Re: TILShell 3.0 Web Site Update

Edgar L. Dohmann (
Mon, 12 Feb 1996 23:06:20 +0100

In article <4f829g$>, (Ulrich Rehfuess) wrote:

But why
> did Edgar forget to copy the pages with the new and additional
> features of SieFuzzy 2.0?
> Keep smiling :-)

a) The information at the Togai site (and much of what is at the SieFuzzy
site) is direct copy from the TILShell User Manual -- at least I fixed the

b) I notice that the SieFuzzy site does not mention the new and additional
features of TILShell that have been added since the completion of the
Togai-Siemens joint development agreement.

In case some of you readers are not aware, the development of SieFuzzy and
TILShell 3.0 was a joint venture between Togai InfraLogic and Siemens AG
which included the licensing of the TILShell engine, Fuzzy-C Development
System, and Fuzzy Programming Language to Siemens.

At the time this joint development agreement expired, TIL had sole
ownership of the beta version of TILShell 3.0 (3.0.0) and Siemens had sole
ownership of SieFuzzy 1.0 which were essentially identical products at the

TIL never marketed that original version of TILShell, however. The first
commercial release of TILShell included additional features that were not
included in the license agreement to Siemens and was released as ver
3.0.1. It has been further enhanced and upgraded since, as has SieFuzzy.

As a result, TIL and Siemens are each marketing a similar but different
Fuzzy Logic development tool that are based upon the same engine and
design principles but each has unique features and neither should claim to
be fully upward compatible of the other!

-- Edgar (always smiling) Dohmann [just check out my picture]