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The deadline for the NAFIPS'96 conference to be held in Berkeley this June has
been extended to January 31, 1996.


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CALL FOR PAPERS EXTENDED SUBMISSION DEADLINE NAFIPS'96 BIENNIAL CONFERENCE OF THE NORTH AMERICAN FUZZY INFORMATION PROCESSING SOCIETY JUNE 19-22, 1996 SODA HALL UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA THEME: NEW FRONTIERS IN FUZZY LOGIC AND SOFT COMPUTING SPONSORS: NAFIPS - North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society BISC - Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing IN COOPERATION WITH: IEEE Neural Networks Council ORGANIZING INSTITUTION: University of California, Berkeley, USA HONORARY CHAIR: Lotfi A. Zadeh, USA GENERAL CHAIR: Michael H. Smith, USA, Canada PROGRAM CHAIRS: Jim Keller, USA Michael A. Lee, USA John Yen, USA LOCAL CHAIR: Michael A. Lee, USA INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Bilal M. Ayyub, USA Hamid Berenji, USA Jim Bezdek, USA Zeungnam Bien, Korea Piero Bonissone, USA James Buckley, USA Su-Shing Chen, USA Stephen Chiu, USA Valerie Cross, USA Rajesh N. Dave, USA Valerie Davidson, Canada Didier Dubois, France Elizabeth Dunn, USA Augustine O. Esogbue, USA Dimitar Filev, USA George J. Klir, USA Toshio Fukuda, Japan Takeshi Furuhashi, Japan Paul Gader, USA William A. Gruver, Canada Madan M. Gupta, Canada Lawrence O. Hall, USA Nancy Green Hall, USA Kaoru Hirota, Japan Can Isik, USA Mo Jamshidi, USA Jyh-Shing Roger Jang, Taiwan Abe Kandel, USA Bart Kosko, USA Vladik Kreinovich, USA Raghu Krishnaparam, USA Rudolf Kruse, Germany Reza Langari, USA Robert Lea, USA Jonathan Lee, Taiwan Frank X.Q. Liu, USA E.H. Mamdani, UK John A. Meech, Canada Sunanda Mitra, USA Witold Pedrycz, Canada Fred Petry, USA Henri Prade, France Anca L. Ralescu, USA Dan A. Ralescu, USA Enrique Ruspini, USA Jose Sanchez, Mexico Moti Schneider, Israel Brian Schott, USA Rogelio Soto, Mexico Tom Sudkamp, USA Michio Sugeno, Japan Chuen-Tsai Sun, Taiwan Hideyuki Takagi, Japan I. Burhan Turksen, Canada Paul P. Wang, USA Tom Whalen, USA Ronald R. Yager, USA Takeshi Yamakawa, Japan Hao Ying, USA Maria Zemankova, USA Hans Zimmermann, Germany The past few years have witnessed a crystallization of soft computing as a distinct body of concepts and techniques which is oriented toward the conception and design of intelligent systems. Soft Computing is not a single methodology. Rather it is a partnership of fuzzy logic, neurocomputing and probabilistic reasoning, with the latter subsuming genetic algorithms, chaotic systems, belief networks and parts of learning theory. Within soft computing, the principal contribution of fuzzy logic is a methodology for exploiting the tolerance for imprecision to achieve tractability, robustness, low solution cost and better rapport with reality. However, what is becoming increasingly clear is that there are many situations in which it is advantageous to employ fuzzy logic, neurocomputing and probabilistic reasoning in combination rather than exclusively. At this juncture, neurofuzzy systems have the highest visibility, with fuzzy-genetic and neuro-fuzzy-genetic systems steadily gaining in importance. In the years ahead, such hybrid systems are likely to find wide- ranging applications, especially in the realm of high MIQ systems. This is the keynote theme of the 1996 NAFIPS Conference. Reflecting this theme, NAFIPS'96 will focus on - but not be limited to: Fuzzy Systems, Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks, Neuro and Fuzzy Control, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Fuzzy Sets and Possibility Theory, Fuzzy Databases, Approximate Reasoning, Engineering, Scientific and Business Applications IMPORTANT DATES January 31,1996: Send 4 copies of a 2-3 page extended abstract or a 5 page full paper (strongly recommended) for contributed and invited sessions to Dr. Michael A. Lee, 329 Soda Hall, Computer Science Division, University of California, Berkeley, California, 94720-1776, USA. February 19, 1996: Preliminary acceptance. March 20, 1996: Registration fees and camera ready papers due for all sessions. CONFERENCE AND CONFERENCE SITE Plenary talks will be given by: Lotfi Zadeh - "Fuzzy Logic: The Challenges and Perspectives," Hans Zimmermann - "Fuzzy Logic on the Frontiers of Decision Analysis and Expert Systems," and Michio Sugeno - "Fuzzy Logic on the Frontiers of Control." Awards will be presented for outstanding papers related to the theme. Some sessions will include extended presentations titled: "Current Overview: Past, Present, and Future" on the session topic delivered by experts such as Jim Bezdek, Jim Keller, Witold Pedrycz, Ronald Yager, Maria Zemankova, and Hans Zimmermann. The conference also plans to include an exhibition of state-of-the-art hardware and software products. An exhibition prospectus and space reservation can be obtained from the Local Chair. The conference will be held on the Berkeley campus in Soda Hall, the newly completed Computer Science Building. The tentative banquet site will be the University of California Art Museum with dinner served in the art galleries. The university is within walking distance of many restaurants and shops and San Francisco is a short distance away. Berkeley is well known for its variety of ethnic restaurants and boasts the highest number of restaurants per capita in the state. The area is served by many buses and the BART rail system. Cost conscious local hotel and dormitory arrangements are being made starting at $38/single per night. To be placed on the mailing list for future notices, please send name and address to the Local Chair, Michael A. Lee. For further information please contact either: Michael H. Smith, General Chair email: fax: 604-924-1006 phone: 604-924-1001 or Michael A. Lee, Co-program Chair and Local Chair email: fax: 510-642-5775 phone: 510-642-9827 Visit the WWW page at