1996 courses on Soft Computing

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Thu, 22 Feb 1996 18:41:08 +0100

Intelligent Inference Systems Corp.


Zadeh, Widrow, Ruspini, Bezdek, Bonissone,
Koza, Stork, Berenji, and Khedkar


Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, and Genetic Algorithms:
Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing Days in San Francisco

Short Courses

Course 1: May 6-7, 1996 Or Course 1: October 14-15, 1996
Course 2: May 8-10, 1996 Or Course 2: October 16-18, 1996

San Francisco, CA

Traditional (hard) computing methods do not provide sufficient
capabilities to develop and implement intelligent systems.
Computational Intelligence and Soft computing methods, emphasizing
gains in the understanding of significant aspects of system behavior
in exchange for unnecessary precision, have proved to be important
practical tools to build and construct these systems.

The following two courses, offered by Intelligent Inference Systems,
will focus on all major soft computing technologies: fuzzy logic,
neural networks, genetic algorithms, and genetic programming. These
courses may be taken either individually or in combination.

Course 1: Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming
Bernard Widrow, David Stork, and John Koza

Course 2: Fuzzy Logic Inference
Lotfi Zadeh, Jim Bezdek, Enrique Ruspini,
Piero Bonissone, Pratap Khedkar, and Hamid Berenji

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