ECAI 2000 Final Call for Participation [1st of August Late Registration

Subject: ECAI 2000 Final Call for Participation [1st of August Late Registration
From: ECAI 2000 Publicity [Markus Hannebauer] (
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 23:27:43 MET DST

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-------------- FINAL CALL FOR PARTICIPATION ---------------------

                     ECAI 2000/PAIS 2000

       14th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence
         Prestigious Applications of Intelligent Systems

                 Berlin, Humboldt University
                      August 20-25, 2000



         LATE REGISTRATION DEADLINE 1st of August 2000


Organized by
German Informatics Society (GI) and
European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence (ECCAI)

Hosted by
Humboldt University Berlin

    In this special turn of the century we invite you to celebrate
  ECAI 2000 in Berlin. Being the fourteenth in a very successful
  series of European Conferences on Artificial Intelligence,
  ECAI 2000 will offer a unique opportunity to bring industry and
  academics together to explore the full spectrum of Artificial
  Intelligence, from theory and methodology to its application in
  commercial systems.

    Respond to the call of the German Informatics Society (GI) and
  the European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence,
  the world's largest umbrella organization for AI, and meet well-
  known AI experts at Humboldt University Berlin, a University that
  can proudly look back on almost 200 years of tradition and 29
  associated Nobel prize winners.

    Since the year 2000 is a special year, we will make ECAI 2000 a
  very special conference. ECAI 2000 gathered 443 submissions from
  which, however, only 139 have been accepted for presentation.
  Although the majority of papers comes from Europe, there is a
  significant number of papers from Australia, Asia, and North
  America, leading to a total of 42 contributing countries.
  Furthermore, ECAI 2000 comprises six invited talks plus one
  public talk given by distinguished scientists, master-class lec-
  tures in 10 tutorials and serious discussions of hot new research
  topics in 29 workshops.

    The real success of Artificial Intelligence will be measured by
  the applications that use the technology rather than the techno-
  logy itself. For the first time, ECAI comprises the Prestigious
  Applications of Intelligent Systems sub-conference (PAIS 2000),
  which is the first major European showcase of beneficial solu-
  tions for industry and commerce based on AI technologies.

    ECAI and PAIS are accompanied by an exhibition concept that re-
  flects AI's history, its gaining grounds in the 20th century and
  its progress paths envisioned into the 21st century. We also plan
  to have a rather unusual sidetrack meant to attract layman such
  that ECAI 2000 becomes an event in Berlin and not only one of
  diverse scientific congresses hardly noticed by the public. In so
  far, we aim at presenting AI on ECAI 2000 in a very broad scope
  in order to show its relation to other classical and advanced
  IT topics.

    In the following we will present a short glance at the program
  of ECAI 2000. We will also provide some information on registra-
  tion deadlines and fees. More detailed information is available
  on the conference home page at


    Do not miss this opportunity. Register now and be cordially
  welcome at ECAI 2000 in Berlin!


    1 Aug 2000 Late Registration Deadline
   20-25 Aug 2000 ECAI/PAIS 2000


  Piero P. Bonissone
    General Electric, USA
    Corporate Research and Development

    "Hybrid Soft Computing: Where are we going?"

  Patrick Doherty
    Linkoeping University, Sweden
    Artificial Intelligence and
    Integrated Computer Systems Division

    "A Bird's-Eye View of the
     WITAS Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Project"

  Daniele Nardi
    Universita di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy
    Artificial Intelligence Research Group

    "Artificial Intelligence in RoboCup"

  Bernhard Nebel
    Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg, Germany
    Artificial Intelligence Research Group

    "Knowledge Representation and Reasoning -
     The Theoretical Side of AI"

  Luc Steels
    Sony Computer Science Laboratory Paris, France
    Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium
    Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
    "The Emergence of Grammar in
     Communicating Autonomous Robotic Agents"

  Mark Wallace
    Imperial College, UK
    ICL and IC-Parc

    "Constraint Programming -
     Applications, Algorithms, Languages"


  H. Van Dyke Parunak
    Environmental Research Institute of Michigan, USA
    Center for Electronic Commerce

    "Assembling Artificial Societies:
     Missing Pieces and Left-Over Parts"


