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Date: Tue Aug 08 2000 - 20:40:28 MET DST

Atlantic Symposium on Computational Biology, Genome Information
Systems & Technology

March 15, 16 & 17, 2001
Regal University Center, Durham, N.C., USA

Pratt School of Engineering (PSE)
Duke University
Information Science Journal
National Biomedical Research Foundation at
 Georgetown University Medical Center

Joseph Nevins, James B. Duke Professor, Duke University
Jeffrey M. Trent, Ph.D., Director, Division of Intramural Research,
 Chief Cancer Genetics Branch, NIH/National Human Genome Research Institute
Dr. Mark Adams, VP Genome Programs, Celera Genomics
Russell F. Doolittle, Ph.D., Professor, University of California, San Diego

Oct 13, 2000 Papers due to program subcommittee chairs
Nov 1, 2000 Authors notified of acceptance or rejection
Dec 1, 2000 Deadline for submission of revised papers, camera-ready for
 publication, 5-page maximum, to Symposium Manager
Mar 15-17, 2001 CBGIST Symposium

 * Howard Clark (Duke University)
 * John Harer (Duke University)
 * Edward W. Holmes
 * Joseph Nevins (Duke University)
 * Azriel Rosenfeld (University of Maryland)
 * James N. Siedow (Duke University)
 * Keith M. Sullivan (Duke University)
 * Mike West (Duke University)
 * Lotfi A. Zadeh (University of California, Berkeley)

 * T. Critchlow (LLNL, Ca)
 * Richard Fair (Duke University)
 * J. Gattiker (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
 * Joseph Jaja (University of Maryland)
 * L. Ripley (University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey)
 * B. Shapiro (National Cancer Institute)
 * Jason Wang (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
 * Paul P. Wang (Duke University, Symposium Chair)
 * Cathy Wu (Georgetown University)

Kristina Johnson, Dean, Pratt School of Engineering, Duke University

1. Bioinformatics & Genome Research
  1. Gene Identification and Gene Family Classification
  2. Sequence Search and Alignment
  3. Protein Structure Prediction and Molecular Simulation
  4. Bio-Ontology and Database Interoperability
  5. Molecular Biology Databases and Data Mining
  6. Motif Discovery
  7. Molecular Evolution and Phylogeny
  8. Functional Genomics
  9. Drug Discovery
 10. Genetic Network
 11. Multifunctional Sequences
 12. Gene Expression Analysis
 13. Ecology
2. Hardware & Biochips
  1. Array Making
  2. Array Reading
  3. DNA chips
  4. Gene Expression
  5. Drug Design
  6. Non-DNA Arrays
3. Interface & Computational Technology
  1. Algorithms & Data Structure
  2. Computational Intelligence
  3. Data Management & Mining
  4. Evolutionary Computing
  5. Fuzzy Logic
  6. Genetic Algorithms
  7. Machine Learning
  8. Neural Network
  9. Information Theory
 10. Pattern Recognition


Papers should be a maximum of 5 pages, 10 point font, double column,
single space, camera ready only. Papers should be submitted for review
to one of the following three subcommittee chairs by October 13,
2000. (also see section below on Paper Publication Fees and Extra Charges).

Bioinformatics & Genome Research

 Cathy H. Wu, Ph.D.
 Director of Bioinformatics
 National Biomedical Research Foundation
 Georgetown University Medical Center
 3900 Reservoir Road, NW, Washington, DC 20007-2195
 Phone: (202) 687-2121, Fax: (202) 687-1662

 Electronic copies in MSWord or PDF format are preferable. However,
postscript copies are acceptable.

