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>Date: 5 Jan 1996 06:31:41 GMT

>On Thu, 4 Jan 1996 (Earl Cox) wrote:

>>OK, folks, where is everyone? I know that fuzzy logic is a >terribly difficult art to master, but if we don't get some >decent >thr=
>eads going here, I'm going back to compuserve! ;-)

>It seems a lot of people just put a question in the group, and after that continue by email. For example, I have for the moment an i=
>nteresting discussion with Jim Kennedy (, after his question about an error of Kosko in an example of Fuzzy=
> Cognitive Map.

>Email is easier, but I think you are right: whe should make the effort to write more often in newsgroups.


Yeah, I do the same thing, taking a lot of the discussion off-line since
e-mail gives you a more personal one-to-one relationship. However, it seems to
me that a lot of the major issues of fuzzy logic dealing with the design of
fuzzy models, the validation of models, the application of fuzzy reasoning to
complex time-series information, fuzzy data mining, fuzzy database operations,
and so forth could be discussed on the news group. This would allow a large
number fo practictioners, academics, and surfers to interact on topics that
have immediate importance to the real-world of fuzzy systems and approximate

Its just a thouhgt.....

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