CFP: 4. Intl Wshp on Cooperative Information Agents (CIA 2000)

Subject: CFP: 4. Intl Wshp on Cooperative Information Agents (CIA 2000)
From: Matthias Klusch (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 07:07:57 MET DST

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             CALL for PARTICIPATION


    Fourth International Workshop CIA 2000 on


               July 7 - 9, 2000

                  Boston, USA


This workshop is co-sponsored by

 NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA.
 Swiss Life, Switzerland.
 IFMAS International Foundation of Multiagent Systems.

CIA 2000 offers you an exclusive set of high-quality talks
given by distinguished experts in the field reporting on recent
advances in R&D of intelligent information agents world-wide.


* Jeff O. Kephart (IBM Thomas Watson Research Center, USA)
* Rosalind W. Picard (MIT Media Arts and Sciences, USA)
* Richard J. Doyle (NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, USA)
* Elisabeth Andre (DFKI Intelligent User Interfaces Lab, Germany)
* Todd Papaioannou (DALi Inc., USA)
* Jan Treur (Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
* Paul Davidsson (University of Karlskrona/Ronneby, SOCS, Sweden)
* Frank Dignum (Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands)


FRIDAY, July 7, 2000

9:00 Welcome

Session 1 >> Personal Information Agents

[9:15 - 10:00]
Invited Talk:
Life-Like Synthetic Characters in the Internet: The Future Landscape.
Elisabeth Andre, DFKI GmbH, Intelligent User Interfaces Lab, Germany.

** Coffee Break **

[10:20 - 11:15]
Invited Talk:
Affective Computing for Future Agents.
Rosalind W. Picard, MIT Media Laboratory, Media Arts and Sciences, USA.

Session 2 >> Rational Information Agents for E-Commerce (1)

[11:15 - 11:45]
Bilateral negotiation with incomplete and uncertain information:
A decision-theoretic approach using a model of the opponent.
C. Mudgal, J. Vassileva

[11:45 - 12:15]
On ensuring lower bounds of negotiation results.
O. Goerlitz, R. Neubert, W. Benn


[14:00 - 15:00]
Invited Talk:
Collaborating Rational Agents for Next-Generation E-Commerce.
Jeff Kephart, IBM Thomas Watson Research Center, USA.

** Coffee Break **

Session 3 >> Societies of Information Agents

[15:20 - 15:50]
Small-world reputation management in online communities.
B. Yu, M.P. Singh

[15:50 - 16:20]
A cybernetic approach to the modeling of agent communities.
W. Truszkowski, J. Karlin

[16:20 - 16:50]
Role of acquaintance models in agent-based production planning system.
M. Pechoucek, V. Marik, O. Stepankova

[17:00 - 17:45]
Invited Talk:
Emergent Societies of Information Agents.
Paul Davidsson, University of Karlskrona/Ronneby, SoC, Sweden.

SATURDAY, July 8, 2000

[9:00 - 10:00]
Invited Talk:
Inspiration for Future Autonomous Space Systems.
Richard J. Doyle, Center for Space Mission Information and Software Systems, Jet Propulsion Lab, USA.

** Coffee Break **

Session 4 >> Agent-Based Information Gathering and Mediation

[10:20 - 10:50]
Knowledge agents on the Web.
Y. Aridor, D. Carmel, A. Soffer, Y.S. Maarek

[10:50 - 11:20]
ICEBERG: Exploiting context in information brokering agents.
C.M. Jonker, A. Vollebregt

[11:20 - 11:50]
A dynamic access planning method for information mediator.
Y. Kitamura, T. Noda, S. Tatsumi

[11:50 - 12:20]
Applying agents to bioinformatics problems.
K. Bryson, M. Joy, M. Luck, D. Jones


Session 5 >> Issues of Communication and Collaboration

[14:00 - 15:00]
Invited Talk:
Communication and Cooperative Information Agents
Frank Dignum, Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands.


