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    IASTED International Conference
    Artificial and Computational Intelligence
    (ACI 2002)

    September 25-27, 2002
    Tokyo, Japan


    Submissions due --------------------------- April 30, 2002
    Notification of acceptance---------------------June 15, 2002
    Registrations and camera-ready manuscripts due -----------August 1, 2002

    The International Association of Science and Technology for Development
            Technical Committee on Artificial Intelligence

    In cooperation with the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence

    ACI 2002 will be held at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. The capital city of
    Japan, Tokyo is also the most populous metropolitan area in the world. Yet
    despite its complex urban landscape and impressive architecture, this city
    abounds with parks and gardens. Within an hour of the city center there are
    beaches and a green hinterland, and slightly further away are volcanic islands
    with white sandy shores and deep mountains. From its establishment in 1603 to
    the end of the 19th century, Tokyo prospered as a castle town named Edo. In
    1868, the Imperial Palace was built on the former site of the castle, which
    continues today to be the residence of the Emperor and Empress of Japan. Among
    its many attractions, Tokyo is famous for its bustling nightlife, excellent
    shopping centers, exotic cuisine, and low crime rate. Well-known sites close to
    Tokyo include the Great Buddha statue at Kamakura, scenic Mt. Fuji, and the
    Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine.

    This conference acts as an international forum for researchers and practitioners
    interested in the advances in and applications of artificial intelligence and
    computational intelligence. It is an opportunity to present and observe the
    latest research, results, and ideas in these areas. All papers submitted to
    this conference will be peer reviewed by at least two members of the
    International Program Committee. Acceptance will be based primarily on
    originality and contribution.

    ACI 2002 will be held in conjunction with the IASTED International Conference on
    Information Systems and Databases (ISDB 2002) and the Forum on Information
    Technology (FIT). FIT 2002 is sponsored by the Information Processing Society
    of Japan and the Institute of Electronics, Information, and Communication

    The topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:

    Knowledge Acquisition
    Knowledge Representation
    Case-Based Reasoning
    Probabilistic Reasoning
    Temporal Reasoning
    Model-Based Reasoning
    Qualitative Reasoning
    Connectionist Models
    Planning and Scheduling
    Machine Learning
    Natural language Processing
    Man-Machine Interface
    Intelligent Agents
    Intelligent Data Bases
    Expert Systems
    Knowledge Based Systems
    Distributed Artificial Intelligence
    Cooperative AI Systems
    Data Mining
    Computational Intelligence
    Logic Programming
    Neural Networks
    Fuzzy Logic
    Genetic Algorithms
    Intelligent Control
    Intelligent Tutoring
    Intelligent Information Systems
    Software Tools for AI

            Computer Vision
    Signal Processing
    Pattern Recognition
    Speech Recognition
            Medicine and Bioengineering

    Professor Naohiro Ishii - Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan
    K. Abe - Tohoku University, Japan
    S. Akama - Teikyo Heisei University, Japan
    J. Anderson - University of Manitoba, Canada
    K. Araki - Hokkaido University, Japan
    B. Baba - Osaka-Kyoiku University, Japan
    B. De Baets - Ghent University, Belgium
    S. Draghici - BioDisovery Inc., USA
    R. Faglia - University of Brescia, Italy
    T. Gedeon - Murdoch University, Australia
    S. Guan - National University of Singapore, Singapore
    M. P. Harper - Purdue University, USA
    F. Ionescu - FH-University of Applied Sciences - Konstanz, Germany
    H. Itoh - Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan
    M. Jabri - University of Sydney, Australia
    Y. Jin - Honda R&D Europe (D) GmbH, Germany
    N. Kawaguchi - Nagoya University, Japan
    R. Kowalczyk - CIMIS, Australia
    S. Kunifuji - Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
    X. Li - CINVESTAV-IPN, Mexico
    V. Malhotra - University of Tasmania, Australia
    R. Mitchell - University of Reading, United Kingdom
    J.M. Molina - University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain
    H. Murakami - Osaka City University, Japan
    S. Ozawa - Kobe University, Japan
    D.V. Rubtsov - Altai State University, Russia
    P. Santiprabhob - Assumption University, Thailand
    I. Sato - National Institute of Informatics, Japan
    T. Shintani - Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan
    M. Vellasco - Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), Brazil
    W.K. Yeap - Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
    M. Zhang - Christopher Newport University, USA

    Submit your paper via our web site at: .
    Files larger than 2MB must be submitted to our FTP site at
    (user name: actaftp; password: journals). If you submit a paper to our FTP
    site, please send a notification e-mail with your contact information to All submissions should be in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf),
    Postscript (.ps), or MS Word (.doc) format. The IASTED Secretariat must receive
    your paper by April 30, 2002. Do not send hard copies of your paper. Receipt
    of paper submissions will be confirmed by e-mail.

    Please provide four key words to indicate the subject area of your paper. One
    of the key words must be taken from the list of topics provided under Scope.
    Include a statement in your cover letter confirming that if the paper is
    accepted, one of the authors will attend the conference to present it. Please
    designate a principal author, and provide the full names, affiliations,
    addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses of all authors.

    Notification of acceptance will be sent via e-mail on June 15, 2002.
    Registration payments and final manuscripts are due by August 1, 2002. Late
    registration fees or paper submissions will result in the papers being excluded
    from the conference proceedings. Please send final manuscripts via the Web or
    FTP site using the same procedure as described above. The formatting
    instructions for final manuscripts can be found on the Web and must be strictly
    followed. The page limit for final papers is six pages. The additional page
    charge is USD $70.00 per page.

    Proposals for half-day tutorials (three hours) should be submitted online by
    April 30, 2002. Tutorials are to be submitted online via our following web site
    A tutorial proposal should clearly indicate the topic, background knowledge
    expected of the participants, objectives, time allocations for the major course
    topics, and the qualifications of the instructor(s).

    Persons wishing to organize a special session should submit a proposal to the
    IASTED Secretariat by April 30, 2002. Proposals should include a minimum of five
    papers, a session title, a list of the topics covered, and qualifications of the
    session organizer(s). The name of the session organizer will appear in the
    program and proceedings provided five papers are presented. Special sessions
    proposals should be submitted online at the following hyperlink address: .

    For more information or to be placed on our mailing list, please contact:

    IASTED Secretariat - ACI 2002
    #80, 4500 - 16th Avenue N.W.
    Calgary, Alberta
    Canada T3B 0M6
    Tel: 403-288-1195
    Fax: 403-247-6851

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