ESANN'96: European Symposium on Artificiel Neural Networks

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* 4th European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks *
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* Bruges - April 24-25-26, 1996 *
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* Preliminary Program *
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This e-mail contains all information concerning the 4th European
Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, to be held in Bruges, Belgium,
on 24-25-26 April, 1996:
- general information about the conference
- the full programme
- the committees
- practical information
- how to register

The same information is available through WWW at the following address:

- Foreword -

Since its resurgence in the early 80s, the field of artificial neural
networks is rapidly moving. There was first an important, and sometimes
exaggerated, interest for neural techniques which were used in any kind of
application where conventional methods failed. Then, in the late 80s,
people began to realize that neural networks are not the miraculous
solution to all problems.

The truth is certainly somewhere between these two extremes: there is no
doubt that neural networks are an important step towards new data analysis
and function approximation tools, but they have to be used in appropriate
situations, and a deep knowledge of their properties, both theoretical and
practical, is necessary.

The purpose of the ESANN series of conferences is to present the latest
results in the fundamental aspects of artificial neural networks. The
fourth European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks will be organized
in Bruges, on 24-26 April 1996. It will cover most of the main
theoretical, mathematical and fundamental new developments of the field:
learning, models, approximation of functions, classification, control,
signal processing, biology, self-organization and many other topics will be
treated during the conference.

The program committee selected about 50% of the submitted papers; this
severe selection guarantees the high quality of the presentations. Besides
these presentations, three invited speakers (Bernd Fritzke, Nicolas
Franceschini and Juha Karhunen) will present the state-of-the-art and the
recent developments in some particular aspects of the topics covered by the

The steering and program committees of ESANN'96 are pleased to invite you
to participate to this symposium. More than a formal conference presenting
the last developments in the field, ESANN'96 will be also a forum for open
discussions, round tables and opportunities for future collaborations. We
hope to have the pleasure to meet you in April, in the splendid town of
Bruges, one of the most beautiful mediaeval cities in the world.

- Programme of the conference -

Wednesday 24th April 1996

8H30 Registration

9H00 Opening session

Session 1: Learning and generalization 1
Chairman: H. Paugam-Moisy (E.N.S. Lyon, France)

9H10 "Synaptic efficiency modulations for context integration: The meta
ODWE architecture"
N. Pican
INRIA Lorraine (France)

9H30 "Using a Meta Neural Network for RPROP parameter adaptation"
C. McCormack
University College Cork (Ireland)

9H50 "On unlearnable problems -or- A model for premature saturation in
backpropagation learning"
C. Goerick, W. von Seelen
Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Germany)

10H10 "Regulated Activation Weights Neural Network (RAWN)"
H.A.B. te Braake*, H.J.L. van Can*, G. van Straten**, H.B.
*Delft Univ. of Technology (The Netherlands)
** Wageningen Agricultural Univ. (The Netherlands)

10H30 "Praticing Q-learning"
J. Bruske, I. Ahrns, G. Sommer
Christian Albrechts Univ. of Kiel (Germany)

10H50 Coffee break

Session 2: Recurrent models
Chairman: W. Duch (Nicholas Copernicus Univ., Poland)

11H30 "Adaptative time constants improve the dynamic features of
recurrent neural networks"
J.-P. Draye*, D. Pavisic*, G. Cheron**, G. Libert*
* Fac. Polyt. Mons (Belgium), **Univ. of Brussels (Belgium)

11H50 "An adaptive technique for pattern recognition by the random neural
M. Mokhtari*,**, H. Akdag**,***
*IUT de Reims, **Univ. Paris V, ***Univ. Paris VI (France)

12H10 "Negative initial weights improve learning in recurrent neural
D. Pavisic, J.-P. Draye, R. Teran, G. Calderon, G. Cheron, G.
Fac. Polyt. Mons (Belgium)

12H30 Lunch

Session 3: Fuzzy neural networks
Chairman: M. Verleysen (Univ. Cath. de Louvain, Belgium)

14H00 "The extraction of Sugeno fuzzy rules from neural networks"
A.L. Cechin, U. Epperlein, W. Rosenstiel, B. Koppenhoefer
Univ. Tübingen (Germany)

14H20 Neural versus neurofuzzy systems for credit approval
S. Piramuthu
Univ. of Florida (USA)

Invited paper:
14H40 B. Fritzke (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany)
"Growing self-organizing networks - Why ?"

