLICATION TRACK for
various neural network applications in any engineering/technical field
and any business/service sector. There will be a one-day tutorial on
the neural networks for capital markets which reflects Hong Kong's
local interests on financial services. In addition, there will be
several invited lectures in the main conference.

Hong Kong is one of the most dynamic cities in the world with
world-class facilities, easy accessibility, exciting entertainment,
and high levels of service and professionalism. Come to Hong Kong!
Visit this Eastern Pearl in this historical period before Hong Kong's
return to China in 1997.


Submission of paper (extended) March 10, 1996
Notification of acceptance May 1, 1996
Tutorial on Financial Engineering Sept. 24, 1996
Conference Sept. 25-27, 1996

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*** The Conference Proceedings will be published by Springer Verlag. ***
*** ***

Registration forms, detailed tutorial information, invited talks and
other related information will be available on the WWW site in due

Tutorials On Financial Engineering

1. Professor John Moody, Oregon Graduate Institute, USA
"Time Series Modeling: Classical and Nonlinear Approaches"

2. Professor Halbert White, University California, San Diego, USA
"Option Pricing In Modern Finance Theory and the Relevance Of
Artificial Neural Networks"

3. Professor A-P. N. Refenes, London Business School, UK
"Neural Networks in Financial Engineering"

Keynote Talks

1. Professor Shun-ichi Amari, Tokyo University.
"Information Geometry of Neural Networks"

2. Professor Yaser Abu-Mostafa, California Institute of Technology, USA
"The Bin Model for Learning and Generalization"

3. Professor Leo Breiman, University California, Berkeley, USA
"Democratizing Predictors"

4. Professor Christoph von der Malsburg, Ruhr-Universitat Bochum, Germany
"Scene Analysis Based on Dynamic Links" (tentatively)

5. Professor Erkki Oja, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
"Blind Signal Separation by Neural Networks "

Honored Talks

1. Rolf Eckmiller, University of Bonn, Germany
"Concerning the Development of Retina Implants with Neural Nets"

2. Mitsuo Kawato, ATR Human Information Processing Research Lab, Japan
"Generalized Linear Model Analysis of Cerebellar Motor Learning"

3. Kunihiko Fukushima, Osaka University, Japan
"To be announced"



----------------- ------------------
* Theory * Foreign Exchange
* Algorithms & Architectures * Equities & Commodities
* Supervised Learning * Risk Management
* Unsupervised Learning * Options & Futures
* Hardware Implementations * Forecasting & Strategic Planning
* Hybrid Systems * Government and Services
* Neurobiological Systems * Geophysical Sciences
* Associative Memory * Telecommunications
* Visual & Speech Processing * Control & Modeling
* Intelligent Control & Robotics * Manufacturing
* Cognitive Science & AI * Chemical Engineering
* Recurrent Net & Dynamics * Transportation
* Image Processing * Environmental Engineering
* Pattern Recognition * Remote Sensing
* Computer Vision * Defense
* Time Series Prediction * Multimedia Systems
* Optimization * Document Processing
* Fuzzy Logic * Medical Imaging
* Evolutionary Computing * Biomedical Application
* Other Related Areas * Other Related Applications


Authors are invited to submit one camera-ready original (do not
staple) and five copies of the manuscript written in English on
A4-format (or letter) white paper with 25 mm (1 inch) margins on all
four sides, in one column format, no more than six pages (four pages
preferred) including figures and references, single-spaced, in
Times-Roman or similar font of 10 points or larger, without page
numbers, and printed on one side of the page only. Electronic or fax
submission is not acceptable. Additional pages will be charged at USD
$50 per page.

Centered at the top of the first page should be the complete title,
author(s), affiliation, mailing, and email addresses, followed by an
abstract (no more than 150 words) and the text. Each submission
should be accompanied by a cover letter indicating the contacting
author, affiliation, mailing and email addresses, telephone and fax
number, and preference of track, technical session(s), and format of
presentation, either oral or poster. All submitted papers will be
refereed by experts in the field based on quality, clarity,
originality, and significance.

Authors may also retrieve the ICONIP style, "iconip.tex" and
"iconip.sty" files for the conference by anonymous FTP at
ftp.cs.cuhk.hk in the directory /pub/iconip96.

