Concept dictionary.

Dan Akselrod (
Mon, 12 Feb 1996 23:12:39 +0100

I had an idea to write a program, that would be able to scan a
dictionarry choose certain words and create taboo cards from it.

A taboo card has a word written on top, and 5 words under it, which
remind you of the main word. ex:

Playboy (R)

What I am looking for I guess is an Encyclopeadia of sort. Which would
have something like this written in it:

Bunny: An animal that resembles a rabbit. It is exemplary in running
from predattors, and can be identified by it's long ears. Carrots are
bunnies' favorite food.
Buggs ~: a cartoon carracter .....
Playboy ~: a logo .....

It doesn't have to be that good, just something that resembles it. Can
anyone suggest anything for me?

Dan Akselrod