15H25 coffee break

Session 4: Self-organizing maps
Chairman: B. Fritzke (Ruhr Universität Bochum, Germany)

16H00 "Identification of gait patterns with self-organizing maps based on
ground reaction force"
M. Kohle, D. Merkl
Vienna Univ. of Technology (Austria)

16H20 "A self-organizing map for analysis of high-dimensional feature
spaces with clusters of highly differing feature density"
S. Schunemann, B. Michaelis
Otto-von-Guericke Univ. Magdeburg (Germany)

16H40 "Quantization vs Organization in the Kohonen S.O.M."
J.-C. Fort*, G. Pagès**
*Univ. Nancy I & Univ. Paris I (France)
**Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie & Univ. Paris XII (France)

17H00 "On global self-organizing maps"
W. Duch, A. Naud
Nicholas Copernicus Univ. (Poland)

17H20 "On the critical points of the 1-dimensional competitive learning
vector quantization algorithm"
D. Lamberton*, G. Pages**
*Univ. Marne-la-Vallée, **Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie & Univ. Paris
XII (France)

17H40 "A Kohonen map representation to avoid misleading interpretations"
M. Cottrell*, E. de Bodt**
*Univ. Paris I (France), Univ. Cat. Louvain (Belgium)

Thursday 25th April 1996

Session 5: Incremental learning
Chairman: T.W.S. Chow (City University of Hong Kong)

9H00 "FlexNet - A flexible neural network construction algorithm"
K. Mohraz, P. Protzel
FORWISS, Germany

9H20 "Incremental category learning in a real world artifact using
growing dynamic cell structures"
C. Scheier
Univ. of Zurich (Switzerland)

9H40 "Towards constructive and destructive dynamic network
S. Wermter, M. Meurer
Univ. of Hamburg (Germany)

10H00 "Combining sigmoids and radial basis functions in evolutive neural
R. Chentouf, C. Jutten
I.N.P. Grenoble (France)

10H20 Coffee break

Invited paper:
11H00 N. Franceschini (CNRS Marseilles, France)
"Biologically inspired eye movements for visually guided navigation
of mobile robots", F. Mura, N. Martin, N. Franceschini

Session 6: Classification
Chairman: J. Vandewalle (Kat. Univ. Leuven, Belgium)

11H45 "A novel two-layer neural network classifier"
G. Qiu
Univ. of Derby (United Kingdom)

12H05 "Representation of obstacles in a neural network based classifier
N.R. Ball
Univ. of Cambridge (United Kingdom)

12H25 "Investigating lexical access using neural nets"
M. Patel
Macquarie Univ. (Australia)

12H45 Lunch

Session 7: Mathematical aspects of neural networks
Chairman: J.C. Fort (Univ. Nancy I & Univ. Paris I, France)

14H00 "Rates of approximation of real-valued boolean functions by neural
K. Hlavackova, V. Kurkova
Acad. of Sciences (Czech Republic)

14H20 "Bounds on the degree of high order binary perceptrons"
E. Mayoraz
IDIAP (Switzerland)

14H40 "A fast Bayesian algorithm for Boolean functions synthesis by means
of perceptron networks"
A. Catala Mallofre*, J. Aguilar-Martin*,**, B. Morcego Seix*, N.
Piera i Carrete*
*Univ. Polit. Catalunya (Spain), **LAAS-CNRS (France)

15H00 "Accomodating relevance in neural networks"
H. Wang, D. Bell
Univ. of Ulster at Jordanstown (United Kingdom)