[15:20 - 15:50]
Towards information agent interoperability.
S. Haustein, S. Luedecke

[15:50 - 16:20]
Automatic ontology construction for a multiagent-based software gathering service.
E. Mena, A. Illarramendi, A. Goni

[16:20 - 16:50]
Exploiting the ontological qualities of web resources:
Task-driven agents structure knowledge for problem solving.
L. Crow, N. Shadbolt

** Open Discussion **

SUNDAY, July 9, 2000

[9:00 - 10:00]
Invited Talk:
Mobile Information Agents for Cyberspace - State of the Art and Visions.
Todd Papaioannu, Loughborough University, MSI Research Institute, UK.

10:00 - 10:30
** Coffee Break/Discussion **

Session 6 >> Information Agents: Inspiration, Design, and Implementations

[10:30 - 11:30]
Invited Talk:
Design of Collaborative Information Agents
Jan Treur, Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

[11:30 - 12:30] --- in a different room (internet connection) ---
Information Agent Systems Demonstrations:

* Knowledge Agent Demonstration
  D. Carmel, Information Retrieval and Organization, IBM Israel.

* GeneWeaver Demonstration
  K. Bryson, Uni Warwick, UK.

* ICEBERG Demonstration
  A.M. Vollebregt, and C. Jonker, VU Amsterdam, Netherlands.

* TWINS Demonstration - How can we visualize human social network?
  T. Kido, NTT, Japan.

12:30 - 14:00

Session 7 >> Rational Information Agents for E-Commerce (2)

[14:00 - 14:30]
Task assignment in multiagent systems based on Vickrey-type auctioning and
leveled commitment contracting.
F. Brandt, W. Brauer, G. Weiss

[14:30 - 15:00]
Auction-based agent negotiation via programmable tuple spaces.
G. Cabri, L. Leonardi, F. Zambonelli

[15:00 - 15:30]
Towards an experience based negotiation agent.
W.Y. Wong, D.M. Zhang, M. Kara-Ali


16:30 - 17:00
** CLOSING Session **

Updated information on the preliminary program can be found at:


The CIA workshop proceedings have been published in the Springer
LNAI series (LNAI vol. 1202, 1435, 1652).

Proceedings of CIA 2000 workshop (LNAI vol. 1860, Springer)
will be available at the workshop.


The 4th intl CIA-2000 workshop is a federated event of and hosted by
the 4th intl conference on Multiagent Systems ICMAS-2000.

CIA-2000 registration fee amounts to
- Early (Received By May 1, 2000): 250 USD
- Late (Received After May 1, 2000): 300 USD
- On-Site: 350 USD
Subtract $25 if you are also registering for ICMAS-2000 conference.

Registration fee entitles individual participant to complete access to to
CIA-2000 Workshop on Cooperative Information Agents, and associated
proceedings and events.

For registration please fill in and send, fax or email registration form
to be obtained at the workshop's web page:
or at ICMAS-2000 web page:
ICMAS-2000,c/o Professor Michael N. Huhns
Electrical Eng. and Computer Science Dept.
University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 29208 USA
Fax: +1-803-777-8045 email:


Since CIA-2000 workshop is a federated event of
ICMAS-2000 conference. Both, CIA-2000 and ICMAS-2000,
share the same conference site which is the Boston Park
Plaza Hotel in Boston, USA:

The ICMAS-2000 organizers have arranged special room rates
with the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. These rates (excluding applicable
taxes) per night are $160 (single), $180 (double), $375+ (suite).
Additional persons are $20 per night.
Rollaway beds are in addition subject to a $25 fee per stay.

For less expensive hotels in the Boston city area you may check,
for example, the Boston City Guide (including hotels):
or the Boston Hotel Guide:

Please note: Rooms in Boston are already scarce in coming July,
as it is a very busy time. It is highly recommended to make your
room reservations as early as possible!


Matthias Klusch
German AI Research Center Ltd. (DFKI GmbH)
Stuhlsatzenhausweg 3, 66123 Saarbrücken, Germany
Tel.: +49-681-302-5297, +49-681-8317676, +49-177-2542399
Fax: +49-681-302-2235, +49-681-8317676

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