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First International Conference=20

Computational Methods and Testing for Engineering Integrity=20


19-21 March 1996
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Organised by:
Wessex Institute of Technology, Southampton, UK
and co-sponsored by
Dartec Limited, Stourbridge, UK


Assessing the engineering integrity of materials, components, structures
and systems is a fundamental requirement of engineering design and
analysis. The ubiquity of the computer and the development of
sophisticated software and testing facilities, have led to simulation
models which can reliably predict behaviour and performance of materials
and structures with a high level of confidence. As new materials and
simulation models are developed, it becomes even more critical to test for
engineering integri ty. The increasing success in simulating a wide range
of engineering problems requires the validation of these models against
experiment. The next important development is likely to be the ability to
use real time processing during an actual test, and a pply appropriate
simulation models to assess integrity. Such an approach would enable
concurrent engineering to be more effectively achieved, and improve
confidence levels in assessing engineering integrity. This applies just
as much to the testing of s oftware for life prediction models as it does
to obtaining experimental data on materials, components and structural
behaviour. The assessment of mechanical behaviour under various
environmental conditions is a specific area where computational methods a
nd testing needs to be integrated.=20


This conference aims to attract papers on all aspects of
computational methods and testing for engineering integrity. These will
include strategic issues, economic advantages, specific life predcition
and testing procedures, high and low cycle fatigue, f racture mechanics,
and simulation models.=20

CONFERENCE DIRECTORS Prof T Duggan Wessex Institute
of Technology, UK C J Flavell Dartec Limited, UK

M H Aliabadi
Wessex Institute of Technology,UK
J Atkinson
Sheffield Hallam University, UK
A F Blom
Aeronautical Research Institute, Sweden
J Byrne
University of Portsmouth, UK
Andrea Carpinteri
University of Parma, Italy
S P Claridge
University of Portsmouth, UK
H S Co
Dela Salle University, Philippines
K Detert
University of Siegen, Germany
W P De Wilde
Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium
S Dharmavasan
W D Dover
University of College London, UK
M Z Jumaat
University of Malaya, Malaysia
Y-W Mai
University of Sydney, Australia
M Nageswararao=20
Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd, India
H Nisitani
Kyushu University, Japan
M Noor
Inpens College, Malaysia
J Pang
Nanyang Technical Univeraity, Singapore
T Prempridi
Rangsit University, Thailand
J Radon
Imperial College of Science & Technology, UK
D P Rooke
Defence Research Agency, UK
I Setya Putra
IUC Engineering Services, Indonesia
R A Smith
University of Sheffield, UK
G Wardle
AEA Technology, UK
Y Wei
Shenyang Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, China
G Widiadnyana Merti
Insitute for Research, Indonesia
G G Zahler
Dartec Limited, UK

Liz Kerr, CMT 96
Wessex Institute of Technology
Ashurst Lodge
Ashurst, Southampton
SO40 7AA, UK
Tel: + 44 (0) 1703 293223
Fax: + 44 (0) 1703 292853


The Proceedings of the Conference will be published in book form by
Computational Mechanics Publications and will be available to delegates at
the time of registration. In addition the proceedings will be widely
distributed after the conference through the international book trade.=20
The language of the conference will be English.


The conference will be held from 19 - 21 March 1996 in the Malaysian city
of Kuala Lumpur. Special accommodation rates have been negotiated on
behalf of delegates.=20


Mini-exhibition facilities will be available for those firms or
organisations wishing to display products, services, hardware, software or
literature relating to the theme of Computational Methods and Testing for
Engineering Integrity (CMT 96). The space may also be used for free
standing units. Please contact the Conference Secretariat for details or
register your interest on the enquiry form.=20


There will be a series of workshops and seminars in conjunction with the
conference. Further details will be available in the Provisional

New image matching technique approach for microgrid displacement
detection M B Rapaccini, S Sokol, M Sammelidica, J-P Bernadon, J M
Rubianca Politecnico di Milano ITALY

Crack propagation in pipes under cyclic axial loading (invited)=20
A Carpinteri, R Brighenti Universita di Parma ITALY=20

Processing and evaluation of fatigue and creep resistant alloys/components
for gas turbine applications (title only) (invited) N Rao A.M.T.L. INDIA

Fatigue crack growth in welded joints (invited)=20
W D Dover University College London UNITED KINGDOM=20

Analysis of fracture at high loading rates - constitutive equations and
modelling (title only) (invited) M Noor Cristal-Land (M) SDN. BHD.