15H20 Coffee break

Session 8: Natural and artificial vision
Chairman: N. Franceschini (CNRS Marseilles, France)

16H00 "Neural network for visual contrast detection"
E. Littmann*, H. Neumann*, L. Pessoa**
*Univ. of Ulm (Germany), **Univ. Federale Rio (Brazil)

16H20 "Application of high-order Boltzmann machines in OCR"
A. de la Hera, M. Grana, A. D'Anjou, F.X. Albizuri
UPV San Sebastian (Spain)

16H40 "Simulation of an inner plexiform layer neural circuit in
vertebrate retina leads to sustained and transient excitation"
G. Maguire, X. Yang
Univ. of Texas (USA)

17H00 "Analysis of visual information by receptivc field dynamics"
C. Born
Ruhr-Univ. Bochum (Germany)

17H20 "Neurotransmitterdynamics in a model of a movement detecting visual
H.A.K. Mastebroek
Groningen Univ. (The Netherlands)

20H00 Conference dinner

Friday 26th April 1996

Session 9: Neural networks and statistics
Chairman: G. Pagès (Univ. Paris VI, France)

9H00 "Recurrent least square learning for quasi-parallel principal
component analysis"
W. Kasprzak, A. Cichocki
RIKEN Frontier Research (Japan)

9H20 "Understanding data by neural and statistical tools"
A. Guerin-Dugue, C. Avilez-Cruz, P.M. Palagi
I.N.P. Grenoble (France)

9H40 "Error rate estimation via cross-validation and learning curve
A. Varfis, L. Corleto
CEC Joint Research Center Ispra (Italy)

10H00 "Maximum covariance method for weight initialization of multilayer
perceptron network"
M. Lehtokangas*, P. Korpisaari**, K. Kaski**
*Nokia Research Center, **Tampere Univ. of Tech. (Finland)

10H20 Coffee break

Invited paper:
11H00 J. Karhunen (Helsinki Univ. of Technology, Finland)
"Neural approaches to independent component analysis and source

Session 10: Learning and generalization 2
Chairman: E. Mayoraz (IDIAP Martigny, Switzerland)

11H40 "Constraining of weights using regularities"
J.N. Kok*, E. Marchiori*,**, M. Marchiori***, C. Rossi****
*Univ. of Leiden (The Netherlands), **CWI (The Netherlands),
***Univ. of Padova (Italy), ****Univ. of Venezia (Italy)

12H00 "Regularization and neural computation: application to aerial
images analysis"
E. Schaeffer, P. Bourret, S. Montrozier

12H20 Lunch

Session 10: Learning and generalization 2 (continued)
Chairman: E. Mayoraz (IDIAP Martigny, Switzerland)

14H00 "An algorithm for training multilayer networks on non-numerical
W. Kowalczyk
Vrije Univ. Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

14H20 "A correlation-based network for real-time processing"
J. Ngole
Uppsala Univ. (Sweden)

14H40 "Evolving neural network learning behaviours with set-based
S.M. Lucas
Univ. of Essex (United Kingdom)

15H00 coffee break

Session 11: Prediction
Chairman: M. Cottrell (Univ. Paris I, France)

15H30 "Neural network application: rainfall forecasting system in Hong
T.W.S. Chow, S. Cho
City Univ. of Hong-Kong

15H50 "Prediction of dynamical systems with composition networks"
Y. Moreau, J. Vandewalle
Kat. Univ. Leuven (Belgium)

16H10 "Fast signal recognition and detection using ART1 neural networks
and nonlinear preprocessing units based on time delay embeddings"
R. Dogaru, A.T. Murgan, C. Comaniciu
Polyt. Univ. of Bucharest (Romania)

16H30 "An analysis of the metric structure of the weight space of
feedforward networks and its application to time series modeling and
A. Ossen, S.M. Rüger
Tech. Univ. Berlin (Germany)