Hardware & Biochips

 Alex Shenderov, Ph.D.
 Nanolytics Co.
 4225-4 Avent Ferry Rd.
 Raleigh, NC 27606

Electronic copies in MSWord format only are acceptable and may be
submitted to

Interface & Computational Technology

 Prof. Jason T. L. Wang
 Department of Computer and Information Science
 New Jersey Institute of Technology
 University Heights, Newark, New Jersey 07102, USA
 Phone: (973) 596-3396
 Fax: (973) 596-5777

 * William K. Allard (Duke University)
 * Shu Yuan Chen (Taiwan, ROC)
 * Heng-Da Cheng (Utah State University)
 * David K. Y. Chiu (Canada)
 * Jim Clark (Duke University)
 * A. L. Crumbliss (Duke University)
 * Terence Critchlow (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
 * Cliff Cunningham (Duke University)
 * Mark Danielsen (Georgetown University)
 * Daniel Davison (Bristol-Myers Squibb, CT)
 * Michael Gribskov (San Diego Supercomputing Center)
 * Ashley Heath (SIGMA-GENOSYS)
 * Tao Hsieh (Duke University)
 * Toni Kazic (Washington University)
 * Stephen A. Krawetz (Wayne State University)
 * Thomas H. LaBean (Duke University)
 * Kim Laurio (Sweden)
 * Simon Lin (Duke University)
 * Richard A. Lucic (Duke University)
 * Doug Marchuk (Duke University)
 * Larry Marks (Duke University)
 * James O. McNamara (Duke University)
 * Boris Mirkin (UK)
 * Steve Mount (University of Maryland)
 * Mike Munley (Duke University)
 * Dr. Christopher Town (TIGR, MD)
 * David J. Pickup (Duke University)
 * Dave Rizzieri (Duke University)
 * Da Ruan (Belgium)
 * John Sampson (Duke University)
 * Sean Scully (Duke University)
 * Timothy Shih (Tamkang U, ROC)
 * Gautam B. Singh (Oakland University)
 * Ralph Sinibaldi (Operon Technologies)
 * Clay Smith (Duke University)
 * Bruno Sobral (Va Tech)
 * Rainer Spang (Duke University)
 * Nancy Sung (Burroughs Wellcome Fund)
 * Marilyn J. Telen (Duke University)
 * Jean-Francois Tomb (DuPont)
 * Amitabh Varshney (University of Maryland)
 * Jeffrey S. Vitter (Duke University)
 * Honghui Wan (NIH)
 * Jinhua Wang (China)
 * W. G. Wilson (Duke University)
 * Harry Zuzan (Duke University)


A paper publication deposit of $150 must be submitted on or before
December 1, 2000 to guarantee inclusion of your 5-page summary in the
Proceedings if it has been accepted for publication. The publication
fee is deductible from the full registration fees. Student registrants
may deduct $75 of the publication deposit from their registration
fees. Please note that a student registrant submitting as a single
author or submitting a paper with multiple authors, none of whom are
attending the conference or have paid the publication fee, must submit
the fee by the December 1, 2000 deadline.

Extra pages and multiple papers are charged according to the following table:
 Additional charges for paper publication (added to publication deposit)
                   Total Number of Paper(s)
Total # of Pages| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
      5 | No extra charge | $100 | $200 | $300
      6 | $50 | $150 | $250 | $350
      7 | $100 | $200 | $300 | $400
      8 | $150 | $250 | $350 | $450

 Full Registration $275
 Student Registration* $150
 Paper Publication Deposit** $150

*Students submitting papers must remit the $150 paper publication fee
by December 1, 2000. $75 of this amount may be deducted from this
amount if a paper is being submitted. See additional information
regarding student registration below.

**This amount is included in the Full Registration, but must be paid by
December 1,2000. Half of the paper publication fee ($75) may be deducted from
the student registration fee.

Full Registration: Includes admission to all sessions and a banquet
Friday evening, March 16, 2001; coffee, tea and soda; and one copy of
the conference proceedings. Full registrants will also have an
opportunity to purchase special titles in information sciences and
technology and intelligent systems at half price.