The address for paper submissions, registration and information

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong
Fax (852) 2603-5024
E-mail: iconip96@cs.cuhk.hk


On & Before July 1, 1996, Member HKD $2,800
On & Before July 1, 1996, Non-Member HKD $3,200
Late & On-Site, Member HKD $3,200
Late & On-Site, Non-Member HKD $3,600
Student Registration Fee HKD $1,000


General Co-Chairs
Omar Wing, CUHK
Shun-ichi Amari, Tokyo U.

Advisory Committee
Yaser Abu-Mostafa, Caltech
Michael Arbib, U. Southern Cal.
Leo Breiman, UC Berkeley
Jack Cowan, U. Chicago
Rolf Eckmiller, U. Bonn
Jerome Friedman, Stanford U.
Stephen Grossberg, Boston U.
Robert Hecht-Nielsen, HNC
Geoffrey Hinton, U. Toronto
Anil Jain, Michigan State U.
Teuvo Kohonen, Helsinki U. of Tech.
Sun-Yuan Kung, Princeton U.
Robert Marks, II, U. Washington
Thomas Poggio, MIT
Harold Szu, US Naval SWC
John Taylor, King's College London
David Touretzky, CMU
C. v. d. Malsburg, Ruhr-U. Bochum
David Willshaw, Edinburgh U.
Lofti Zadeh, UC Berkeley

Asia-Pacific Region
Marcelo H. Ang Jr, NUS, Singapore
Sung-Yang Bang, POSTECH, Pohang
Hsin-Chia Fu, NCTU., Hsinchu
Toshio Fukuda, Nagoya U., Nagoya
Kunihiko Fukushima, Osaka U., Osaka
Zhenya He, Southeastern U., Nanjing
Marwan Jabri, U. Sydney, Sydney
Nikola Kasabov, U. Otago, Dunedin
Yousou Wu, Tsinghua U., Beijing

Organizing Committee
L.W. Chan (Co-Chair), CUHK
K.S. Leung (Co-Chair), CUHK
D.Y. Yeung (Finance), HKUST
C.K. Ng (Publication), CityUHK
A. Wu (Publication), CityUHK
B.T. Low (Publicity), CUHK
M.W. Mak (Local Arr.), HKPU
C.S. Tong (Local Arr.), HKBU
T. Lee (Registration), CUHK
K.P. Chan (Tutorial), HKU
H.T. Tsui (Industry Liaison), CUHK
I. King (Secretary), CUHK

Program Committee
Lei Xu, CUHK
Michael Jordan, MIT
Erkki Oja, Helsinki U. of Tech.
Mitsuo Kawato, ATR

Yoshua Bengio, U. Montreal
Jim Bezdek, U. West Florida
Chris Bishop, Aston U.
Leon Bottou, Neuristique
Gail Carpenter, Boston U.
Laiwan Chan, CUHK
Huishen Chi, Peking U.
Peter Dayan, MIT
Kenji Doya, ATR
Scott Fahlman, CMU
Francoise Fogelman, SLIGOS
Lee Giles, NEC Research Inst.
Michael Hasselmo, Harvard U.
Kurt Hornik, Technical U. Wien
Yu Hen Hu, U. Wisconsin - Madison
Jeng-Neng Hwang, U. Washington
Nathan Intrator, Tel-Aviv U.
Larry Jackel, AT&T Bell Lab
Adam Kowalczyk, Telecom Australia
Soo-Young Lee, KAIST
Todd Leen, Oregon Grad. Inst.
Cheng-Yuan Liou, National Taiwan U.
David MacKay, Cavendish Lab
Eric Mjolsness, UC San Diego
John Moody, Oregon Grad. Inst.
Nelson Morgan, ICSI
Steven Nowlan, Synaptics
Michael Perrone, IBM Watson Lab
Ting-Chuen Pong, HKUST
Paul Refenes, London Business School
David Sanchez, U. Miami
Hava Siegelmann, Technion
Ah Chung Tsoi, U. Queensland
Benjamin Wah, U. Illinois
Andreas Weigend, Colorado U.
Ronald Williams, Northeastern U.
John Wyatt, MIT
Alan Yuille, Harvard U.
Richard Zemel, CMU
Jacek Zurada, U. Louisville