16H50 "Time series prediction using neural networks and its application
to artificial human walking"
R.S. Venema, A. Ypma, J.A.G. Nijhuis, L. Spaanenburg
Rijksuniv. Groningen (The Netherlands)

- Committees -

Steering and local committee

Francois Blayo Univ. Paris I (F)
Marie Cottrell Univ. Paris I (F)
Jeanny Hérault INPG Grenoble (F)
Bernard Manderick Vrije Univ. Brussel (B)
Eric Noldus Univ. Gent (B)
Joos Vandewalle KUL Leuven (B)
Michel Verleysen UCL Louvain-la-Neuve (B)

Scientific committee

Edoardo Amaldi Cornell Univ. (USA)
Agnes Babloyantz Univ. Libre Bruxelles (B)
Herve Bourlard FPMS Mons (B)
Joan Cabestany Univ. Polit. de Catalunya (E)
Dave Cliff University of Sussex (UK)
Holk Cruse Universitat Bielefeld (D)
Dante Del Corso Politecnico di Torino (I)
Wlodek Duch Nicholas Copernicus Univ. (PL)
Marc Duranton Philips / LEP (F)
Jean-Claude Fort Universite Nancy I (F)
Bernd Fritzke Ruhr-Universitat Bochum (D)
Karl Goser Universitat Dortmund (D)
Manuel Grana UPV San Sebastian (E)
Kurt Hornik Techische Univ. Wien (A)
Christian Jutten INPG Grenoble (F)
Vera Kurkova Acad. of Science of the Czech Rep. (CZ)
Jean-Didier Legat UCL Louvain-la-Neuve (B)
Hans-Peter Mallot Max-Planck Institut (D)
Eddy Mayoraz IDIAP Martigny (CH)
Jean Arcady Meyer Ecole Normale Superieure Paris (F)
Jose Mira Mira UNED (E)
Pietro Morasso Univ. of Genoa (I)
Jean-Pierre Nadal Ecole Normale Superieure Paris (F)
Erkki Oja Helsinky University of Technology (FIN)
Gilles Pages Université Paris VI (F)
Helene Paugam-Moisy Ecole Normale Superieure Lyon (F)
Alberto Prieto Universitad de Granada (E)
Pierre Puget LETI Grenoble (F)
Ronan Reilly University College Dublin (IRE)
Tamas Roska Hungarian Academy of Science (H)
Jean-Pierre Rospars INRA Versailles (F)
Jean-Pierre Royet Universite Lyon 1 (F)
John Stonham Brunel University (UK)
John Taylor King's College London (UK)
Vincent Torre Universita di Genova (I)
Claude Touzet IUSPIM Marseilles (F)
Marc Van Hulle KUL Leuven (B)
Christian Wellekens Eurecom Sophia-Antipolis (F)

- Support -

ESANN'96 is organized with the support of:
- UCL (Universite Catholique de Louvain - Louvain-la-Neuve)
- REGARDS (Research Group on Algorithmic, Related Devices and Systems -
- Nationaal Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (National Fund for
Scientific Research)
- IEEE Region 8

- Conference information -

Registration fees for symposium

registration before registration after
22nd March 1996 22nd March 1996
Universities BEF 15500 BEF 16500
Industries BEF 19500 BEF 20500

Registration fees include attendance to all sessions, the ESANN'96 dinner,
a copy of the conference proceedings, daily lunches (24-26 April '96), and
coffee breaks twice a day during the symposium.

Advance registration is mandatory.

Advance payments (see registration form) must be made to the conference
secretariat by bank transfer on a Belgian bank (free of charges), by bank
transfer from a bank abroad account (add BEF 500 for processing fees) or by
sending a cheque (add BEF 500 for processing fees). Bank transfers and
cheques must be made out in Belgian francs.


The official language of the conference is English. It will be used for
all printed material, presentations and discussions.