Student Registration: The student rate is reserved for those who have
not yet received a Ph.D. Post-docs are required to submit the full
registration fee. Student registration requires a letter from the
student's department and current student ID. Student registration
includes a copy of the conference proceedings, admission to all
sessions, and coffee, tea, and soda. Students can purchase a ticket to
the Friday evening banquet. In addition, they will also have an
opportunity to purchase special titles in information sciences and
technology and intelligent systems at discounted prices. If a student
is a single attendee among the authors of a paper, or a single-author
registrant, the paper publication fee of $150 must be paid by December
1, 2000.

Banquet:Admission to the banquet Friday evening, March 16th is
included in the full registration fee. Students may purchase tickets
to the banquet. Full registrants also may purchase tickets for spouses
or other family members, depending on availability.

Refund Policy: All refund requests must be made prior to February 27,
2001. A handling fee of $50 will be deducted for each request.

For further information, you may contact us at:
 Pratt School of Engineering
 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
 Duke University, Box 90291
 Durham, NC 27708 USA
 Telephone: (919)660-5271
 Fax (919)660-5293
 E-mail: or

CBGIST Registration Form

 [ ] I wish to receive further information
 [ ] I intend to present my paper(s) at a regular session(s)
 [ ] I intend to participate in the conference

Name: Dr./Mr./Ms. ________________________ (first name)
_________________________ (last name)
Affiliation: ___________________________________
Position: __________________________________
City: ______________________ State: _______________ Zip: _____________
Country: _____________
Phone: __________________ Fax: ____________________
E-mail: _________________________________
Paper Title:
# of Pages: ___

 Full Registration [ ] $275
 Student Registration* [ ] $150
 Paper Publication Deposit** [ ] $150
 Extra Pages/Papers Fee [ ] $____
 (See table above for fees)

Banquet Tickets **Banquet ticket price forthcoming**
(for student registrants, spouses, or other family members.)

___ I will attend the banquet Friday evening, March 16, 2001.
___ I will not attend the banquet Friday evening, March 16, 2001.
___ I wish to purchase ___ tickets to the banquet Friday evening,
    March 16, 2001.

*Students who submit the $150 paper publication deposit may deduct $75
of the deposit from the student registration fee for total conference
registration and paper publication fees of $225.

**This amount is included in the Full Registration. $75 of this amount
may be deducted from the student registration fee. The paper
publication deposit must be paid by December 1, 2000.

Total Enclosed (U.S. Dollars): ______________________
Foreign payments must be made in U.S. dollars, by drafts that can be
drawn from a U.S. bank. Please contact us directly for information on
bank transfers. Personal checks are acceptable for U.S. attendees

Please make checks payable to: AIM (Association for Intelligent
Machinery, Inc.)/CBGI

Credit cards (VISA or MasterCard) are accepted for all conference attendees.

___VISA___MasterCard Credit Card Number __________________________________
Name on card _______________________________ Expiration Date ______________
Signature _________________________________________

Please send the registration form along with full payment to:
 CBGI/AIM (Association for Intelligent Machinery, Inc.)
 Pratt School of Engineering
 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
 Duke University
 P.O. Box 90291
 Durham, NC 27708 USA


The symposium will be held at the Regal University Hotel in Durham,
NC, just a mile from Duke University and easy interstate access to the
airport and Research Triangle Park. We have secured a discounted rate
of $89 for a single or double room. Reservations must be made directly
with the hotel by February 22, 2001 to receive the special
rate. Please call the hotel's reservation line at 800-633-5379 and ask
for a room under the "Genomic/Geno" Conference room block. The hotel
will confirm your reservations upon receipt of a valid credit card
number or prepayment of one night's deposit. Check-in time is 3 p.m.

The hotel offers a complimentary shuttle service from the
Raleigh-Durham International Airport for all registered guests. Other
amenities include modem ports on guest room phones, express check-out,
heated indoor pool, whirlpool, and health spa/fitness center. The
hotel restaurant, Bel Gusto, features contemporary Italian cuisine,
and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Lobby Bar offers a
casual fare menu of salads, sandwiches, and snacks.

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