CFP Applications of Fuzzy Logic

Subject: CFP Applications of Fuzzy Logic
From: cindy mason (
Date: Fri Mar 10 2000 - 22:25:08 MET

Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing (BISC)

                      C A L L F O R P A P E R S

                     (Deadline extended to March 17!)

           A P P L I C A T I O N S O F F U Z Z Y L O G I C

                          A Special Session of

       The 2000 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence

                          June 26 - 29, 2000
                Monte Carlo Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

                             Session Chair:
                           Benjoe A. Juliano


 You are invited to submit a draft paper of about 4 pages that presents
 an application of fuzzy logic that includes, but is not limited to, at
 least one of the following:

               Computer/Machine Vision
               Heuristic Search
               Signal Processing
               Military / Surveillance
               Robotics and Automation
               Pattern Recognition (including facial, finger print,
               Natural Language Processing
               Knowledge Acquisition
               Knowledge Discovery
               Knowledge Representation
               Knowledge-Intensive Problem Solving Techniques
               Software Tools for AI
               Intelligent Information Systems (including adaptive
and/or hybrid systems)
               Intelligent Control
               Intelligent Agents
               Intelligent Networks
               Intelligent Databases
               Data Mining
               Machine Learning
               Reasoning Strategies
               Automated Problem Solving
               Virtual Reality
               Forecasting and Prediction
               Finance and Marketing
               Stock Market
               Multisource Information Fusion
               Multisource-Multisensor Data Fusion
               Emerging Applications


       Prospective authors are invited to submit three copies of their
       draft paper (about 4 pages) to Dr. Benjoe A. Juliano by the due
       date (submission address and due dates are given below). E-mail
       and Fax submissions are also acceptable. The length of the
       Camera-Ready papers (if accepted) will be limited to 7 pages.
       Papers must not have been previously published or currently
       submitted for publication elsewhere.

       The first page of the draft paper should include: title of the
       paper, name, affiliation, postal address, E-mail address,
       telephone number, and Fax number for each author. The first
       page should also include the name of the author who will be
       presenting the paper (if accepted) and a maximum of 5 keywords.


       Papers will be evaluated for originality, significance, clarity,
       and soundness. Each paper will be refereed by two researchers in
       the topical area. The Camera-Ready papers will be reviewed by
       one person.


       The conference proceedings will be published by CSREA Press
       (ISBN). The proceedings will be available at the conference.
       Some accepted papers will also be considered for journal
       publication (soon after the conference).


       The conference will be held in the Monte Carlo Resort
       hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. This is a mega hotel
       with excellent conference facilities and over 3000 rooms.
       The hotel is minutes from the Las Vegas airport with free
       shuttles to and from the airport. This hotel has many
       vacation and recreational attractions, including:
       waterfalls, casino, spa, pools & kiddie pools, sunning decks,
       Easy River water ride, wave pool with cascades, lighted
       tennis courts, health spa (with workout equipment, whirlpool,
       sauna, ...), arcade virtual reality game rooms, nightly
       shows, snack bars, a number of restaurants, shopping
       area, bars, ... Many of these attractions are open 24
       hours a day and most are suitable for families and children.
       The negotiated hotel's room rate for conference attendees
       is very reasonable (79USD + tax) per night (no extra charge
       for double occupancy) for the duration of the conference.

       The hotel is within walking distance from most other
       Las Vegas attractions (major shopping areas, recreational
       destinations, fine dining and night clubs, free street
       shows, ...).

       For the benefit of our international colleagues: the state of
       Nevada neighbors with the states of California, Oregon, Idaho,
       Utah, and Arizona. Las Vegas is only a few driving hours away
       from other major cities, including: Los Angeles, San Diego,
       Phoenix, Grand Canyon, ...


       March 17, 2000 (Friday): Draft papers (about 4 pages) due
       April 3, 2000 (Monday): Notification of acceptance
       May 1, 2000 (Monday): Camera-Ready papers & Prereg. due
       June 26 - 29, 2000: IC-AI'2000 Conference


                           Dr. Benjoe A. Juliano
                      Department of Computer Science
                   California State University - Chico
                          Chico, CA 95929-0410

                         Telephone: 530 898-4619
                            Fax: 530 898-5995



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