A copy of the proceedings will be provided to all conference registrants.
All technical papers will be included in the proceedings.
Additional copies of the proceedings may be purchased at the following
ESANN'96 proceedings: BEF 2000
ESANN'95 proceedings: BEF 2000
ESANN'94 proceedings: BEF 2000
ESANN'93 proceedings: BEF 1500.
Add BEF 500 to any single or multiple order for p.&p. and bank charges.
Please write to the conference secretariat to order proceedings.

Conference dinner

A dinner will be offered on Thursday 25th to all conference registrants in
a famous and typical place of Bruges. Additional vouchers for the dinner
may be purchased on Wednesday 24th at the conference.


If cancellation is received by 31th March 1996, 50% of the registration
fees will be returned. Cancellation received after this date will not be
entitled to any refund.

Conference secretariat

D facto conference services phone: + 32 2 245 43 63
45 rue Masui fax: + 32 2 245 46 94
B-1210 Brussels - Belgium E-mail:

- General information -

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is unique in Europe : a living city of human proportions where you
can wander to your heart's content in virtually unspoiled surroundings.
Know as the Venice of the North because of its network of canals and its
narrow streets with their typical facades, this city takes you back to long
forgotten times ! Admire Bruges by boat or on foot to get a new
perspective of what most people agree is "Europe's best preserved mediaeval
city". Enjoy the Flemish cuisine at any level from exclusive restaurant to
cheaper - but good - bistro and their Flemish cuisine.

Bruges is situated at about 100 km. from Brussels, and can very easily be
reached by train from Brussels main stations.

Hotel accommodation

Special rates for participants to ESANN'96 have been arranged at the
NOVOTEL HOTEL (3 stars), and at the IBIS HOTEL.

The Novotel hotel is situated close from Bruges station, and near to the
center of the town. It includes a restaurant, a bar/brasserie, and a
swimming pool. The conference will be held in this hotel. There is a
public parking under the hotel.
Single room BEF 3800
Double room or twin room BEF 4700
NOVOTEL phone: +32 50 33 75 33
Katelijnestraat 65B fax: +32 50 33 65 56
B-8000 Brugge - Belgium

The Ibis Hotel is situated a few meters from the Novotel hotel.
Single room BEF 3000
Double room or twin room BEF 3200
IBIS phone: + 32 50 33 75 75
Katelijnestraat 65A fax: + 32 50 33 64 19
B-8000 Brugge - Belgium

Prices for both hotels include breakfast, taxes and service, and are only
valid for rooms booked through the enclosed booking form. Rooms can only
be confirmed upon receipt of booking form (see at the end of this booklet)
and deposit. Rooms must be booked before 31 March 1996.

A list of other low-category hotels and contact phone and fax numbers is
available on request (by fax only) at the conference secretariat. Booking
will not be assumed by the conference secretariat for these hotels.

Conference location

The conference will be held at the Novotel hotel.
Novotel hotel
Katelijnestraat 65B
B - 8000 Brugge

- ESANN'96 Registration and Hotel Booking Form -

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Registration fees
registration before registration after
22nd March 1996 22nd March 1996
Universities BEF 15500 BEF 16500
Industries BEF 19500 BEF 20500

University fees are applicable to members and students of academic and
teaching institutions.

Each registration will be confirmed by an acknowledgment of receipt, which
must be given to the registration desk of the conference to get entry
badge, proceedings and all materials.

Registration fees include attendance to all sessions, the ESANN'96 dinner,
a copy of the conference proceedings, daily lunches (24-26 April '96), and
coffee breaks twice a day during the symposium.

Advance registration is mandatory.

Hotel booking

Hotel NOVOTEL (3 stars) - Katelijnestraat 65B - 8000 Brugge
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Hotel IBIS - Katelijnestraat 65A - 8000 Brugge
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Prices include breakfast, service and taxes. A deposit corresponding to
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Please tick appropriate:

Registration form to ESANN'96
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D facto conference services
45 rue Masui
B-1210 Brussels
phone: + 32 2 245 43 63
fax: + 32 2 245 46 94