Fracture instability assessment of a three layered composite under thermal
leading (invited) (title only) H S Co Dela Salle University PHILIPPINES

Spectrum fatigue of welded joints - Testing and life predictions (invited)
A F Blom, L L Martinez Aeronautical Research Institute SWEDEN

Behaviour of high strength concret under repeated cyclic loading (title
only) (invited) M Z Jumaat University Malaya MALAYSIA

Mechancial behaviour of fly ash concrete (title only) (invited) G
Widiadnyana Merti Institute for Research INDONESIA

Fracture behaviour of crack in stress concentrated area of shaft (title
only) (invited) Y L Wei Shenyang Institute CHINA

Surface Fatigue Crack Growth in Vessels and Welds J.C. Radon Imperial

Multiple interacting planar cracks in an anisotropic bimaterial W T Ang
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak MALAYSIA

Integral theory of irreversible deformation and fracture of solids with
structure defects V P Stoyan Kuban State Agarian Univ RUSSIA

Numerical modeling of long-term fatigue fracture on the continum damage
mechancis basis V P Golub, O V Ivjenko, V V Lyach Ukraine National Acad.

Relation between existence of fatigue limit and non-propagating
micro-cracks S Nishida, N Hattori, T Shimada Saga University JAPAN

Micro-Fracture Maps: An integration of computational methods and testing
in structural integrity J Toribio E T S Ingenieros de Caminos SPAIN

Design of laminated composites for minimum weight and maximum strength M
Khalil, E Bakhiet, E Ramahefarison I.A.S.T. EGYPT

Higher-order shear deformation theories applied to compositse shell
structures using parallel supercomputer T Kant, M S Shah, S C Purohit

Stress intensity factors for surface cracks on cylinders (invited) T Gang,
Y L Wei Shenyang Institute CHINA

Standardization for fracture toughness testing G Wardle A.E.A. Technolgoy

The development of the ISO test standard: Unified method of test for the
determination of quasistatic fracture toughness G Wardle, MG Dawes, JA
Joyce, JD Landes, E Morland, BK Neale, KH Schwalbe, JL Shannon AEA UNITED

In-situ fracture test of polymer matrix composite inside SEM Y Q Sun, J
Tian, T L Anderson Composite Research Centre CHINA

The nature of fracture and fracture surface structures in crystalline and
disodered alloys V P Kisel Russian Academy of Sciences RUSSIA

The lifetime prediction of construction with cracks under corrosion R V
Goldstein, D A V Balueva Russian Academy of Sciences RUSSIA

The relationship between fracture toughness, stretched zone width and
mechanical properties in tensile test A Baron Volgograd State RUSSIA

Complex of methods and devices for effective control of hardware hardness
M M Matlin, A A Baron Volgograd State RUSSIA

Strength of organic fibre reinforced plastics under high pressure
conditions P A Zinoviev, S V Tsvetkov Inst. of Composite Technologies

Multifractal analysis of fracture surfaces and information-theoretic
interpretation of multifractal formalism G V Vstovsky, I J Bunin, A G
Kolmakov, D V Kozitsky Russian Academy of Sciences RUSSIA

Fatigue crack growth life predictions for sinfle and dual amplitude
loadings (invited) S P Claridge, B E Powell University of Portsmouth

Stability of tunnel heading using coupled modeling P Prochzaka Czech
Technical University CZECH REP

Buckling of circumferentially corrugated cylinders under uniform external
pressure C T F Ross, G Apro, S P Claridge University of Portsmouth UNITED

Load adjustment in real-time processing systems W Tarng, T-H Lin Nat.
Hsin-Chu Teachers College CHINA

Analytical and experimental verification of a flight article for a Mach 8
experiment aboard a hypersonic launch vehicle W Lance Richards, R C
Monaghan Dryden Flight Research Center U S A

Experimental investigation on plastic rotational capacity of hollow core
prestressed panels C Bosco, P Debernardi Politecnico di Torino ITALY

On the development of joint element for flexural-torsional analysis of
thin-walled axially-discontinuous frame structures A H Hanizah, A Ibrahim
MARA Institute of Technology MALAYSIA

The analysis of riveted aluminium/steel combined members under bending
action M Macdonald, D Dunne, G T Taylor, J Rhodes Caledonian University

Effect of microshrinkages on the fatigue behaviors of cast stainless steel
under rotating bending and reversed torsion H Nisitani, S Tanaka, T
Teranishi Kyushu University JAPAN

