Wyllis Bandler, Obituary

Markus Bonner (bonner@dbai.tuwien.ac.at)
Fri, 26 Jan 1996 13:06:27 +0100

Our dear colleague and friend Wyllis Bandler passed away on December 22nd
after a longer illness. Wyllis had a great number of friends among
colleagues and former students, and he was extremely grateful to all
those who called or wrote to express their concern during his illness.

We remember Wyllis for his many contributions to both theoretical and
applied fuzzy sets (among many other works the `Checklist Paradigm'
by Bandler & Kohout).

Above all we remember him for his friendliness, compassion and
readiness to help.

The fuzzy community has lost a great man and a great mathematician.

I understand that Wyllis managed to write a book before he left us for
good. The book will appear in J. Kacprzyk's series
`Studies in Fuzziness', Springer-Verlag.

Our deepfelt condolences to his good friend Vasco Mancini who helped
and cared for him during his illness.

Ellen Hisdal