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    Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing (BISC)


    The Third International Conference on
    Intelligent Processing and Manufacturing of Materials

    Sunday, July 29th, to Friday, August 3rd, 2001
    Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

    Cross-Disciplinary Research in IPMM ---- an Essential Ingredient for Innovation!

    The third in a series of bi-annual events, IPMM-2001 is THE conference
    to attend to share in the latest innovations in intelligent applications and
    research in the processing and manufacturing of materials. IPMM papers
    derive from a variety of fields reflecting the cross-disciplinary nature of our
    organization. Some of these areas include:

    materials science and engineering
    mechanical, and electrical engineering
    mining, processing and metallurgical engineering
    manufacturing and industrial engineering
    computer science and engineering
    biological computing systems
    image analysis and vision systems
    measurement and instrumentation
    human-machine interfaces and ergonomics
    psychology (emotions in decision-making)

    Both intelligent hardware and software methodologies are presented:

    soft computing
    fuzzy expert systems
    artificial neural networks
    genetic algorithms
    evolutionary computing
    conventional modeling
    numerical methods
    optimization techniques
    thermodynamic modeling
    hybrid methods
    robotics and intelligent machines
        - robot systems
        - holonic systems
        - agent-based systems
    - intelligent manufacturing

    IPMM-2001 is being held immediately following the Joint 9th IFSA
    World Congress and 20th NAFIPS International Conference. A
    discount will be offered for joint IFSA/NAFIPS and IPMM registrations.


    Plenary Sessions
    Full-Paper Presentations
    Poster Sessions

    In addition to contributed papers, several invited papers are featured.
    The current list of keynote speakers includes:

    Detecting Edges - Fuzzy Sets and the Amorphicity of Causality
      - Lotfi Zadeh,
        BISC, University of California, Berkeley, California, USA

    Smart Polymers with Light Emission Ability: New Products for Intelligent
      - Afshad Talaie,
        Kyung Hee University, Dongdaemoon-ku, Seoul, Korea

    Holographic Neural Technology, Theory and Applications
      - John Sutherland, President,
         AND Corporation, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Biological Computing - Current Status and Future Directions
      - Jan Mulawka,
         Institute of Electronics, Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland

    Future Space Missions and Biohazard Implications
      - Karen Meech,
        Institute of Astronomy, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, USA

    Artificial Intelligence for Daytraders
      - C.A. (Tony) Harris, President,
         Freedom'98 Capital Management Group, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    All papers will be peer-reviewed based on quality and relevance
    to the conference theme. Accepted papers will be published in the
    Proceedings which will be available at the conference. A Post-Conference
    publication of selected papers is planned.


    Following the Technical Program, a 2½ day workshop is scheduled on

    Cyberspace: the Next Frontier in Intelligent Processing and Manufacturing of
           - Modeling, Design & Optimization

    organized by

    Dr. Steven R. LeClair
    Materials Directorate
    Air Force Research Laboratory
    Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.

    The workshop is aimed at extending design methodologies
    through the use of visualization tools in a team-based environment.
    Experts in manufacturing science, materials property prediction and
    smart materials will make extended presentations.

    The Abstract deadline is Nov. 15, 2000. You can submit on our web site at , or
    by sending a 500-word extended abstract by FAX, mail or email to:

    IPMM-2001 Secretariat,
    Department of Mining and Mineral Process Engineering,
    University of British Columbia, 6350 Stores Road,
    Vancouver, B.C., V4M 1J2, CANADA

    TEL: 604-822-3984
    FAX: 604-822-5599

    Include the address, phone and FAX numbers, and e-mail address
    of the Principal Author. Decisions will be communicated by
    Jan. 2, 2001. A 6-page camera-ready paper is due by Feb. 15, 2001
    with the registration fee. The paper format is described on our web site.
    Papers may include color images, audio, video or animation files as a
    CD-ROM will be published.

    ******** VANCOUVER - GATEWAY TO THE PACIFIC ********

    Located only 5 minutes from Vancouver International Airport, the
    Richmond Convention Centre hosts 3 hotels
       - the Hilton (;
       - the Marriott ( and
       - the Richmond Inn Best Western (

    Very generous room rates have been negotiated for this 5-star facility.

    Vancouver is on the Pacific Ocean and has a temperate climate
    in which the summer temperatures are 20-28 °C (68-85 °F). With the
    gentle ocean breeze, there is no humidity. The site is within walking
    distance of many fine restaurants, bars, shops, cinemas and nature trails.
    Downtown Vancouver is a 20-min. drive away while the Vancouver Island
    ferry terminal is 20 min. to the south.

