Fuzzy Chips Manufacturers

Orestes Mas (conomc@tsc.upc.es)
Sun, 14 Jan 1996 10:19:12 +0100

Hello, fuzzy folks.

I'm currently writing my Ph.D. Thesis on fuzzy logic, and I would like to
include an appendix listing all Manufacturers of Hardware Fuzzy Inference
Chips. Scientists who have pioneered the research in this field
will also be good. Unfortunately, I've only partial information about this. I
know Yamakawa, Togai-Watanabe, Adaptive Logic, Omron, Togai Infralogic,
Kettner et al., Huertas et al., Vidal et al., etc.

So, please, if someone has information in this field (mainly Name and contact
e-mail / web / fax / address), let me know. With all the information
retrieved, I'll make an exhaustive listing and post it to the public domain in
the news and in a www site.

Please send all your information to any of the adresses below, or directly to
this newsgroup

Thanks to all in advance for your help.

Orestes Mas
E-Mail: 100021.40@compuserve.com