ERUDIT Industrial Information and Case Study Seminar

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please find below an anouncement for which detailed information is
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First Anouncement and Invitation to Contribute/Participate

ERUDIT* Industrial Information and Case Study Seminar
Uncertainty Modelling & Fuzzy Technology

as the fourth UK Workshop on Fuzzy Systems
7th - 8th October 1996

to be held at The Manchester Conference Centre, Manchester, UK.

Presentations are welcome on a wide range of topics including: fuzzy
modelling; fuzzy fault detection and control schemes; fuzzy software
and hardware, and industrial applications. Contributions from industry,
or with a significant industrial content, are strongly encouraged.

The seminar should be of particular interest to industrial decision makers
and practising engineers who are interested in the application of fuzzy
techniques and wish to establish links with researchers in the field.

For more information on the programme, registration, travel, and
accomodation see the WWW pages at:

or contact Olaf Wolkenhauer at

*European Network in Uncertainty Techniques
Developments for Use in Information Technology


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