AISAT'2000 - Australia - Call for papers

Subject: AISAT'2000 - Australia - Call for papers
From: Leon Reznik (
Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 12:22:27 MET DST




16 - 20 December 2000

Hosted by the School of Engineering

Over the last four decades the field of artificial intelligence (AI) has
significantly developed and diversified in both its conceptual advancement
and applications. These advances have initiated several research areas in
neuroscience, cognitive science, physics, philosophy and engineering. This
multi-disciplinary problem has developed versatile tools for intelligent
decision making over the years of advancement, while raising more
philosophical questions than the available answers. The nature of
investigation varied significantly depending on the discipline and scope.
Therefore, the investigations have varied anything from the
neuro-correlates of consciousness to individual application of AI. This
conference on artificial intelligence in science and technology is an
international multi-disciplinary conference that will bring several areas
of expertise to tackle common problems.

The Conference will be held at the University of Tasmania in Hobart,
Australia, between 16 - 20 December 2000. The University of Tasmania is
one of Australia's oldest universities. Founded in Hobart in 1890 it was
the fourth university to be established in Australia. In the ensuing one
hundred years it has gained a reputation for solid academic achievement.
The university is within walking distance of the city of Hobart, Tasmania's
capital city. Hobart has modern facilities, extensive shopping,
restaurants, and cultural and entertainment opportunities. It is one of
the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. Hobart has a moderate
climate, coupled with the second lowest rainfall for an Australian capital

Conference Themes
Basic Research in AI
* knowledge and reasoning
* representation and search
* knowledge-based systems
* machine learning
* neural networks
* fuzzy logic
* genetic algorithms
* neuro-fuzzy systems
* soft computing and hybrid systems
* data mining
* automated reasoning and codes
* automata

Neuro-Cognitive Science
* modeling the brain
* memory and learning
* neural information processing
* visual perception
* sensory systems
* studies of consciousness
* quantum theory of consciousness
* cellular and sub-neural process
* biophysics and living processes
* cognitive engineering

Application Domains
* manufacturing
* electrical and power engineering
* civil and mechanical engineering
* biomedical engineering
* telecommunication
* control engineering
* environmental engineering
* business and management
* medicine
* geography

The scope of the conference is recent and original research in the area of
artificial intelligence applications in science and technology. The list
of topics shown give guidelines for possible contributions. Papers on
other related topics will also be accepted if they fall within the
objectives of the conference.

Paper Submission
Prospective authors are invited to submit an abstract of approximately 500
words, in English, to the Conference Secretariat. The synopsis must
include the author(s) name, organisation and full address for
correspondence, including telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address.
All authors must submit their abstracts before the closing date of 31 July
2000. Please forward submissions to the AISAT'2000 Secretariat via email
at or by post.

Special/Panel Sessions and Tutorials
Prospective organises of special sessions, panel sessions and tutorials are
invited to submit their proposals by 1 July 2000.

Exhibition Facilities
Mini-exhibition facilities will be available for those firms or
organisations wishing to display products, services, hardware, software,
literature relating to the theme of the conference. The space may also be
used for free standing units. Please contact the Conference Secretariat
for details.

Proposals for special/panel sessions 1 July 2000
Proposals for tutorials and exhibitions 1 July 2000
Receipt of synopsis 31 July 2000
Notification of provisional acceptance 31 August 2000
Receipt of full papers 30 September 2000
Notification of acceptance of full papers 30 October 2000

Those interested in attending the conference are requested to complete the
preliminary registration form and mail it to the Secretariat as soon as
possible. Authors must register and present their papers at the
conference. Failure to pay the registration fee will exclude the paper
from the conference proceedings.

The full registration fee will be US$500 per participant. However an early
bird discount fee of US$400 is available. A special rate of US$250 per
participant is available for full time students with an early bird discount
rate of U$200. Registration includes a copy of the proceedings, lunches,
morning and afternoon tea and a welcome reception. A conference dinner
will be held at a cost of US$50 per person, in addition to the registration

Conference Secretariat
For enquiries regarding registration and technical papers contact:

Mike Annand
AISAT'2000 Secretariat
Mures Convention Management
Victoria Dock, Hobart Tasmania 7000
Tel: +61 3 62 34 1424 Fax: +61 3 62 34 4464
Home page:

Organising Committee
General Chairs:
Michael Negnevitsky (The University of Tasmania)
Vishy Karri (The University of Tasmania)

Members of the Local Organising Committee:
Prof Jeff Summers (Psychology)
Prof Jeff Malpas (Philosophy)
Prof Frank Bullen (Engineering)
Prof Larry Forbes (Mathematics and Physics)
Prof Thong Nguyen (Intelligent Signal Processing)
Dr Zhihong Man (Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks)
Dr Mark Colyvan (Philosophy)
Dr Brian Yates (Chemistry)
Dr James Alexander (Psychology)
Dr Leon Reznik (Fuzzy Control)
Dr Eleanor Bruce (Geography and Environmental Studies)
Desmond Fearnley-Sanders (Mathematics and AI)
Dr Peter Vamplew (Computer Science)

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