Miscellaneous questions about Fuzzy Logic

T.J.Wang (cm916p@cranfield.ac.uk)
Thu, 8 Feb 1996 22:17:31 +0100

It will be highly appreciated if anyone can help me to get the answers about
the following questions.

1. What is the difference between the Mamdani inference method and the max-min
rule of inference?

2. Has any difference between approximate reasoning, fuzzy reasoning and fuzzy

3. Which kind of universal sets, discrete or continuous, is better for use in a
fuzzy programme? Has any commerical packages(fuzzy) related to them?

4.When a fuzzy programme is developed under Borland C++ (Window version)for
solving large-scale and complex problems:

a. Is there any memory limitation in run-time?
b. How to solve memory problem?

5. What is the relationships between fuzzy realtion, fuzzy implication and a
fuzzy control rule? (Descriptions and mathematical)

6. Fuzzy relation can be expressed by matrix under discrete and finite domain.
Does it mean that discrete is finite in this case?

7. How fuzzy relation works under a continuous domain in a fuzzy logic sysetm?