  T1: Ant Algorithms and Swarm Intelligence: An Introduction
    M. Dorigo

  T2: Stochastic Search Algorithms
    H. H. Hoos, T. Stuetzle

  T3: AI Techniques for Knowledge Management
    S. Decker, S. Staab

  T4: Solving and Programming with Soft Constraints:
    Theory and Implementation
    F. Rossi, P. Codognet

  T5: Empirical Methods for Computer Science
    P. Cohen, I. Gent, T. Walsh

  T6: Knowledge Markup Techniques
    H. Boley, S. Decker, M. Sintek

  T7: Applying Automatic Text Generation
    M. Stede, L. Wanner

  T8: Rational Action in Autonomous Agents
    S. Parsons, M. Wooldridge

  T9: Seeking Information: Methods from Information Retrieval and
    Artificial Intelligence
    D. Fensel, M. Lalmas

  T10: Neural Networks and Structured Knowledge
    F. Kurfess


  W1: 14th Workshop on Planning and Configuration (PuK 2000)

  W2: Configuration

  W4: Cognitive Robotics

  W5: Current Issues in Spatio-Temporal Reasoning

  W6: Local Search for Planning & Scheduling

  W7: 2nd ECAI Workshop on Binding Environmental Sciences and
      Artificial Intelligence (BESAI 2000)

  W8: Scientific Reasoning in AI and Philosophy of Science

  W9: Application of Ontologies and Problem Solving Methods

  W10: Engineering Societies in the Agents' World (ESAW 00)

  W11: Knowledge Management and Organizational Memory
  W13: Agent Technologies and Their Application Scenarios in Logistics

  W15: Foundations of Connectionist-Symbolic Integration:
       Representation, Paradigms, and Algorithms

  W16: Machine Learning for Information Extraction

  W18: Knowledge Representation Meets Databases (KRDB-2000)
  W19: Applied Semiotics: Control Problems (ASC2000)

  W20: Service Robotics - Applications and Safety Issues in an Emerging Market

  W21: Workshop on Bayesian and Causal Networks: From Inference to Data Mining

  W22: Computational Dialectics:
       Models of Argumentation, Negotiation and Decision Making

  W23: Intelligent Data Analysis in Medicine and Pharmacology (IDAMAP-2000)

  W24: Ontology Learning

  W25: Modelling and Solving Problems with Constraints

  W26: Analysis and Modelling of Collaborative Learning Interactions

  W27: Machine Learning in Computer Vision (MLCV)

  W28: Modelling Artificial Societies and Hybrid Organizations

  W29: Balancing Reactivity and Social Deliberation in Multi-Agent Systems

  W30: Flexible Strategies for Maintaining Knowledge Containers

  W31: Knowledge-Based Systems for Model-Based Engineering

  W32: Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Systems (AIMS 2000)

  W34: Empirical Methods in Artificial Intelligence


    The details given here are for your information only. To re-
  gister for ECAI 2000, its tutorials and workshops and to book a
  hotel please use the forms provided on our home page.

    Prices are given in Euro (EUR) and Deutsche Mark (DM). To re-
  ceive the reduced fee as a member of an ECCAI member society or
  being a member of GI, please provide evidence of membership (e.g.
  membership card) and send it together with your registration
  form. If you are a student, please provide proof on your status.

  ECAI 2000 CONFERENCE (PAIS 2000 included)

                      Late On-Site
                      (until August 1st) (after August 1st)
  Member EUR 410 / DM 801.89 EUR 480 / DM 938.08

  Non-Member EUR 510 / DM 997.47 EUR 570 / DM 1114.82

  Student/Member EUR 145 / DM 283.06 EUR 190 / DM 371.61

  Student/Non-Member EUR 155 / DM 303.15 EUR 200 / DM 391.17

  TUTORIALS (each)
                      Late On-Site
                      (until August 1st) (after August 1st)
  Member EUR 220 / DM 430.28 EUR 260 / DM 508.52

  Non-Member EUR 270 / DM 528.07 EUR 310 / DM 606.31

  Student/Member EUR 110 / DM 215.14 EUR 140 / DM 273.82

  Student/Non-Member EUR 120 / DM 234.70 EUR 150 / DM 293.37

  WORKSHOPS (each)

  There is a flat fee for each workshop: EUR 50 / DM 97.79

  Workshop participants must register for the main ECAI conference.
  No extra charge for late/on-site workshop registrations.

"At the change of ages we will make ECAI 2000 in Berlin a special conference"

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