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Alessandro Coppelli System Manager (coppelli@dsea.unipi.it)
Tue, 20 Feb 1996 22:28:57 +0100

Object: Fuzzy Logic and management

This is to tell you that my colleagues of the Economic and Production
Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering of the Universit di Pisa
(who I speak for)
and I are interested in getting information as regards the Fuzzy Logic
and we are inclined to change our minds about that Logic in the management
controls. We are interested
particularly in:
-Fuzzy Logic application to firm-schedules
(quantification of verbal construction)
-Usage of Fuzzy - controls to the evaluation of management performance
indicators and to the personnel evaluation and selection.
-Fuzzy Logic applied to the "Customer Satisfaction"

We will be grateful to everybody who wants to open an exchange of views
about that subject with us.

Giuseppe Bellandi ( e-mail: bellandi@dsea.unipi.it )