Call For Papers NAFIPS/IFSA 2001

Subject: Call For Papers NAFIPS/IFSA 2001
From: Larry Hall (
Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 12:05:19 MET DST


Joint 9th IFSA World Congress and 20th NAFIPS International Conference

IFSA International Fuzzy Systems Association
NAFIPS - North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society
IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics Society
IEEE Neural Networks Council

Lotfi A. Zadeh (USA)

Michael H. Smith (USA, Canada)
William A. Gruver (Canada)

Toshio Fukuda (Japan)

Lawrence O. Hall (USA)

Fuzzy Control, Neural Nets:
Roger Jang (Taiwan)
Databases, Intelligent Systems:
Janusz Kacprzyk (Poland)
John N. Mordeson (USA)
Pattern Recognition:
Witold Pedrycz (Canada)

Wednesday-Saturday July 25-28, 2001
Coast Plaza Suite Hotel at Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC Canada

Fuzziness and Soft Computing in the New Millenium

The past few years have witnessed a crystallization of soft computing
as a distinct body of concepts and techniques oriented toward the
conception and design of intelligent systems. Soft Computing is a
partnership of fuzzy logic, neurocomputing and probabilistic
reasoning, with the latter subsuming genetic algorithms, chaotic
systems, belief networks and parts of learning theory. Within soft
computing, the principal contribution of fuzzy logic is a methodology
for exploiting the tolerance for imprecision to achieve tractability,
robustness, low solution cost and better rapport with reality. Given
the maturation of fuzzy logic, it is appropriate that this conference,
the first international joint conference of IFSA and NAFIPS, is held
in the new millenium to explore the future breakthroughs in fuzzy
sets, fuzzy logic, and soft computing.

The conference will feature plenary sessions by Michio Sugeno, Burhan
Turksen, and Lotfi Zadeh. Besides various panels and contributed
papers, the conference program will contain a number of focused
invited sessions. These invited sessions will include extended
overviews by leading experts on the current state of the art.
Contributed papers will be reviewed based on content relevant to the
conference theme. Relevant topics may include, but are not limited to:
Fuzzy systems / sets / mathematics / control / databases / theory
Soft computing / neural and fuzzy-neural networks / genetic algorithms
Learning systems / data mining / robotics / image processing / pattern
recognition/ Applications of soft computing / successful applications and case

Papers will be reviewed on the basis of a 2 page extended
abstract. The deadline for receipt of the abstract is December 15,
2000. Electronic submission is highly encouraged. Instructions for
electronic submission are given on the conference website
( 2001.html). Otherwise, three
copies of an extended abstract should be sent to the following
Lawrence O. Hall
Computer Science & Engineering,
University of South Florida
4202 East Fowler Avenue, ENB 118,
Tampa, FL 33620-5399 USA

Each submission should have a cover page which includes the address,
phone number, fax number, and e- mail address of the corresponding
author. Decisions will be communicated by Feb. 15, 2001, with 5 page
camera-ready papers due by March 15, 2001.

The conference will be held at the Coast Plaza Suite Hotel at Stanley
Park (Tel. 800-663-1144/604-688- 7711,, in spectacular
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
( Vancouver is located on the
coast with scenic mountains and beaches. Average summer temperature
is about 75?F. The Coast Plaza Suite Hotel is within walking distance
of many restaurants, shops, and beaches. The banquet will be held in
the Vancouver Aquarium with dinner served in the Aquarium Galleries
(http://www.vancouver- The conference
reception will be held on the 35th floor of the Coast Plaza Suite
Hotel. To be placed on the mailing list for future notices, please
send name and email address to the Program Chair, Lawrence O. Hall,

J.F. Baldwin (UK), M. Berthold (USA), Z. Bien (Korea), H.R. Berenji (USA),
 J.C. Bezdek (USA), P. Bonissone (USA), B. Bouchon-Meunier (FR),
J. Buckley (USA), V. Cross (USA), R.N. Dave (USA), V. Davidson (Canada),
 K. Demirli (Canada), C. deSilva (Canada), D. Dubois (France),
R. Emami (Canada), A.O. Esogbue (USA), F. Esteva (Spain),
M. Fedrizzi (Italy), D. Filev (USA), T. Fukuda (Japan), T. Furuhashi (Japan),
P. Gader (USA), A. Geva (Israel), F. Gomide (Brazil),
N. Green-Hall (USA), M. Gupta (Canada), R. Hammell (USA), K. Hirota (Japan),
A. Kandel (USA), O. Kaynak (Turkey), J. Keller (USA),
E. Kerre (Belgium), E.P. Klement (Austria), G.J. Klir (USA),
G. Knopf (Canada), L.T. Koczy (Hungary), R. Kruse (Germany),
R. Krishnapuram (USA), J. Lee (Taiwan), C.S. George Lee (USA),
Y.M. Liu (China), Z.Q. Liu (Au), R. Mantaras (Spain), J. Meech (Canada),
K.C. Min (Korea), M. Mizumoto (Japan), D. Nauck (Germany), V. Park (Korea),
F. Petry (USA) , N. Phuong (Vietnam), H. Prade (France), D.A. Ralescu (USA),
I. Rudas (Hungary), E.H. Ruspini (USA) , S. Sandri (Brazil),
M. Schneider (Israel), D. Schwartz (USA) , T. Sudkamp (USA) ,
M. Sugeno (Japan), H. Takagi (Japan) , H. Thiele (Germany),
L. Trajkovic (Canada), E. Trillas (Spain), I.B. Turksen (Canada),
M. Ulieru (Canada), E. Walker (USA), P. Wang (USA), H.F. Wang (Taiwan),
T. Whalen (USA), T. Yamakawa (Japan) , H. Ying (USA), R.R. Yager (USA),
J. Yen (USA), D. Yeung (China), H. J. Zimmermann (Ger)

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