Conference Announce: ACEDC'96, PEDC, Plymouth U.,UK

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Sun, 14 Jan 1996 09:33:56 +0100


26-28th March 1996
Plymouth Engineering Design Centre, University of Plymouth, UK

'The Integration of Genetic Algorithms, Neural
Computing and Related Adaptive Techniques
with Current Engineering Practice'

Plymouth Engineering Design Centre
University of Plymouth
Plymouth, Devon, UK

Dr. I C Parmee, University of Plymouth
Prof. M J Denham, University of Plymouth

Prof. E Goodman, Michigan State University
Prof. G Thierauf, Universitat GH Essen
Prof. J Taylor, Kings College, London
Prof. J Morris, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Dr. P Husbands, University of Sussex

Institution of Engineering Designers
Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Institution of Civil Engineers
British Computer Society

Design of Special Purpose Composite Material Plates via Genetic
Algorithms - Professor E Goodman, Michigan State University, USA

Multi-Variant Methods in Process Performance Monitoring and
Control - Professor J Morris, University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK

Structural Optimization of a Transmission Tower by Using
Parallel Evolution Strategy - Professor G Thierauf, Universitat GH Essen,

New Models of Control from Biology - Professor J Taylor, Kings College,
Cambridge, UK

The Artificial Evolution of Robot Control Systems
Doctor P Husbands - University of Sussex, UK

Parallelisation of Genetic Algorithm for Aerodynamic Design Optimisation
C Poloni - University of Trieste, Italy

An Experiment in Knowledge Abstraction from Cognitive Maps to Behaviours
A G Pipe, T C Fogarty, A Winfield - University of the West of
England, UK

Case Retrieval using Associative Networks
C T Charlton, N R Ball - University of Cambridge, UK

Usage of Back Propagation Networks in a CAD/CAM System
A Scherer, G Schlageter - University of Hagen, Germany

Intelligent Control and Adaptive Neural Networks Computing
A V Timofeyev - Russian Academy of Science

Constrained and Multi-Modal Optimization with an Ant Colony Search Model
G Bilchev, I C Parmee - University of Plymouth, UK

A Genetic Algorithm for VLSI Physical Design Automation
V Schnecke, O Vornberger - University of Osnabruck

Novel Computing Technologies Applied to the Optimization of
Suction Distribution in Multi-Channel Drag Reduction Systems
W Allan, P A Nelson, E Rogers, O R Tutty, M C M Wright -
University of Southampton, UK

Hybrid Methods in Design of Spacecrafts' Control Systems
E Semenkin, O Semenkina - Siberian Aerospace Academy, Russia

Genetic Searching using On-line Structural Vibration Measurements
J M Hale, N S Brown - University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK

Optimal Sensor Placement for Neural Network Fault Diagnosis
W J Staszewski, K Worden, G R Tomlinson - Manchester University, UK

A Classifier System Approach to Control in Changing Environments
Gilles Venturini - Universite de Tours, France

Adaptive Search Strategies to Maintain Diverse
Global Search for Preliminary and Whole System Design
I C Parmee - University of Plymouth, UK

Stochastic Optimisation of Mathematical Models for Electric and
Magnetic Fields
K Hameyer, R Belmans - Katholieke University, Belgium

Ship Subdivision using Genetic Algorithms
P Sen, R Subramani - University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

Use of Genetic Algorithms to Solve Optimal Regional Water
Quality Management Problems
C A Coello Coello, J A F Gallegos - Tulane University, USA

Notes on the Evolution of Adaptive Hardware
T Hirst - HCRL, Open University, UK

Understanding Chaotic Dissipative Dynamics in the State Space
with Fuzzy Logic
T Schilhabel, M Brown & C Harris - University of Southampton, UK

A Hybrid Approach for Optimum Design using a Genetic Algorithm
and a Neural Network
H Rowlands - University of Wales, UK

Effective Optimisation of Complex Systems using "Neural Know-how
Recycling" from Simulation and Test, by Way of Example Applied
to Petrol Engine Management Calibration
R Stricker, T Fleischhauer - Germany

Self-tuning Robust Multi-loop AVRs for Synchronous Generators in
Primary Regulation for Power Systems
I Eker - University of Gaziantep, Turkey

