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    eunite 2002 - European Symposium on Intelligent Technologies,
    Hybrid Systems and their implementation on Smart Adaptive Systems

    19 - 21 September 2002

    Albufeira, Portugal (Algarve)

    If you need a .pdf-file or hard copy version of this call for papers, or if you want to
    anounce a paper, please return the reply form at the end of this email!


    eunite 2002 is the second symposium organised by the European Network of Excellence EUNITE.
    The symposium will show state-of-the-art presentations as well as new developments in the
    so called Intelligent Technologies: fuzzy logic, neural networks, evolutionary computation
    and machine learning. The focus will be on hybrid systems that combine two or more of these
    technologies and/or address issues on adaptivity, preferably with special interest to solve
    industrial problems. The aim is also to investigate Adaptive Intelligent Systems that
    coordinate perception, reasoning, and action to pursue multiple goals while functioning
    autonomously in dynamic environments. EUNITE 2002 will have parallel sessions where experts
    present their newest developments and applications in different areas.


    Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

    Intelligent & Hybrid Developments and Applications in
    - Intelligent Control - Methodology (special interest in adaptivity issues) and Applications
    - Databases and Intelligent Information Retrieval
    - Smart Decision Support Systems
    - Data Analysis
    - Signal Processing
    - Pattern Recognition
    - Image Processing

    Learning in:
    - Complex i/o Behaviors
    - Optimization and Planning
    - Reasoning
    - Reasoning with Uncertainty
    - Performing Complex Cognitive Tasks

    Adaptive WWW based Systems
    - WWW Recommender Systems
    - WWW Metadata for User Modeling
    - Adaptive Hypermedia Systems
    - Security and Privacy Aspects of User Models on the WWW
    - Intelligent WWW Agents for Personalization and Adaptivity
    - Adaptive Navigation
    - Personalization and Adaptivity in E-commerce
    - Intelligent Tutoring Systems on the WWW

    Artificial Systems with Adaptive behavior
    - Perception and Motor Control
    - Learning and Development
    - Autonomous and Intelligent Robots
    - Adaptive Models and Representation
    - Software Agents and Virtual Creatures

    - Simulators
    - Web Based Simulators
    - Web Based Tutorials
    - Internet Teaching
    - Online Exams
    - Web Based Tools for Education

    Additionally the Technical Committees of EUNITE are responsible for organising workshops on:
    - Applications in Industry and Production Planning
    - Applications in Traffic Control and Transportation
    - Applications in Multimedia, Networking and Telecommunication
    - Medicine and Biomedical Applications
    - Applications Financial Engineering and Forecasting

    Promoting inter-networking activities, EUNITE is aiming to co-organise sessions with other
    relevant communities and networks like:
    - AgentLink
    - Knowledge Discovery community
    If you are an active member of such a network or community and wish to co-organise a session
    during eunite2002 please contact us)


    Authors are invited to submit papers including clear concluding remarks. After acceptance for
    presentation the papers will be published in the proceedings on CD-ROM.

    Proposals for sessions/workshops are welcome. Persons interested in organising a session/workshop
    should contact the organiser as soon as possible.

    We intend to publish

    - the papers on CD-ROM and additionally
    - a booklet containing abstracts (max. 1 DIN A4 page) of the papers.


    1. The papers and abstracts should be prepared in the following format:

    - Paper for the CD-ROM
    We prefer that the paper (including all figures) will be saved in Microsoft Word for PC or PDF format.

    A template file in Word 97 for PC with instructions for authors can be downloaded on

    - Abstract for the booklet
    The abstract should be saved in Microsoft Word for PC or ASCII-format and it shall not contain
    any illustrations, figures, or graphics nor any special characters.

    A template file in Word 97 for PC with instructions for authors can be downloaded on

    2. The papers and abstracts should be saved on the following FTP Server:

    - Server Name:
    - User name: eunite
    - Password: Available at the Service Center, please contact or call
    +49 (0)2408 6969
    - Directory: /eunite
    - Name of the files: Papers: P_AuthorName.fileformat (e.g. P_Smith.doc, etc.)
    - Abstracts: A_ AuthorName.fileformat (e.g. A_Smith.doc, etc.)

    3. In an accompanying email to, authors should specify:

    - Name of the corresponding author and address
    - Name of the file saved on the FTP Server
    - Title of the paper
    - Software (name and version) and type of computer used
    - the first two choices from the topics of interest as given on page 4 of this call for papers,
    under which the paper can be classified.

    If the files are corrupted we will try to get in contact in order to find a solution.

    Submitted papers will be reviewed, and all accepted papers will be published on CD-ROM.
    The abstracts will be published in a booklet. Each participant will receive the CD-ROM and
    the booklet with the abstracts. A copy of the proceedings will be given to each participant at
    the conference. After the conference, the proceedings will be available from ELITE.

    Submission and acceptance of a paper commits one of the authors to present the paper. The paper will
    be omitted from the proceedings, if the registration fee is not received by 31 July 2002.


    31 May 2002
    Deadline for the submission of the full paper

    30 June 2002
    Confirmation of acceptance

    15 July 2002
    Deadline for early registration

    31 July 2002
    Deadline for submission of the abstract for the booklet and revised papers for the proceedings (CD-Rom)

    19-21 September 2002


    All papers at the symposium will be presented in English. Simultaneous translation will not be available.


    eunite 2002 Conference Secretariat
    c/o ELITE Foundation
    Pascalstr. 69, 52076 Aachen, Germany
    Phone: +49 (0)2408 6969
    Fax: +49 (0)2408 94582

    Pre-Registration and Information Request Form

    If you want to announce a paper or be kept informed, please return this form

    ( ) I want to receive the Call for Papers
            ( ) by email as pdf-file
            ( ) by ordinar mail

    ( ) I wish to present a paper with the following title:

    ( ) I want to organise a session/workshop on the following topic:

    In order to organise a workshop related to eunite 2002:

    - Send us a brief note about your proposed workshop as soon as possible
    - Email the complete workshop proposal

    Information about eunite 2002 is also available on

    First Name:
    ZIP Code/Town:


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