CFP: FQAS'96, Workshop on Flexible Query-Answering Systems

Troels Andreasen (
Fri, 8 Dec 1995 17:46:55 +0100

International Workshop on Flexible Query-Answering Systems
Roskilde University, Denmark
May 22-24, 1996

Following the first event in 1994 we hereby announce the second Flexible
Query-Answering Systems workshop FQAS'96 to take place in Roskilde, Denmark
at May 22-24, 1996.
The workshop provides a forum for discussing issues and current research in
logic, fuzzy logic, artificial intelligence, databases, natural language
and knowledge representation, related to enhancements of inquiring or
query-answering systems into intelligent/flexible systems. As the amount of
information available from local or distributed information bases
increases, so does the demand for advanced means for accessing that
information. In need are interfaces and system functionality that appears
both easy to use and flexible in answering the users' needs, in other words
systems with flexibility in both querying and answering. We may consider a
human expert with expertise in the domain of interest as an ideal for a
flexible query-answering system. Typically the friendly human expert
attempts to interpret also in-correctly posed questions and tries to
compose an answer not reflecting precisely what's in question, but rather
what the expert understands to be the intention with the question.

Topics of interest
Include, but are not limited to, the following. Intelligent, flexible,
cooperative approaches/systems that are
- based on fuzzy logic, issues include, fuzzy aggregation and fuzzy
- introducing natural language constructs in query language,
- based on logic formalism and applying meta interpretation as means
for experimental prototyping,
- applying knowledge discovery to obtain domain knowledge useful in
enhancing query-answering,
- capturing and refining models of users.

Underlying theoretical aspects related to such approaches within areas such as
- knowledge representation formalisms, semantics,
- formal logic,
- fuzzy logic,
- artificial intelligence.

The main part of the program is reserved for technical sessions. However it
is our intend to include also one or two panels and two or tree invited
talks. We are happy already now to announce the following invited speakers:

Henri Prade
Robert Demolombe

Amihai Motro
Bernadette Bouchon-Menuier
Gregers Kock
Hans Dybkjaer
Henning Christiansen
Henri Prade
Henrik Legind Larsen
Jonas Barklund
Jorgen Fischer-Nilsson
Jose Nuno Oliveira
Lars Baekgaard
M. Amparo Vila
Olivier Pivert
Patrick Bosc
Peter Ingwersen
Rita De Caluwe
Robert Demolombe
Ronald R. Yager Yager@Panix.Com
Stefania Costantini
Troels Andreasen

Troels Andreasen Email:
Henrik Legind Larsen Email:
Henning Christiansen Email:

Troels Andreasen
Department of Computer Science,
Roskilde University, bldg. 20.1,
P.O. Box 260,
DK-4000 Roskilde,
phone: +45 46 75 77 11
fax: +45 46 75 42 01


Authors are invited to submit research papers of 5 to 15 pages, no later
than Marts 4, 1996. On the basis of the referee reports, papers will be
selected for presentations and proceedings.
Also we welcome proposals for panel discussion subjects and invite
prototype systems for demonstration during the workshop.

Important Dates
Intention to submit as soon as possible
Submission deadline Marts 4, 1996
Notification April 1, 1996
Final Versions April 29, 1996
Workshop May 22-24, 1996

The workshop will take place at Roskilde University, located 25 km west of
Copenhagen and easily reached by train.

"Copenhagen 96" - Cultural Capital of Europe - Whitsun (May 25-27, 1996)
Copenhagen 96 is the twelfth Cultural Capital of Europe. Every year since
the programme started in 1985 an EU country has appointed one of their
cities Cultural Capital of Europe, and every city has chosen a different
way of meeting the challenge. Copenhagen 96 has resolved to go further than
any city so far.
During Whitsun (May 25-27, 1996), following FQAS'96 Copenhagen 96 has
already registered more than 300 cultural events. So if you consider to
attend FQAS'96, a Whitsun holiday is a perfect way to extend your stay in
You can find more information about Copenhagen 96 at the www site:

Further information
The latest information about the workshop is available by www at
However, if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us
directly, by email to or by fax or ordinary mail to the
addresses mentioned above.

Intent to submit/participate
If you are interested in participating and/or intend to submit a paper, we
encourage you to send us an "Intent to participate" or "Intent to submit"
message either by email or "on-line" at our www site

The workshop is followed by 6th European-Japanese Seminar on Information
Modeling and Knowledge Bases May 28-31, 1996, in the Copenhagen area For
more information please contact: Jorgen Fischer-Nilsson, email:
Notice the opportunity of a "cultural" Whitsun holiday, as mentioned above,
for the free period between the two events.