Evolutionary Learning of Controllers using Temporal Fuzzy Classifier Systems
B Carse, T Fogarty - University of the West of England

On a Genetic Algorithm for the Selection of Optimally
Generalizing Neural Network Topologies
S Rudolph - University of Stuttgart, Germany

Integrating the GA with the Preliminary Design of Gas Turbine
Blade Cooling Systems
R Roy, I C Parmee, G Purchase - University of Plymouth, UK

Form/Function/Cost Tradeoffs through Adaptive Search
T Hill - University of the West of England

The Design of a Satellite Boom with Enhanced Vibration
Performance using Genetic Algorithm and Other Optimization Techniques
A J Keane - University of Oxford, UK

The Optimal Control of Vehicle Suspension Systems
M Ali, C Storey - University of Loughborough, UK

Hybrid Knowledge Representation to Support Concurrent Engineering
K Popplewell, J A Harding - University of Loughborough, UK

Myoelectric Signal Recognition using Genetic Programming
J Fernandex, J Cheatham - Rice University, USA

Systems Identification using Genetic Programming
A Watson, I C Parmee - University of Plymouth, UK

Multi-rate Multi-loop Explicit Adaptive Cascade Control for
Process Control Industries
I Eker, University of Gaziantep, Turkey

The Provision of Concurrent Engineering Design Support through
the Use of Captured, Simulated Experiences
R MacDonald, C Irgens, B Lees - University of Paisley, UK

Partial Automated Design Optimization based on Adaptive Search Techniques
W Suss, M Gorges-Schleuter, W Jakob, S Meinzer, A Quinte, H
Eggert - Institut fur Angewandte Informatik, Germany

An Immune Network Model for Constraint Satisfaction in Engineering Design
G Bilchev, I C Parmee - University of Plymouth, UK

Combined GA-NNW Methodology for Modelling Non-linear Dynamic
Systems of Unknown Structure
N E Gough , A H Abu-Alola, P B Musgrove, Q Mehdi - University of
Wolverhampton, UK

Automated Design Knowledge
Y James-Gordon - Bournemouth University, UK
A Framework for Conceptual Design of Buildings using the Genetic
J Mathews, Y Rafiq, G Bullock - University of Plymouth, UK

Edge Eaters + JPEG: An Artificial Life Approach to Image Compression
F Cecconi, S Mancuso, D Parisi - Institute of Psychology, Italy

Development of Artificial Neural Networks for Conceptual Design
of Power Transmission Systems
D Su - The Nottingham Trent University, UK

Practical Implementation and Use of Group Method of Data
Handling (GMDH): Prospects and Problems
S A Dolenko, Y V Orlov, I G Persiantsev - Moscow State
University, Russia

A Genetic Algorithm for VQ Codebook Generation
J S Pan, F R McInnes, M A Jack - University of Edinburgh, UK,
Kaohsiung Institute of Technology, Taiwan

Some New Features in Genetic Solution of the Travelling Salesman Problem
V Kureichick, A N Melikhov, V V Miagkikh, O V Savelev, A P
Topchy - Taganrog State University, Russia

A Multi-Operator Self-Tuning Genetic Algorithm for Fuzzy Control
Rule Optimization
C C Hsu, S Yamada, H Fujikawa, K Shida - Musashi Institute of
Technology, Japan

Interactive Evolution in Engineering Design
J Graf - University of Dortmund, Germany

Component Shape Encodings for Genetic Algorithms
F Mill, S Warrington, R Smith - University of Edinburgh, UK

Automatic Test Generation from Mathematical Software
Specifications using Genetic Algorithms
X Yang, B F Jones, D E Eyres - University of Glamorgan, UK

Registration Fee (Before 15th Feb'96)
Delegate 195.00 (Pounds Sterling)
Student 100.00 (Pounds Sterling)

Registration Fee (After 15th Feb '96)
Delegate 235.00 (Pounds Sterling)
Student 140.00 (Pounds Sterling)

Payment for registration is required in advance of the conference.

For further information and Registration Form contact:
Ms J Levers
Plymouth Engineering Design Centre
University of Plymouth,
Drakes Circus,
Plymouth, Devon, UK
Tele: +44(0)1752-233508
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