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4th International Conference on Soft Computing

September 30 - October 5,1996

Iizuka, Fukuoka, Japan


IIZUKA'96 aims to bring together researchers from academic, governmental,
and industrial institutions to discuss new developments and results in the
field of Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, Chaos and other Soft Computing.
This conference emphasizes the integration of these fields to promote the
research work on post-digital computers.


- -International Fuzzy Systems Association (IFSA)
- -International Neural Network Society (INNS)
- -Kyushu Institute of Technology (KIT)
- -Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Systems (SOFT)
- -Japanese Neural Network Society (JNNS)
- -Fuzzy Logic Systems Institute (FLSI)

SUPPORTED BY (tentative)

- -IEEE Neural Networks Council (U.S.A.)
- -Balkanic Union for Fuzzy Systems and Artificial Intelligence (Romania)
- -Canadian Society for Fuzzy Information and Neural Systems (Canada)
- -Indian Society for Fuzzy Mathematics and Information Processing (India)
- -Korea Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Systems Society (Korea)
- -N & F Institute (France)
- -North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society (U.S.A.)
- -Sociedad Internacional de Gestion y Economia Fuzzy (Spain)
- -Universidad de Granada (Spain)
- -NASA-Ames Research Center (U.S.A.)
- -Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (Korea)
- -Centro Nacional de Microelectronica (Spain)
- -Institute of Systems Science (Singapore)
- -Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Japan)
- -Science and Technology Agency (Japan)
- -Fukuoka Prefecture (Japan)
- -Iizuka City (Japan)
- -The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (Japan)
- -Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (Japan)
- -Information Processing Society of Japan (Japan)
- -The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (Japan)
- -Biomedical Fuzzy Systems Association (Japan)
- -The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (Japan)
- -The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan (Japan)
- -The Japan Society of Civil Engineers (Japan)
- -Robotics Society of Japan (Japan)
- -Institute of Systems, Control and Information Engineers (Japan)
- -The Operations Research Society of Japan (Japan)
- -Behaviormetric Society of Japan (Japan)
- -Japan Ergonomics Research Society (Japan)
- -Japan Association for Medical Informatics (Japan)
- -Physiological Society of Japan (Japan)
- -The Physical Society of Japan (Japan)
- -The Biophysical Society of Japan (Japan)
- -The Japan Society of Applied Physics (Japan)
- -The Institute of Television Engineers of Japan (Japan)
- -Japan Technology Transfer Association (Japan)


- -Tutorials
- -Opening Lectures
- -Keynote Speech
- -Plenary Lectures
- -Panel Discussions
- -Invited Sessions
- -Ordinary Sessions
- -Poster Sessions
- -Demonstrations
- -Social Events


- -Tutorials September 30 - October 1, 1996
- -Conference October 2-5, 1996
- -Demonstrations October 2-5, 1996




- -Submission of abstracts: January 31, 1996
- -Acceptance notification: March 15, 1996
- -Submission of camera-ready manuscripts: May 15, 1996
- -Registration : August 15, 1996


- -Fuzzification and Defuzzifications
- -Fuzzy Chips, Fuzzy Hardware and Fuzzy Logic Computers
- -Fuzzy Clustering
- -Dynamical Fuzzy Systems
- -Fuzzy Logic Control
- -Fuzzy Mathematics
- -Fuzzy Modeling
- -Neural Network Design and Evaluation
- -Neural Chips, Neural Hardware and Neuro Computers
- -Recurrent Neural Networks
- -System Identifications by Neural Networks
- -Chaos Engineering
- -Chaotic Complexity
- -Chaos and Computing
- -Fuzzy Neural Networks
- -Fuzzy Neural Computing Systems
- -Chaotic Fuzzy Systems
- -Novel Devices for Fuzzy, Neural and Chaotic Systems
- -Safety, Reliability and Noise Immunity of Fuzzy/Neural Systems
- -Approximate Reasoning
- -Cognition
- -Diagnostic Systems
- -Difference Aspects of Approximate Reasoning
- -Emotional Information Processing
- -Genetic Algorithm
- -Gradual Rules as a Tool for Qualitative Modeling
- -Indistinguishabilities
- -Knowledge Acquisition and Tools for Expert Systems Technology

- -Learning Algorithms
- -Man-Machine Communication
- -Multiple-Valued Logic
- -Natural Language
- -Uncertainty Measures and Applications
- -Applications of Fuzzy, Neural, Chaotic Systems G.A. and Other Soft Computing
-Image Processing


Authors are invited to submit abstracts of their papers.

- -Abstracts must be received by January 31, 1996.
- -Abstracts must include :
-Full title of the paper
-Corresponding Author
Name, Affiliation, Mailing address, Telephone and FAX numbers and
E-mail address
Your choice of three from the below
Regular, poster or demonstrations

- -Text of an abstract should be 1,000-2,000 words together with one or two
typical figures.
- -Abstracts must be written in English.
- -Six (6) copies of the abstract are required.
- -Abstracts must be prepared on A4 size white papers.
- -Please use a typewriter or letter quality printer in Times or similar type
style, 10 points or larger, and printed on one side of the paper
- -All text, figures, captions and references must be clean, sharp, readable,
and high contrast.
- -FAX submissions are not acceptable.

After acceptance, the authors will be asked to prepare camera-ready
manuscript for the conference proceedings. Information on camera-ready
manuscript will be provided with the acceptance letter.

Send Abstracts to: Professor Takeshi Yamakawa (See below)


Accepted papers will appear in the conference proceedings. The proceedings
will be published by World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte Ltd.


Selected papers of high quality will be included in special issues of about
10 international journals after the conference. Names of guest editors,
topics and journals will be informed by the second announcement.


For more information on the conference, please contact:

Professor Takeshi Yamakawa
Organizing Committee Chairman of IIZUKA'96

c/o Fuzzy Logic Systems Institute (FLSI)
680-41 Kawazu, Iizuka, Fukuoka 820 Japan
e-mail : (domestic only)


Please check the appropriate parenthesis and type

( )Mr., ( ) Ms., ( ) Prof., ( ) Dr.

Last Name: ______________________________________________________

First Name: ______________________________________________________





Postal Code, City:__________________________________________________


Telephone Number: ________________________________________________

FAX Number:______________________________________________________

E-mail Address:____________________________________________________

( ) I intend to attend the conference
( ) I intend to submit a paper
( ) I wish to receive further information

The following people could be interested in the conference:


Remarks: _________________________________________________________


Please mail to:

Professor Takeshi Yamakawa