Research Position Available

Geir Ingar K. Hansen (
Tue, 20 Feb 1996 22:48:50 +0100

Ostfold Research Foundation
Institute for Information Technology

are looking for people with the following qualifications:

PhD. / Msc. / BSc.

-Object oriented system development methodology
-OOA/OOD/OOP : OMT, Coad&Yourdon, Booch
-Object oriented system development under Windows, OLE 2, COM
-C/C++, MS Visual C++, MS VisualBasic

-Database technology, with emphasis on RDBMS and OODBMS
-Data modelling, ER/NIAM, 4GL

-Knowledge Based Systems (KBS), Cased Based Reasoning
-KBS in decision support, quality control, knowledge
management and BPR
-Virtual Reality, 3D interactive graphics progr., Open GL,
Open Inventor + VRML
-Internet, CGI, HTML, VRML & Java
-Neural networks (RBF, ART/Kohonen)and Genetic algorithms,
Fuzzy logic

We can offer you a hectic but satisfying work environment.
Salary will be negogiated individually, and will include
favourable pension and insurance terms. STO can also
assist with relocation and rehousing.

For further information contact section manager Dieter
Hirdes, tel. +47 69 18 74 00 or by email: .

Written applications should be sent by 19.02.96 to:
Ostfold Research Foundation (STO),
P.O. Box 573, Busterud, 1754 HALDEN.


The Ostfold Research Foundation (STO,norw. acronym) is a
regional centre for research, development and
knowledge transfer in the areas of
environmental protection, information
technology, and health-, social-,
governmental- and business-related research.
The Ostfold Research Foundation's departments
are located in the towns of Fredrikstad and
Halden in the region of Ostfold.

The Institute for Information Technology at Ostfold
Research Foundation (IFI at STO) is situated in Halden, one
of Norway's largest centres for research, development and
education. STO/IFI is a dynamic and international part of
this environment, and is currently expanding to increase
its existing activities in certain areas at national and
international levels. Our research portfolio is increasing
and we are therefore interested in outward going and
service-orientated people who can work independantly and
who have proven experience of project organisation and

Geir Hansen                         Email:
Ostfold Research Foundation,        Ph work: +47 69 18 74 00
Institute of Information Technology Ph priv : +47 69 31 19 81
Halden, NORWAY