Behaviour of reinforced concrete beams under repeated cyclic loadings M Z
Jumaat Universiti Malay MALAYSIA

New analytical model of bolted connections subjected to eccentric loading
E Bakhiet, M Khalil, J Guillot I.A.S.T. EGYPT

Experimental and computer simulation of piled embankment behaviour M Z
Othman, I C Pyrah Universiti Teknologi MALAYSIA

Experimental modelling for the investigation of shear in post-tensioned
brickwork cantilever fin walls F Shafii, B Hobbs Universiti Teknologi

Experimental evaluation of environmentally assisted fracture: are there
constant strain rate experiments? J Toribio University of La Coruna SPAIN

Effect of material elasticity and yield criterion in dynamic plasticity.=20
S M Al-Habib SMA Projects Ltd UNITED KINGDOM

The effects of column stirrup and longitudinal beam reinforcement on
exterior beam column joint under cyclic loading W Merati, P Widagdo Inst
for Research ITB INDONESIA

Design of partially prestressed concrete beam-column connections with
singly prestressed sections under cyclic loadings B Budiono Inst for

Experimental and numerical evaluation of aluminium honeycomb structure A
Ferreira, R Marini, A T Marques INEGI PORTUGAL

The effects of column stirrup and longitudinal beam reinforcement on
exterior beam column joint under cyclic loading W Merati, P Widagdo
Institute for Research INDONESIA

Cyclic behavour of plain concrete subjected to multidirectional
compression I Imran, D R Munaf, S Darmawan Institut Teknologi Bandung

Experimental and numerical dynamic analysis of a container crane structure
D Dinevski, M Oblak University of Maribor SLOVENIA

Influence of wheel spin up and spring back on landing gear impact H Nie
Nanjing Univ of Aeronautic & Astro CHINA

Dynamic analysis for landing gear impact and taxi with dual chambers and
double dampers H Nie Nanjing Univ of Aeron & Astro CHINA

Nonlinear free vibration analysis of a skew cylindrical shell panel using
Galerkin=92s computational method P Biswas P D Womens College INDIA

Structural analysis of the elastic-plastic deformations of plates of
different shapes P Biswas PD Womens College INDIA

Simulation of the wear behaviour of high speed overhead current collection
systems Dr K Becker, A Rukwied, B Wolfgang Zweig, U Resch Daimler-Benz AG

Reliability based integrity assessment of offshore platforms (title only)
(invited) S Dharmavasan TSC Ltd UNITED KINGDOM

Aircraft structure integrity (title only) (invited) I Setya Putra IUC Engg

Proposal of a computer method to solve the Zener-Hollomon equation M
Carsi, I Rieiro, G Penalba CENIM SPAIN

Numerical simulation of shaft torsional vibration of large capacity
turbogenerator under quick controlling S H Huang, W Gao, S M Han, Y B Xu
Huazhong University CHINA

On elastoplastic analysis of 1-D structural member subject to combined
bending and torsion M Moestopo Stuctural Mechanics Lab. INDONESIA

Fuzzy optimal design of link mechanism using genetic algorithm K P Wah, Y
Lichao Nanyang Technological University SINGAPORE

The dynamic analysis of light aluminium/steel structures subjected to wind
excitation G T Taylor, P Wu Caledonian University UNITED KINGDOM

Engineering integrity a controversial issue in Germany. R Adolfs, T Auf
dem Brinke, K Detert University of Siegen GERMANY

Stress-strain computational simulation of main components of underground
LHD machines. V I Ignatov, K V Lebedenko Donetsk State Technical
University UKRAINE

Neural network based monitoring of offshore platforms using impulse and
relaxation response L Mangal, V G Idichandy, C Ganapathy Ocean Engineering
Centre INDIA

Optimum support arrangement of the piping systems using genetic alogrithms
T Chiba, I Fujii IHI Co Ltd JAPAN

Computational and experimental simulation of stability and viscous
fracture of materials deformed under pressure Y Y Beygelzimer, B M Efros,
A V Spuskanyuk Donetsk Phys. & Tech Inst UKRAINE

The stress concentration in ferromagnetic conductor with hold in presence
of strong magnetic field L A Filshtinskii Sumy State University UKRAINE

Analysis of relative displacements of bridge spans during strong
earthquakes H Hao Nanyang Tech University SINGAPORE

A new method of structural reliability analysis Y Zhang, W Yao Nanjing
Univ of Aeronautics CHINA

Long-term strength of the shells with stress concentrators G Lvov, E
Kostenko Kharkov State Polytechnical UKRAINE

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