    A Dinner Cruise in beautiful English Bay will coincide with the annual
    Symphony of Fire fireworks display. The Companions' Program will
    include tours to Victoria, Stanley Park, Grouse Mountain, Capilano
    Suspension Bridge and the UBC Botanical Gardens and Anthropology

    Post-conference tours will include the UBC Advanced Materials and
    Process Eng. Lab., Microsoft Corp., Ballard Energy Systems and
    Highland Valley Copper Mine.


    Lotfi A. Zadeh (USA)


    John A. Meech (Canada)

    Madjid Fathi (Germany)

    Steve R. LeClair (USA)

    Marcello Veiga(Canada)

    Debbie McCoy (USA)

    Atomistic Modeling - Yoshiyuki Kawazoe (Japan)
    Hybrid Systems - Heikki Hyötyniemi (Finland)
    Intelligent Process Control - Guy Dumont (Canada)
    Network Communication Systems - Guy M. Nicoletti (USA)
    Data Mining and Data Fusion - D. Daniel Zhu (USA)
    Image Processing and Analysis - Giuseppe Bonifazi (Italy)
    Large-Scale Systems - Wayne Davis (USA)
    Neural Networks - Bhavin Mehta (USA)
    DNA Computing - Jan Mulawka (Poland)
    Intelligent Mining Systems - Malcolm Scoble (Canada)
    Manufacturing Science & Systems - Edward Szczerbicki (Australia)
    Simulation in Materials Science - Thomas Zacharia (USA)
    Evolutionary Computing - Helena Szczerbicka (Germany)
    Intellligent 'Insitu' Sensor Technology - John Maguire (USA)
    Materials Processing - Kenichi Manabe (Japan)
    Wireless Communication Systems - Yoshiyasu Takefuji (Japan)
    Fuzzy Systems - Michael H. Smith (Canada/USA)
    Metals Processing (Alloys & MMCs) - Kei Ameyama (Japan)
    Intelligent Instrumentation - P. Herbert Osanna (Austria)
    Smart Materials and Composites - Reza Vaziri (Canada)

    J. F. Atkinson (USA)
    G. Baiden (Canada)
    O. Bascur (USA)
    H. Bode (Germany)
    R.T. Bui (Canada)
    O. Castillo (Mexico)
    D. F.W. Cheung (Hong Kong)
    J. C.Y. Chung (Hong Kong)
    T. Chandra (Australia
    S. Cierpisz (Poland)
    J. A. Cooper (USA)
    E. D. Cox (USA)
    L. Cser (Hungary/Finland)
    R. J. Dippenaar (Australia)
    S. Dolinsek (Slovenia)
    A. Donnarumma (Italy)
    R. Doraiswami (Canada)
    M. A. Duarte (Chile)
    H. Eldeib, (Egypt)
    J. Endou (Japan)
    J. Frigiere (France)
    M. Geiger (Germany)
    G. D. González (Chile)
    W. Gruver (Canada)
    A. Grzech (Poland)
    R. Guthrie (Canada)
    H. Henein (Canada)
    D. Hodouin (Canada)
    S. Iwata (Japan)
    S. Jämsä-Jounela (Finland)
    C.G. Kang (Korea)
    G. Kock (Germany)
    J. Leopold (Germany)
    D. A. Linkens (U.K.)
    R.S. Liu (P.R. China )
    J. T. Malin (USA)
    P. Melin (Mexico)
    T. Menzel (Germany)
    A. Mitchell (Canada)
    L. Monostori (Hungary)
    Y. Nagasaka (Japan)
    D. H. Norrie (Canada)
    C. Orlowski (Poland)
    M.A. Otooni (USA/Japan)
    R. Pakalnis (Canada)
    Y.-H. Pao (USA)
    W. Pedrycz (Canada)
    J. Pieper (Canada)
    A. Russell (Canada)
    Y. Saito (Japan)
    G. Samadi-Hosseinali (Canada)
    H.-J. Sebastian (Germany)
    J. Sestak (Czech Republic)
    S. Shima (Japan)
    V. Torres (Brazil)
    D. Tromans (Canada)
    I. B. Turksen (Canada)
    O. Unold (Poland)
    M. Uliera (Canada)
    J. van Deventer (Australia)
    T. Van Le (Australia)
    R. Villas-Boas (Brazil)
    R. H. Wagoner (USA)
    H.J. Zimmerman (Germany)

    US Army Research Office, North Carolina
    US Air Force, Wright-Patterson AF-Base, Ohio
    Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee
    PRECARN Associates, Ottawa, Ontario

    CIM - Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy & Petroleum
    IEEE - Systems, Man and Cybernetics Society
    IFSA - International Fuzzy Systems Association
    JSTP - Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity
    ManSA - Manufacturing Society of Australia
    NAFIPS - North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society
    TMS - The Metallurgical Society of AIME
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