CFP: Symposium on Operations Research 1996

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First Announcement and Call for Papers


Annual Conference of the DGOR and GM"OOR

with the participation of WG 7.4 of the IFIP

Technical University Braunschweig, September 4-6, 1996

Section Chairperson
1. Linear Programming Bixby, Houston
2. Nonlinear Programming Scholtes, Karlsruhe
3. Combinatorial and Discrete Optimization Burkard, Graz
4. Graph Algorithms and Complexity M"ohring, Berlin
5. Stochastic Models and Optimization Mosler, K"oln
6. Scheduling Drexl, Kiel
7. Production Tempelmeier, K"oln
8. Transportation Domschke, Darmstadt
9. Macroeconomics, Economic Theory, Games Eichhorn, Karlsruhe
10. Statistics and Econometrics Krei"s, Braunschweig
11. Marketing and Data Analysis Gaul, Karlsruhe
12. Information and Decision Support Systems Derigs, K"oln
13. Banking, Finance, Insurance Minnemann, D"usseldorf
14. Environment, Energy, Health Stepan, Wien
15. Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems Werners, Bochum
16. Control Theory Hartl, Wien
17. Simulation Chamoni, Duisburg
18. Practical OR (Application Reports) Schuster, Jesteburg

Conference languages: English and German

Preliminary registration Feb 1, 1996
Submission of abstracts by mail April 1, 1996
Submission of abstracts by e-mail April 15, 1996
Regular registration May 15, 1996

Distribution and gathering of information for SOR '96 will to a large extent
be based on e-mail and electronic networks. So, whenever possible, use e-mail
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Organizing committee: Program committee: Mailing address:

Prof. Dr. R. Scha"sberger Prof. Dr. Dr. U. Derigs Prof. Dr. U. Zimmermann
Prof. Dr. S. Vo"s Prof. Dr. W. Gaul Abt. Mathem. Optimierung
Prof. Dr. G. W"ascher Prof. Dr. R. H. M"ohring TU Braunschweig
Prof. Dr. U. Zimmermann K.-P. Schuster D-38106 Braunschweig
Prof. Dr. U. Zimmermann Tel.: ++49(0)531-391-7550
Fax.: ++49(0)531-391-7550

Michael Bussieck                       e-mail:
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D-38106 Braunschweig                   Tel.: +49 531 391 7554

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