Expert Systems & AI Training Class Using CLIPS

Philip Johnston (
Thu, 22 Feb 1996 18:47:14 +0100

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> I.S.P. is planning another Expert Systems training seminar
> April 8-12, 1996. I.S.P. is located in Houston,Texas and
> primarily offers seminars in Houston. Seminar can also be
> held at a client site when requested.
> This class will emphasize techniques, syntax, and a depth
> that is not covered in a general education class. It has
> been designed to teach by examples and case based reasoning.
> Attendees do not need to be the best or the worst programmer,
> but rather have a strong background in computer science or a
> recent c.s. degree. Those who usually do not program
> symbolically may feel uncomfortable at first; this is expected.
> However, the pieces will begin to fit together by the second or
> third day. This course is not a "cake walk" - it is hands on
> training in rule based programming; it is intense; it is hard
> work.
> The students will develop several small Expert Systems. These
> exercises are chosen from problem domains that everyone can
> relate to. We don't want students to have to spend time
> learning the problem domain, we would rather you maximize your
> time learning the rule based programming techniques.
> If you wish to find out more information regarding training
> schedules, topics, registration, etc., please send email or
> call our office.
> Sincerely, Ken Mayfield, Phd.