Re: Fuzzy Algorithms With Digital Signal Processor.

David Wood (
Thu, 18 Jan 1996 11:57:52 +0100

In article: <> (Yokwooi
Teow) writes:
> well, i am doing a research Master in fuzzy logic control, and
> i have to apply the fuzzy logic algorithms in the digital signal
> processor, TMS320cXX.
> so, can anyone please help me, please tell me where i can get
> more information, like books, papers, or etc ...
IMHO, which is very H, i would try and persuad whoever that the TM320cxx
whilst an excellent processor, is not the right animal here. These
processors do connvelutions/correlations well. I implemented a whole
bunch of IIR filters for a control system with a c31, but..

I would use a CPU with a nice interpolating table lookup instruction if
i were you. This process can absorb a fair amount of cycles and
instructions on most CPUs, and does on the 320cxx, i know i had to code

The 68332 for motorola has such an instruction, set a few things and the
variables and off it goes nice and quick.

Well i my O was very H.

David Wood