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International Conference Knowledge Transfer - '96

KT - '96, London, England: 22 - 26 July 1996.

To be held at: At University of London
The School of Pharmacy; 29-39 Brunswick Square, London WC1N 1AX

Abstracts of proposed papers concerning Fuzzy Sets & Systems
and their applications should be send to:

Dr. L.J. Kohout,
Department of Computer Science,
Florida State University,
Tallahassee, Florida 32306-4019, USA



FAX: 904-644-0058


Submission of abstracts: 15/1/96
Submission of draft papers: 15/3/96
Submission of camera-ready copies 15/5/96


Draft programme & Call For Papers

International Conference Knowledge Transfer - '96

KT - '96, London, England: 22 - 26 July 1996.

At University of London
The School of Pharmacy; 29-39 Brunswick Square, London WC1N 1AX

Pacific & Middle East Centre For Research
In cooperation with:
Bournemouth University, UK
Thames Valley University, UK
University of Teesside, UK
Cybernetics Society - UK

TO BE HELD At University of London
The School of Pharmacy; 29-39 Brunswick Square, London WC1N 1AX

Call For Papers On Knowledge Transfer
(London 22 - 26 July 1996)

What is knowledge? Is it really power? Who wants it? Who has it? Why transfer
it? Whom should it be transferred to? What are the means of transferring it?
Is it the same as know-how? What are the impacts? Can knowledge be elicited?
Can knowledge be manipulated? Can transfer of knowledge be formulated? How
do archaeologists, technologists, psychologists, sociologists, pharmacologists,
artists, linguists, information technologists, health care practitioners,
engineers, philosophers and theologians define transfer of knowledge? How do
managers, educators, farmers, industrialists, politicians, statisticians,
geneticists, and laymen/women utilise transferred knowledge? Is transferring
knowledge viewed in the west as it is in the east? How do the developing
countries benefit from it? Is social culture a deterministic parameter during
this transition? Can social culture be influenced by transfer of knowledge?
What are the tools? What are the technical specifications of these tools? Can
transferring knowledge be automated? Are knowledge based systems the answer?
Is internet the first step? What are the objectives? Who sets these objectives?
How much does knowledge cost? Is it worth it? Can it be obtained cheaper? Who
has researched on transferring knowledge?

Streams In Active Preparation
Chairpersons Streams

Prof J Anderson (King's College - UK) Medical Informatics
Dr A Al-Karni (King Saud University - Saudi Arabia) Media & Society
Mr A Ata (Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia - UK) Know-how To/From The Middle East
Dr E Banissi (South Bank University - UK) Visualisation & Graphics
Dr A Behrooz (Pacific Centre for Research - UK) Knowledge Elicitation & AI
Dr A Ehteshami (University of Durham - UK) Knowledge Through Religion
Prof S Gilani (University of Teesside - UK) Management
Prof. L Kohout (The Florida State University - USA) Fuzzy Logic
Prof Sa'ad Medhat (Bournemouth University - UK) Engineering
Prof A Minai (Howard University - USA) Epistemology of Knowledge
Mr R Pearson (Thames Valley University - UK) Knowledge Through Education
Dr R Sahandi (Bournemouth University - UK) Multi-Media
Euring J Spencer (Coventry University -UK) Information Technology
Dr B Warburton (School of Pharmacy - UK) Cybernetics

Submission and Presentation Guidelines

Following the acceptance of abstracts four hard copies of the draft paper,
limited to a maximum of 6 pages (A4, 10 point, single-spaced; including
graphs), for the attention of the reviewers of the symposia are expected
to reach the Conference before 15/3/96. If a paper is accepted, then four
camera-ready copies of the paper should reach the Conference before 15/5/96.
Copies of proceedings will be available at the meeting. One of the authors
of the accepted papers is expected to present the paper personally.

Call for Symposia: If a scholar's research provides a different aspect to
those mentioned above, she/he may propose for a new symposium (stream) which
should reach the Conference Chairperson before 5 December 95. The new
symposium will be expected to attract a sufficient number of participants.

Important Closing Dates

Submission of proposals for symposia: 5/12/95
Submission of abstracts: 15/1/96
Submission of draft papers: 15/3/96
Submission of camera-ready copies 15/5/96

Notification of Acceptance/Rejection: Chairpersons of symposia will notify
authors whether refrees have accepted or rejected the proposed papers before
8 April 96. Only authors of accepted papers will be invited to present their
research findings.

Registration Form

KT - '96
London 22 - 26 July 1996

First Name
Position (Please indicate if a student)
Company or Institution

Corresponding Address
Telephone No
Fax No
I would like to propose a new symposium Y/N
Topic :
I would like to attend the Conference Y/N
I would like to submit a paper to the following stream
Topic of Stream
Abstract enclosed Y/N

Conference Fees (including refreshment & lunch) - Pound Sterling

Before 20/4/96 --- 275 After 20/4/96 --- 335 Student Fees 195

Conference Fees - including accommodation (6 Nights)

Before 20/4/96 395 After 20/4/96 Not Available

Participants will have to book their accommodation themselves.
A limited number of rooms (Bed & Breakfast) at a Student Residential Hall @
20 (Pounds)/night have been reserved which will be allocated in the order of
first-booked-first-served. The Hall is approximately 10 minutes walk away
from the Conference venue, and less than 15 minutes walk to the West End of
Advance booking before 20/4/96 is required.

Date of arrival No. of nights required Total Charge
Please add total charge to the registration fee and transfer to the
following bank account before 20/4/96.

Method of Payment
Account No. 30769345
Bank National Westminster Bank
Sort Code 60-11-14
Please Make Cheques Payable to : Pacific Centre For Research

Conference organisers aim to encourage researchers and scientists from weak
currency countries to actively participate and to have the opportunity to
exchange views and develope closer links with collegues from Western
countries, for which reason extra facilities have been made available.
For further information please contact the Centre.

Signature Date

For Conference Use Only
Ref. No.
Abstract Y/N
Draft Paper Y/N
Final Paper Y/N
Accommodation Y/N
Insurance: Conference organisers can accept no liability of any kind either
during or as a result of the Conference.

Corresponding Address

Please send hard copies of papers to:
KT - '96
Pacific & Middle East Centre For Research,
B M Box 3216, London WC1 3XX, UK
Tel. +44 181 343 3993 ; Fax : +44 171 700 7447

Further enquiries may be made to:
Mr B Hejazi
Dr A Behrooz