* Robotics, Vision and Parallel Processing for Industrial Automation - CALL FOR PAPERS

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28-30 November, 1996
Ipoh, Malaysia


ROVPIA'96 is the Second International Conference on ROBOTICS, VISION AND
November 1996. The conference organized by the School of Electrical and
Electronic Engineering, Perak Campus of University of Science, Malaysia
will be held in a luxurious Hotel at Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. This
conference will provide a forum for a meeting of researchers, experts,
designers, industrial professionals, academicians, Engineers and
Scientists from all over the world at a common place in this beautiful
country to present the new research results, development activities,
new products, etc. The conference will focus on a broad spectrum of
research topics of Industrial needs in particular and of common interest
in general. An exhibition relating to the topics of the conference in
collaboration with industries in this country is also planned.

Research papers are invited on the topics of interest, but not limited to,
the following:

Topics of Main theme

Robotics and Computer Vision, Adaptive Control Systems, Multivariable
Systems, Guided Vehicles, Fuzzy Control Systems, Intelligent
Instrumentation and Control systems, Manufacturing Automation, Vision
Inspection Systems, Pattern Recognition, Multidimensional Signal
Processing, Medical Imaging, Speech Processing, Acoustic Signal
Processing, Image Processing, Parallel Processing, Parallel Architecture,
Multiprocessing and Distributed systems, Neural nets and applications.

Topics of related area:

Computer Architecture, Software Engineering, Computer Aided Design,
Reliability and Fault tolerance, Knowledge based Systems, Expert Systems,
Super-computing, Office Automation, Video Communications, ISDN,
Communication Networks, Radio and Satellite communications, Antenna and
Propagation, Cellular Mobile Communications, IC Sensors, Switched Capacitor
Circuits, Fault Tolerant Circuit Design, VLSI Technology, GaAs Devices,
Submicron Technology, Design, Analysis and control of Power System, Power
Electronics, Computer Applications in Power Systems.

Industrial Sector:

Papers relating to Research and Development Activities in industries on
the above theme are also invited.

Important Dates:

Receipt of two pages abstract: April 15, 1996
Acceptance of abstracts and Final Announcement: May 10, 1996
Receipt of Camera-ready copy of papers: September 10, 1996

Registration Fee:

US$150 to 300 according to category including cost of proceedings, conference
materials and lunch /dinner. Details will be in the final announcement.

Accommodation: Rate may vary from US$10 to 150 according to taste.

Travel & Visa:
Malaysia is connected by more than 25 Airlines worldwide. Ipoh is well
connected by flights, trains and A/C buses from Singapore and Bangkok. No
problems in getting visa for conference.

Abstracts & all communications should be sent to :

Organizing Secretary,
International Conference-ROVPIA'96
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
Universiti Sains Malaysia ( KCP),
31750 TRONOH, Perak, Malaysia;
Fax: 60-5-3677443; Tel: 60-5-3676901; Email:
pav@eng.usm.my (or) pav@kcp.usm.my
WWW: http://www.eng.usm.my/rovpia


School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Universiti Sains Malaysia
Perak Branch Campus, Tronoh, Malaysia .


Dato' Prof. Ishak T. Kechik, Malaysia
Prof. Hassan Said, Malaysia
Dato' Prof. Jamjan Rajikan, Malaysia
Prof. R. Simpson, UK.
Prof. Anil. K. Jain, USA.
Prof. Robert N.K.Loh, USA.
Prof. R. Rangayyan, Canada
Prof. W.A. Brown, Australia
Prof. Jarvis R.A., Monash,Australia
Prof. Lee Brian, Singapore

Prof. Yishiaki Shirai, Japan
Prof. Venkatesh Y.V., I.I.Sc., India
Prof. Kim K.I., POSTECH, Korea .
Prof. Pong T.C., HKUST, Hong Kong
Prof. Ma S.D.,Ch. Acad. of Sci., China
Prof. Faugeras O., INRIA, France
Prof. K.Dejahan, KMIT, Thailand
Prof. K.J. Wolter, Tech.U., Germany
Prof Oussama Katib, USA
Prof Adnan H.Al-Anbuky,Jordan
Prof. G.T.Gueruiev, Zimbabwe
Dr. Roslizar Mat Ali, MCRIA, Malaysia


Patron: Dato' Prof. Ishak T. Kechik
General Chairman: A/Prof. Dr. Ahmad Fadzil M. Hani
Organising Secretary: Prof. P.A.Venkatachalam
Chairman- General Purpose Committee: A/Prof. Dr.Syed Idris S. Hassan
Chairman-Review Committee: Dr. Mohd. Noh Karsiti
Chairman-Finance Committee: Dr. Mohammad Awan
Chairman-Programmme Committee Dr. Ali Yeon Mohd. Shakaff
Chairman-Reception and Arrangement Comrnittee: Dr. Marizan Sulaiman
Chairman-Publication Committee: Dr. Shahrin Sahib
Chairman-Ministerial Committee and Administrative: secretary Puan Zainab Othman
Chairman Video/Audio Committee: Dr.Hj. Soib Taib
Chairrnan, Fund Raising Committee Dr. Othman Sidek
Chairman Transport Committee Dr. B.C. Gargash
Public relation Officer: En. Mohd. Nasir Yusof

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