Bernard De Baets (Bernard.DeBaets@rug.ac.be)
Fri, 9 Feb 1996 00:35:49 +0100

Dear friends,
Slovak Technical University Bratislava is organizing a summer school on
fuzzy control and related topics in Bratislava, Slovakia, from 9th to 19th
July 1996. Among the lecturers you can find such distinguished experts as
prof. E.P.Klement (Linz), prof. L.Koczy (Budapest), prof. V.Novak (Ostrava),
etc. The conference fee 70.- USD should be payed in cash at the beginning of
the conference and it would be used to cover the organizational expenses and
the living expenses of invited lecturers. The accomodation and the meals are
not included. However, for interested people we can reserve the lodging in a
Youth Hostel cca 500m from the summer school site. If someone wants to
presents his own results on the topic (theoretical, practical, software),
this can be included in the program in the afternoons - for this purpose
contact the organizers. For more details you can ask mesiar@cvt.stuba.sk
Preregistration till 30. april , final registration till 28. june 1996
either on markova@cvt.stuba.sk or by ordinary mail to
Mgr. A. Markova, SvF STU, Dept. Mathematics, Radlinskeho 11, 813 68
Bratislava, SLOVAKIA
> 8.30-10.00 cofee break 10.30-12.00
> Tu 9.7. Mesiar: Fuzzy numbers, extension Klement: Triangular norms I
> principle
> W 10.7. Klement: Triangular norms II Mesiar: Calculus of fuzzy
> numbers
> Th11.7. Klement: Math. foundations of Koczy: Fuzzy relations and
> fuzzy control principles of fuzzy control
> Fr12.7. Klement: Interpolation of control Koczy: Sparse rule bases
> surfaces
> Sa13.7. Winkler: Fuzzy automata Koczy: Interpolation in sparse
> rule bases
> Sunday FREE
> Mo15.7. Winkler: Hermit interpolation by Koczy: Hierarchical rule bases
> fuzzy systems and interpolation in h.r.b.
> Tu16.7. Koczy: Explicit functions of Klement: Applications of fuzzy
> fuzzy controllers and universal approximation control I
> W 17.7. Koczy: An overview of recent Novak: Introduction to fuzzy
> trends in applications (+video) logic in narrow and broader sense
> Th18.7. Novak: The relation between Klement: Applications of fuzzy
> deduction and fuzzy interpolation control II
> Fr19.7. Novak: The concept of linguisti- Novak: Case studies in the use
> cally oriented fuzzy logic control (LFLC) of LFLC, software LFLC 1.5 and
> its demonstration

Radko Mesiar
Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Slovak Technical University
Radlinskeho 11
Bratislava 813 68
Tel.: 00427 - 325 787